4-3-3 is the way forward, plus another Gooner signs for Citeh

The aftermath of the first home game of the season seems to be positive. A 4-1 victory over Portsmouth highlighted the flexibility of the 4-3-3 formation, which has brought us 12 goals in 3 games so far.

The goals are coming from all over the park which is good, as in the past we have suffered from a lack of goals from midfield. Our top scorers in all competitions are now Gallas – 3, Cesc – 2, and Diaby – 2. The strikers we have are proven goalscorers too, the likes of RvP and Eduardo for example.

Defence also seems strong, with new signing Vermaelen looking particuarly solid in the air and on the ground on Saturday.

The 4-3-3 formation looks solid, allowing midfielders to get forward, and the likes of Eduardo and Arshavin to be creative in attack.

Song, Cesc, Arshavin and Wenger all discussed the new system in the Portsmouth matchday programme, and emphasized the redefined roles they will play. They also pointed out that we can switch back to a 4-4-2 when needed.

I think the formation also suits our players, as we have many attack minded midfielders, and a fluid style of passing and movement. The new formation allows us to keep balance in the team, not too defensive, but not leaving the defence exposed either.

On the transfer front things are still pretty quite for Arsenal, but I expect we might see one more face come in the next week or so.

City have signed Silvinho from Barca, increasing their numbers of ex-Arsenal men. I don’t blame him for taking the opportunity, his playing days are nearing an end and he will most likely be on generous wages.

Joleon Lecott is also set to sign for City today, becoming the 3rd most expensive defender on record. I wouldn’t say he was worth £20m plus, but if they have the money then why not.

Thats all for today, should have more stories and a Celtic preview tomorrow. check out Untold Arsenal for a great review of Premier League club debt, makes interesting reading as always.

4 thoughts on “4-3-3 is the way forward, plus another Gooner signs for Citeh

  1. poker rakeback

    I’m still waiting to hear news of cesc’s injury. He’s not needed for celtic, and i’d like to see ramsy get a full game anyway, but we need him for the mancs this weekend.

  2. Arsenal1Again

    Gooners are Arsenal Supporters. You mean ‘Another Gunner Signs For Man City.’

    @PokerRakeBack …… Cesc is doubtful for the game against the Mancs next Saturday …. which means he’ll play possibly. Do you remember when Wenger let on that Merson wasn’t fit to face United because of flu, and then had Merse start the game in which Fergie hadn’t tactically made allowances for The Merse. It could be the same ruse.

  3. Casicky

    I really do hope Cesc makes the ManUre game so that for the first time in a long while i will really have confidence that we can beat ManUre,without Cesc i feel we can possible come from there with a draw but with Cesc in just feel we mite just be too much for ManUre at this stage of the season.

    Tabloids pulling the Matuidi link back on but no quotes or anything so i jus think they doing their usual rubbish…wouldnt mind getting Matuidi esp if we are jus buying one player,because if he came in it would mean Song would laso be free to cover the in defence therefore making the signing of Matuidi uble signing due to the options it provides.

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