Arsene, learn the lessons from this season. Trophies anyone?

Arsenal’s 4-0 win against Allardcye’s Blackburn this Saturday was impressive, it was like watching the Arsenal of old, and it was just what the club needed. Arshavin seems to have brought the team out of the mire, and I hope it stays that way!

This season has been tough, the hardest that Arsenal have experienced under Arsene Wenger. We have seen a lot of inconsistent form, and a small squad stretched to the bare bones through injury. Yet now it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The way the midfield of Walcott, Song, Denilson and Nasri/Arshavin performed on Saturday was fantastic. The goals were sublime, and Eboue capped it off for me! I know there will be setbacks ahead, but now the defence has tightened up and the team aren’t taking games for granted I think that we can salvage some pride from this season.

Arsenal are in the FA Cup and Champions League QFs and 4th in the League, with the top three still to play. We should relish that, because we are good enough to beat all three, and that gives us the chance to move higher up the table than we already are. As long as we can maintain form, which has been the struggle this season, then we will finish the season with some self-respect.

Next season we will hopefully start the season injury-free, and Wenger add one or two players to the squad. Our team is very good, but Wenger needs to learn the lesson of the last few years and add some depth. Hopefully younger players like Song and Denilson will have matured further and be playing top football this season, which they have begun to show glimpses of.

In any case I don’t want to get too carried away, it’s just nice to see the team play well and score some goals. The best realistic finish I can see is 4th place and the FA Cup in our trophy cabinet. I would settle for 4th though, and that will be a big enough challenge in itself.

Arsenal are in a position now to save themselves from UEFA Cup anonymity, and allow Wenger to begin to plan for next season. I just hope he learns the lessons from this year.

Here’s to a win against Hull tomorrow night and a Semi at Wembley!

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11 thoughts on “Arsene, learn the lessons from this season. Trophies anyone?


    if we carry on playing nikloss bendtner upfront there won’t be any chance of a trophy put it that way

  2. Don’t lay into Bendtner, he’s young and he needs a chance. He is our 3rd best scorer this season, and seeing as he is still a squad player I think he’s doing alright. His movement and passing is great – finishing requires confidence – and people like you won’t help.

  3. we just need to keep our best players like fab,walcot,Gallas,Diaby,Kolo etc next season and we dont let anyone move and add Veloso or Aloso,Agger coz he wants first team football then next season i think we shall win two trophies.


    people like me are the reason why eboue has started to act like a footballer now maybe bendtner might get the hint and buck up infront of goal.messi is only 21 do you see him having problems infront of goal?


    add veloso are you having a laugh u obviously didnt see sporting get smacked by bayern did you

  6. Messi is not Bendtner though is he. That comparison doesn’t make sense. Otherwise I could ask you why you aren’t playing for arsenal?
    People like you are not the reason Eboue is playing better, that’s because people are not slagging him off anymore.

  7. aladdin

    i dont know but is it me or does bendtner offer arsenal more than van persie at the moment, robin seems to be off form and seems to drop off too deep at times whereas bendtner is full of running and energy but just lacks that killer instinct at the moment, van persie is not doing enough at the moment to guarantee a start. its so good to have walcott and eduardo back from injury and cesc and adebayor on the fold soon enough, high competitions for places will keep players on their toes and everyone should be worried about their first team places. Come on Arsenal!!! P.s sad to see rosicky suffer a set back the guy is so unlucky its unreal, maybe dortmund knew what they were doing when they sold him to us for so cheap

  8. cfpy211004 @ the silent gunner

    i totally agree with jamesgillesp that eboue is playing better because people are letting him off the hook rather than boo-ing him everytime he’s on the pitch. and i do support bendtner. although he doesn’t score and misses a lot, his drive forward is very helpful to the team and people forget he’s just 21. don’t compare messi with bendtner, sometimes when a player doesn’t score, he contributes in other ways. in fact, our goal against hull city (fa cup 6th round) was initiated by bendtner. thank him for not giving up on that lost ball, will ya, boy better know?

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