Denilson is the answer! Roma reaction and highlights

Well played Arsenal. A great performance on Tuesday, without Cesc Fabregas in the side, has shown that we still have the quality to win trophies. Denilson now looks like he can fill the Flamini shaped hole in midfield and the defence is full of confidence and beautifully miserly compared to last year.

Van Persie’s penalty (Mexes shove) was the difference against Roma, but it could have been much more as you all know. This shows just what happens when you don’t put 10 men behind the ball against Arsenal (read Nasri’s comments on this).

With a now steady defence, and RVP firing on all cylinders we can mount a challenge for honours this season. I know it is unlikely, but it is still possible, just not the league (see Cesc’s comments on the title here).

On the plus side, Eboue played very well on Tuesday, as well as Denilson who I thought was exemplary and deserves a lot of praise for the way he has developed this season. He was fouled very dirtily by Totti in the second half, I think that deserves an investigation to be honest. Have a look at the video here.

I know there will be setbacks ahead, but this shows you how well this team can play, add in the fact that we have many more attacking players to return from injury and you have a great side, we are close, but not quite there.

Arsenal 1 – 0 Roma, highlights here.

14 thoughts on “Denilson is the answer! Roma reaction and highlights

  1. WC

    I’m certainly not going to jump to conclusion just yet about Denilson until I can see a consistent run of games where he can lock down the opposition. He shows up in big games but there’s more to a league trophy than merely beating the top four because you also have to consider the other 15 teams. Our CL saving grace is that De Rossi will miss the tie back in Rome and we should be getting Eddie and Manu back. Hopefully one of them can convert the glaring chances that a hapless Bendtner missed which could have put the nail in Roma’s coffin and given us a comfortable 4-0 lead.

  2. Noel

    I thought Denilson played very well, tidy and unfussy. However Eboue just did not know how to pass, his energy in going forward was great but he passed time and time again to a Roma player or just lost the ball. He lacks composure at the end of his runs and he is very very frustrating. I can’t really remember one good pas he made in the first half despite all his forward runs. There was one particular incident when he burst through the middle and had I think RvP and Nasri at either side but did not pass in time. And as for his miss in the second half, I won’t even go there. Being honest overall he is not up to it and will always lack the necessary composure.

  3. vela12

    its almost time….soon every arsenal player will emerge…trouphies will come to the emirates whether we like it or not…very soon the arsenal wenger talks about will soon be seen…..fuck all pundits-such a disgrace to football.

  4. brian

    At least Eboue shows a willingness to drive forward with the ball un-like the rest of the mid-field who are content to move the ball sideways all the time.Who remembers the days when Clichy was a superb attacking force and those days of last season when Sagna could deliver a decent cross.We have become so predictable and easy to play against and even in the few minutes he was on the pitch against Suinderland Eboue was the most positive of our players without unfortunately quite having the ability to find the final pass or shot but there are the protected others who should share the blame from the fans and not leave it to Eboue and Bendtner to cop it all.

  5. Young Gunner

    I think Diaby was the player on the night that created the difference – would like to see him play in that role more often. Song simply isn’t good enough for one of the prem’s top teams.

  6. young_gunnerz

    quite so. Eboue comes on with a forward mentality and transforms how the team plays. Remember he is a fullback and not a winger, this is y he lacks the required coposure in the final third. Dont blame him.. U cant play a CB in the CF position and expect him to be worldclass in a day. Mayb in time he will improve in his new position.

  7. young_gunnerz

    Alex may be good enough for a team like Chelsea. The thing is song slows down the transition between attack and defence. also he rarely passes the ball forwards, and he is too slow. When u are that slow u hav to be a master in the art of position and reading the play. Like….. gilberto.. when he truly matures in his role he may be great.

  8. Anonymous

    I thnk pple r now agreeing wid me denilson is good putting in mind hes beeing introduced when arsenal is at its hardest tym.Fabregas was brought in da team with vieira,edu,gilberto,pires etc.Look at da poor boy he has song,eboue,bendtner etc how can play wel? Luk here fellow gunners our foward is da problem we realy hav 2 work on our finishing.Deni is da best dm we wil hav.he tackles wel and never injures himself unnecessarily like diaby.

  9. Joe

    If Denilson is the answer then “Which Arsenal Midfielder has had the most awful games this season” must be the question. I’ve never ever seen anyone play worse than him against Fulham.

  10. danny

    Most of our young players should be in the reserves or out on loan. The day will faster come that supporters won’t pay the highest prices for such low quality.

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