Let’s show Chelsea what real fans are like at Wembley

I’ve got my ticket for the Arsenal Chelsea FA Cup semi final at Wembley and I guess that many of you reading will have too. It is going to be an interesting game – but one of the things that these big stadium occasions can lack is a real atmosphere.

Arsenal aren’t renowned for having the most noisy or active fans in the world, and Ashburton Grove is not the hive of activity that some football stadia are, but with a bit of effort we can out do the Chelsea lot at Wembley.

This follows the Red Action plea to ‘turn Wembley red‘ on the official site which says:

Let’s see those colours, let’s hear those songs, and really get behind the boys on our day out at Wembley. It’s not Liverpool, it’s not Manchester Utd, it’s not………Swindon Town, so no danger of a colour clash and the need for away kits, so lets turn our end of Wembley RED RED RED on the 18th and show our support.

Wear Red, bring a scarf, bring your AFC flags, shout and scream for the Cannon on our chests, and show our passions in the right way. Get right behind the Red and White, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll be back in May for another day out.

So lets do it – flags and banners and noise always create an intimidating atmosphere, how do you think Turkish clubs play so well at home? We need to turn Wembley into a cauldron of noise, and cheer on the team – because this time it is serious – if we want to see a bit of silverware this season we are going to have to work for it.

We might even see something like this:

Read more about Red Action here.

11 thoughts on “Let’s show Chelsea what real fans are like at Wembley

  1. andy

    im guna be there and i intend to lose my voice by the time the games over lol i totally agree with our lack of atmosphere but if we can everyone goin who knows what will happen!

    1. wilby

      you saddo’s “ooh we’re not very noisy”, “ooh we don’t know how to support our team”. just do what you are comfortable with, just clap, occasionally and sing that crap Arsenal FC song.

  2. Erm wilby i don’t think you know me or any of the other readers of the blog – so you can’t rle comment on how much I or anyone else sings or whatever else.
    Arsenal aren’t very noisy – I’m a season ticket holder and have been to many away games in my time – Arsenal’s atmosphere is disappointing sometimes, it can be good, but generally too many people who think they shouldn’t sing or stand up..

  3. gunnerhead

    I’m coming to London from Canada on the 17th. I was planning to go to Wembley on the 19th but I’m finding it a lot more difficult than usual. I’m a member of Arsenal Canada Supporters Club but they’re not offering tickets to supporters clubs because of high demand.

    Any tips on where I could get a ticket or two?

    wilby – it’s a big stadium and with 32,000 tickets for Arsenal, that’s half the Grove’s capacity. We’re going to have to make a lot of noise to be heard and we must be heard!

  4. mark

    I find it very sad that an arsenal fan has to even write a column like this to urge their own fans to support their team, it should just come naturally, like it does at CHELSEA, see you at the blue n white wembley.

    1. Vertino

      Seems like Chelsea are already running scared. I think it is already working! now let us see their players crack also.

      1. mark

        Vertino, who’s running scared??? From my experience you arsenal boys are the most pathetic support in london and without doubt the quietest. We (CFC) dont need silly little plea’s for supporters to get behind the team.

  5. Gunnerhead

    I couldn’t hear the Chelsea support when we beat you at the bridge this year. All I heard was us booing a certain mr. Cole.
    Thanks for the tip about the tickets! I hope I can make it to show their fans what kind of support arsenal has!

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