Messi gets very drunk

Messi and the Barca players seem to have had a few drinks too many when celebrating their amazing treble in Barcelona.

25 thoughts on “Messi gets very drunk

  1. Amaury

    You won’t be seeing this.
    Why do people set their hopes so high, only to start moaning and throwing hissy fits when things don’t live up to expectation.
    I’ve heard people compare Fabregas to Xavi/Iniesta, Arshavin/Walcot to Messi?
    News flash, our players aren’t close, except maybe Arshavin.

  2. rwb

    Just hope it ain’t Fabregas next season. Cause if it is, it will mean he’s celebrating with Xavi and Co.

    Our team don’t have the talent yet.

  3. goonerboy

    that is one fuck drunk bastard.
    who can blame him. he is the best player on earth at the moment.
    reckon why hleb is sober? well he does not really have anything to celebrate does he?

  4. ryan

    i WISH that we will win the league and or cl next year. i don’t expect it but i fucking WISH for it.

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  6. mrknowsitall

    i’d love to see Messi at Arsenal,,,, imagine what havoc Messi and Fabregas would wreck on the other teams… Go gunners go….

  7. king gooner

    red devil or should that read “lucky devil”(courtesy of english refereees)what the f***k are you arrogant,obnoxcious tossers doing on a gooner website?get a life !!no mate,the funniest thing in along time was barcelona taking the piss out of you in that was hilarious!!ha!ha!lol

  8. bobspur

    Hee hee… You gooners don’t half know how to aim for the moon. Just don’t be too surprised when you end up on your arse…

    From what I’ve heard your lot went out and got like this before the last match of the season – God knows what they’ll be like when they actually win something!


    (oh, and I’m only here cause this blog showed up on the front page, and I wanted to see the vid…)

    1. the King

      well, who asked you to comment?….

      spurs suck, you will never EVER get 4th place…FACT……..hahahahahahahahahah

  9. bobspur

    Oh, that’s right: because safely-mid-table and ready-for-a-holiday Stoke are so notoriously difficult to beat – do you realise yours sounds more so?

    Actually, I’m fairly sure we *will* all see a fair bit of the Goons getting bladdered next season… “Drowning sorrows” springs to mind… 😛

    1. The premise of your comment was

      “You gooners don’t half know how to aim for the moon. Just don’t be too surprised when you end up on your arse…”

      Excuse me – what’s all that talk of Tottenham top four for the last 3 years?

      “your lot went out and got like this before the last match of the season – God knows what they’ll be like when they actually win something!”

      Where you heard that I don’t know. This is totally irrelevant anyway. If we won something we’d be entitled to celebrate.

      I think Tottenham have more reasons to drown their sorrows than Arsenal.

      1. bobspur

        1) Top 4 is a far more realistic goal than your aim of ‘this sort of thing’ ie – winning something, let alone a treble. Especially when you consider your mid-season panic over letting Villa take fourth.
        2) Personally I couldn’t agree more, I’ve thought top 4 was out of our reach for all of the past 3 seasons – it’s mostly the media that big up all this “Top 4 Tottenham” nonsense, and then stick the knife in as soon as we (inevitably) balls it up.
        3) Can’t remember where I saw it, but it was reported a couple of days before the last game of the season that a lot of your first team were spotted out on the piss (with Adebayor the notable exception).
        4) IF you won something, you would indeed be entitled to celebrate. Unfortunately the youth team aren’t of drinking age.
        5) You could have easily made a retort about Ledley King’s drinking antics – he certainly has some sorrows to drown – but why we, as a team, would have more reason to drown our sorrows than you lot, I’m not entirely sure: we’re back on track (if not for immediate glory, then at least steady improvement) while you’ve got a summer of hoping Cesc and co don’t decide they’d prefer to win La Liga.
        6) You’re very touchy, considering your blog is reasonably wittily entitled arsespeak; I have several gooner mates who would take my previous joshing the way it’s intended – as good humoured banter, rather than getting all defensive and pissy. Sorry if I hit a nerve.

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  11. Bobspur – it’s not always easy to read comments like speech – sarcasm etc can be misinterpreted, there are quite a lot of idiots who comment, apologies if I was a little harsh.
    Anyway I’m only hoping that we can do something good next season – I don’t think it’s that realistic though!
    As for the name – Arsenal puns are too easy!

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