Van Persie has his say on remainder of season ahead of International weekend

There are several ways to look at it, but many believe that the International weekend has come at the wrong time for Arsenal. There is a chance that the momentum of 16 games unbeaten in the league could be hindered and there is a chance that several important players could come back injured.

This would be the last thing that Arsenal need considering the importance of the remaining few weeks of the season. The Champions League and the FA Cup are still up for grabs and then there is the small matter of making sure that a top four place is achieved in the Premier League.

Referring specifically to just that, Robin van Persie has claimed that Arsenal’s superior experience of handling pressure should ensure that 4th place is achieved ahead of Aston Villa.

The Arsenal striker believes that the team are going from ‘strength to strength’ in terms of their performances, meaning that ‘things are looking good’ for Arsene Wenger’s men at this moment in time.

As for the challenge of Aston Villa, van Persie says that the Arsenal players ‘can handle pressure better’ than Martin O’Neil’s team. This means that he is ‘confident’ that 4th place will be achieved with some to spare.

The Dutchman has even suggested 3rd place could be a realistic option for his team because ‘anything is possible in football’. He pointed out the fact that Arsenal are only six points behind Chelsea. This, combined with the fact that they still have to play them, means it could happen.

Overall, van Persie knows that Arsenal need a ‘really good run’ towards the end of the season to create the best possible chance of success. As for arguably the biggest prize, he seems certain that his team can win the Champions League this season.

The Gunners will face Villarreal in the quarter-finals next month and this is a draw that van Persie admits he was ‘quite happy with’. He then went on to say that Arsenal ‘want to win’ the competition and they won’t be satisfied unless they do.

Quite an optimistic young man isn’t he? It’s really good to hear though as it is clear that he is very happy at the club. He believes in the team’s ability and he is positive about what the future may bring.

If there were more players and characters like van Persie in the Arsenal squad, the ‘unbeatable’ tag would be set for an unprecedented return. Come back injury-free from Holland duty please Robin.

By Thomas Rooney

3 thoughts on “Van Persie has his say on remainder of season ahead of International weekend

  1. WC

    I wonder. If we won every single game remaining in the league could we actually win the title? We still have to play the other big four and they could drop points in the remaining 8 games. Food for thought there isn’t it?

    1. yeah i’ve been thinking about that – but when you really look at it the gap is too big.

      We are 6 points behind chelsea in 3rd – if we take 3 points off them in our game – then we are 3 points behind still.

      The other three have all played each other, we would have to rely on chelsea losing to us and someone else to have a chance of 3rd place.

      Liverpool would have to lose to us and 2 other teams at least and Man U us and 4 other teams (9 games).

      So we have to win all our games – and rely on the top three losing twice, 3 times and 5 times in 8 games – There’s no way we can win it.

      3rd is the best we can hope for if chelsea drop some points and we win every game till end of season.

      I will be happy with 4th place and a good performance in CL and FA Cups.

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