The greatest Arsenal moment ever?

It’s some good clean fun watching this clip. I don’t think it will ever be surpassed as the greatest result in Arsenal’s history.

It never gets old, no matter how many times! If only this season could end the same way, I would be a very happy man.

7 thoughts on “The greatest Arsenal moment ever?

  1. agreed. greatest ever moment. 2nd best probably winning the league at old trafford courtesy of a wiltord tap in or winning the league at WHL in our unbeaten season?

  2. Lozy

    That has to be the greatest moment ever! As for 2nd place, I think it has to be the unbeaten season, that was an amazing squad. Plus we won the league at the lane.

    1. The situation was that Arsenal had to win by two clear goals to win the title on the last day of the season – if they didn’t then Liverpool would win it.
      It was at Anfield – a fortress in those days – where Arsenal had never won.
      We got the first goal – and led 1-0 until stoppage time – when Michael Thomas got the second goal to claim the title for Arsenal.
      The Liverpool players – such as Alan Hansen have been scarred for life by this. It was arguably the best league win in England ever.

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