Arsenal troubles: Retain Wenger and strengthen the squad

This season has been Wenger’s most difficult one at Arsenal, he’s had to cope with an inexperienced squad, injuries, impatient fans, player strops, and at the end of it he has still managed to ensure that we squeezed into the big time yet again next season, as well as taking us to the last 4 in Europe and an FA Cup semi-final.

Now he has to put up with harsh questioning from fans at the Shareholders meeting, and endless speculation that he will leave to go to Real Madrid.

Personally I think it would be awful for Wenger to go. His work isn’t finished at Arsenal and there is more to come. A barren patch is just that – a patch – and we are going to come out of this.

The main thing we need is to learn the lessons of the past two seasons – both fell apart due to a lack of depth in the squad.

We need to sign quality players with experience as Arshavin is asking for:

“We must buy in the summer. Not more potential, but players who are ready to do it now, players like me.

“We need two or three. If Arsenal want to win, they have to do it. We are tired of waiting.

“I believe that out of the top four English teams, when it comes to football, Arsenal are the best.

“They have the best style and the best coach. At the moment, young players come to Arsenal because they see it as a very big team, but if we carry on like this without winning trophies, young players will not want to come.

“Everyone likes the appeal of Arsenal, the football of Arsenal, the young players of Arsenal, but if there is no result they will stop.”

Action has to be taken – sell Adebayor to Milan if that is what it takes, and bring in several new players. Ade has potential, but he doesn’t seem happy at the club – as shown by his interview on the BBC. Best thing we can do is get a large sum of money for him.

He is the only player I could tolerate leaving, if any more go then we are looking at another season of disappointment – and disillusionment among the team.

Stick with Wenger though, stability is the key – what is the rush anyway – surely a team built over years which develops to its full potential and is successful over the long term is more preferable to a quick fix?

8 thoughts on “Arsenal troubles: Retain Wenger and strengthen the squad

  1. Danish Gooner

    He has already said that no more then 1 or two will be brought so you can forget about 5 or 6.

  2. JoJo

    “Big trouble” that’s a bit steep for a headline don’t you think? You make it sound like we are in a mid table or relegation scrap.

  3. Marko

    I really hope Wenger doesn’t listen to all these stupid and short sighted fans, a minority at that, and leave for Real Madrid cause we’ll be fucked if he does I swear. The amount of players who are at the club because of him is huge. It’s hilarious when you think about how quickly the fans have turned against him and how little respect they’re showing him. I mean it’s not like there’s a load of quality managers out there for fucks sake and yet people want rid of one of the greatest managers ever to manage in England, a man who’s done a lot with very little. I mean we should rather want a change in who’s running the money side of things rather than the manager.

  4. cornelius

    Keep Wenger-Sell Ade- get 30million plus and buy one Striker and one midfielder. Buying more than three will cause more dressing room problems. We have Arshavin and Rosicky for Experience and I think we need a bigger and quicker defender than Silvestre and Djorou. Rumours are that transfer kitty is only 13million- Wenger has to sell Ade. If Man City can pay the millions let them get him-but preferably he should try Italy for a fresh start.

  5. Brave gooners

    Who is this, men don’t ever write a headline like that, i thought emirates has sank.

    Well, i came to realised that wenger is not to blame, if arsenal did not have a wenger as their manager, i swear, we could’ve be like leeds united in championship. What a shame to arsenal board.

    Tell me, did they expect the manager to use his salary to buy players because he want to win trophies? I don’t think so. If board gives enough money to wenger, i don’t think he will say no.

    We are just blaming this innocent man, he is our idol, i think Hill- Wood should quit, he lied everytime to us, that we have money to buy any players, look at it now they only promise £13 millions to buy players, anyway, i don’t believe the report, but if the reports is true then arsenal board are bounch of looser, and hungry bastards.

    Conclusion, Peter Hill- Wood resign, and let the people who have the interest of our beloved club take over and take us to promise land once again, Wenger is the man, but Hill-Wood, is the encumber to the club. RESIGNNNNNNN, Mr Wood. Wenger, we are sorry, stay this is your shoosing club, we fans will support you next season and you will become a winner once again, but not with Denilson, Bendtner and Diaby, sorry for brinking this up again. We still love you.

  6. The one person who has to stay at arsenal is Arsene Wenger.. If Adebayor is sold he can be replaced. at the moment he is in the same vaein as drogba. Damn near unplayable when he wants to be but a waste of space at times as well. There is no point waiting any longer for him to get his mind right. If wenger goes half of the squad will go also. We’ll lose Denilson, Bendtner & Diaby and players of a lesser quality will come in so there is no point bleating about them. I still think that an injury free Diaby can be the man in midfield for us. But that doesn’t change the fact that we need a centre half & an aggressive midfielder. We all know that our attacking options don’t need adding to. but are badly exposed everytime a team of quality attacked. this has to be addressed as well as our deficiencies at set pieces. 2 or 3 players can solve this. I also think that Ian Wrights comments about Theo Walcott playing down the middle for us is one that should be explored. There is an arguement for both sides. Adebayors presence gives us that physical edge up front that brings others into the game. Walcott & say van Persie, upfront will mean having toi play with even less width than we already do. But all of that will not matter if Wenger leaves. With half the squad following him out of the door, all the top european clubs plundering the rest of out outh players & us finishing mid table or worse, They’ll be no point in arguing at all.

  7. …. oh & marko is right. these fans turning on wenger ore cutting there nose to spite their face. before he arrived what were we doing. since he has arrived we have been winning things or challenging for honours regularly. If they can do a beeter job then eother get on with it, or shut up & support the team. Look at the west Brom fans chanting Tony Mobrays name & giving him their full 100% support even though the results are bad. And Thierry was always bigging up the Pompey fans for a reason. These are the examples that need to be followed. We have a world class team lead by a world class manager in a world class stadium. This could all change for the worse. If the fans want it that way then they should carry on. If you want things to improve then be a fan. criticising is all well & good but when it comes to what i hear from some the markhas been well & truly overstepped.

  8. valentine

    can we forget about who to sell and think about who to buy now earler the better we need players with exprience for better performance next session.up gunners,i love arsenal for life.

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