Internationals throw up three more injuries + Rocky7 Anniversary

As expected the first round of international matches have provided us with an extended injury list. It doesn’t make for good reading:

  • Robin Van Persie – Groin
  • Abou Diaby – Hip
  • Nicklas Bendtner – Knee

Bendtner’s injury may be serious enough to make him return to London, but Denmark seem to be trying their best to rush him into Wednesday’s game with Albania. Denmark assistant coach Peter Bonde:

“If he is ready then he is ready. We cannot be thinking about Arsenal. We treat players well, but we will play them if they are fit.”

So basically it doesn’t matter who owns the player – we need him to play against such top quality teams as Malta and Albania. This is a joke – for players to be injured playing games of such little quality, and returned to their clubs crocked.

We have seen this many times, and now Diaby has been withdrawn with the hip injury and RVP – our best striker this season is out too. The teams they were playing – Lithuania and Scotland.

There will be no end to this saga – international football is at the centre of FIFA and UEFA’s plans – I don’t mind internationals – but when they interrupt the club season at random intervals and cause injuries it doesn’t make sense.

It would be better to introduce a winter break in the UK like in many European countries – and play internationals then.

At least one player has returned from injury – Adebayor – after several weeks on the sidelines, during which we have regained our form. Ade got a goal for Togo against Cameroon, and although he is unpopular he is a dangerous player when on form. If he comes back into the squad plaing well then we may not miss Van Persie.

Finally, a mention for David Rocastle, a true Arsenal legend, who played for Arsenal from 1984 – 1992, winning the League Cup and two League championship medals, including the famous 1989 season. Today marks the 8th anniversary of his death, RIP Rocky. Arsenal Insider has a great tribute and interview with his sister Karen here.

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7 thoughts on “Internationals throw up three more injuries + Rocky7 Anniversary

  1. Noddy Holder

    I can understand the point about Lituania and Malta but Scotland are a decent team and one of Holland’s threats in their group.

    Bundling Scotland into that category is a bit condescending do you not think!!!!

  2. Irish Gunner

    I don’t care who they play for or against, All national federations should be liable for the wages of players who are injured on International duty until they are fit to return and play for their clubs.
    Failing that the clubs should incentivise retirement from International football by offering bonuses to those players who opt to no longer take part. For example if Arsenal were to offer Van Persie a new contract at 90k per week or 105k per week if he decides discontinue at international level.
    Clubs doing this would bring UEFA and FIFA to their knees. Not necessarily from lack of available players but rather from players asking federations for compensation fotr the money that they are missing out on.
    International football is unable to sustain itself and the clubs shouldnt have to foot the bill whilst UEFA , FIFA etc line their greasy corrupt pockets.

  3. Donald

    i hate internationals all of them. I’m from Scotland, but i was actually rooting for Van Persie, and shouting abuse at all the scots players who tackled him incase he gets injured! and thats exactly what happened. Honestly, UEFA is a disgrace having friendlies during a season and qualifiers in the business end of the season, completely ridiculous having internationals with just over a month left of the regular season left. Personally, i’d scrap all mid-season friendlies and most importantly make them play any qualifiers at some other time, not in April for godsake. What kind of spectacle can you get in internationals if you are pre-occupied about the well being of your clubs players instead of how the countries doing in the game-and thats inevitable with internationals at this stage in the season. RVP is key to our hopes of finishing this season on a high, i could care less about internationals.

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