Why Arsenal will beat Manchester United on Saturday

Gut feelings are very common in football. You just get a feeling about something and proceed to tell everyone you know about it. I had such an experience this morning. I have an increasingly positive mindset ahead of the game at Old Trafford this Saturday.

In fact, I am confident that Arsenal can go to Manchester United and pick up three points. If you are going to push me for a prediction, I’d say 2-1 to the Gunners. Like I said, this is mainly based on a gut feeling, but there are plenty of reasons to suggest that Arsenal can emerge victorious.

For starters, confidence is very high. In my opinion, this Arsenal team doesn’t fear anybody at the moment. These are two key mentalities to have when you travel to Old Trafford and Arsene Wenger knows it. He says that the game this weekend is the first ‘big test’ of the campaign and that his team will be ready.

The Arsenal boss says that the team is improving their play all the time. Even since the end of last season, Wenger believes that the ‘speed’ of the team’s play has increased, something they can put on display at Old Trafford this weekend.

In other words, Manchester United – who have arguably lost their wow factor in the summer – might not know what has hit them.  They have every reason to be wary of the young Gunners and I’m not convinced Wenger’s men should be so of Alex Ferguson’s team.

The most important factor ahead of the game, according to Wenger, is that the team ‘recover physically’ because Manchester United will be fresh after not playing in midweek. This shouldn’t be a problem though. The team is young – the average age against Celtic was 23 – and they won’t know what tiredness is.

Arsenal will be up for the fight and determined to show the rest of the Premier League teams that they mean business this season. An early season game against Manchester United is a chance to set a marker down
for the remainder of the campaign and I’m absolutely convinced that three points can be achieved.

I want your thoughts on this though. Can Arsenal win at Old Trafford this weekend or am I being stupidly positive?

87 thoughts on “Why Arsenal will beat Manchester United on Saturday

  1. memunish

    Arsenal have a very good chance but I have a gut feeling that they won’t win this won. I am predicting a scored draw for this one.

  2. Frichie

    Depends on who Man U start with, no Rio is a big loss for them, If they start with Giggs or Scholes, Fletcher we will destroy them. I dont think Rooney or Owen or even Berbatov will get past Gallas and Vermaelen, so im going for a 3 goal win. RvP will be up for this one, and with arshavin scoring last night he will be more relaxed and confident.

    COme on you gunners

    I’m gonna miss the game as I will be at SW4 😦

  3. mesfin

    I beleive Arsenal either win or draw. The rational for these arsenal improved much in this season, plus after out last match with Manu gained gallas, thomas and arshvine while manchester lost Ronaldo and Tevez impact creators.

    1. ChelseaFan

      This is not the first time Fergie travelles to watch the opposition team and i believe that he has done so to take notes. Arsenal look very confident and are scoring alot of goals but with Rooney finding form and Berba playing like a real striker im not sure Arsenal can keep any clean sheets meaning they have to score more at the other end whihc will be also differcult because united do not concede many.
      Tough game
      United to win 2-0

      1. jay

        “arsenal look very confident and are scoring alot of goals’. “arsenal will have to score more goals at the other end”yet you predict 2-0 to utd how can any one know what ur talking about when you dont know yourself?

      2. Anonymous

        after watching the game against portsmouth, our game just looks sound. players seem to be where they need to be when they need to, they have good vision of the field and they are very aggressive in terms of creating oppertunity. I hve not seen any of manchester’s games this season, but I certainly like what I see. I am predicting a win

  4. sw

    United fan here. Iv been impressed by Arsenals start. Vermaelen looks like a decent signing. I thought youd have bought a defensive midfielder with some experience over the summer though rather than sell players. Re Saturday i like your optomism but whether you think united have lost their wow factor you shouldn’t forget that they are still a damn good side who have been winning everything in front of them for the last few years. It was not all down to Ronaldo. The players that are still there are more than capable of beating Arsenal or anybody else for that matter. Should be a good game anyway. Let the best team win.

    1. Kesete

      i am on your side SW. of course Arsenal are playing fantastically at the moment. but we shouldn’t write off Manutd just because they have lost the best player in the world in the summer. they still have lots of quality at their disposal. Rooney always loves scoring against Arsenal. although we haven’t seen much from Berbatov since his big money movement from Spurs, i have a feeling that this will be a turning point for him to emulate the foot steps of Ronaldo as Arsenal is one of the good sides in Europe. so my prediction is 3-1 to ManUtd.

  5. man-u have a team spirit that very few have. they may not have the daring of the young and unprouven when they face lower opsition, but can easly raise thier game at home against a top side. this is not to say that they will run us over, but it may be a very testing game for our new system. Barbatov and Rooney are allways top when facing us, so expect nothing else this time. if we lose it can do us a service cus it may lift some buzz of us and let us build a momentum that will peak at the right time, and a win might make us peak to soon.

  6. Stuart

    I also have a very positive feeling that Man United will win this one, and my gut feelings are usually right….

    United have much more experience than Arsenal in the team, and I feel the Arsenal defence are going to be over-run.

    A plus factor is that the game is being played at Old Trafford, therefore Wenger will be Lucky to go home with as much as a chinese takeway lol!!

    1. oh noooo

      rvp—-berbatov.. rvp way better than lazy over rated twat berbatov

      eduardo—-oven.. well oven was good in his prime but now he sucks. eduardo the most clinical striker after ian wright

      arshavin—-rooney… rooney is class on his day but only against mid and lower table teams. arshavin is at the moment best player in the league

      cesc—-carrik… everybody know…

      denilson—-fletcher…. need to look at the stats cz i wont be able to convince anybody

      clichy—-evra …. evra got an edge

      tv5—-vidic… nothing wrong done by tv5 yet but vidic is better

      gallas—-wes brown… gallas is better any day any time

      almunia—-foster…. almunia is better cz hes first choice

      after ronaldo united are never the same as they struggled against the newly promoted team like b,ham and lost burnley there real test will be against arsenal to prove they are still good enoug and arsenal too prove there good start is not a fluke… i think arsenal got the edge.. 3-1 to arsenal

  7. brian

    manchester united are beatable. they dont have ronaldo, they dont have tevez, they dont have van der sar and they dont have ferdinand. in contrast, we lost ade but eduardo is there and arsh too. we lost toure and whom do we have? yeah right. verm. the other reason that points to a win is that everyone at arsenal seems to be scoring! i bet van p will get his goal from there as will bendtner and maybe song! the plus for me is the free scoring coz u dont know whom to mark!

  8. AMN

    I have a strong feeling the score will be 3-1 in favour of Arsenal. The battle will be in the mid field who ever controls it takes the day.

  9. sw

    Frichie. Rio is a loss but Evans is solid. Fletch usually does very well against Arsenal and has continued his excellent form from last season. As long as he starts in midfield i think well be ok. Your centre halfs are good but Rooney and Berb are also great players. A 3 goal win for arsenal in just a silly prediction for what should be a close game. I predict a 1 goal win for United. Not that you guys want to hear this. Maybe i should go…..

    1. jay

      This is arsenals chance to avenge the 6-1 defeat at old trafford 8 or 9 years ago i trully believe manutd are weak and if we play at our top, mark my words manutd will be destroyed

  10. gazzap

    always hard to predict since united have players of such quality that in one moment they can score a goal from nothing. a couple of goals for united and Arsenal would find it hard to win.
    they are normally open exciting games though.
    arsenal will try and pass and move and on our day we can open up teams that play an open game against us. united will need to be on form to win. I dont think the pressure is on Arsenal to win either.


    I think Manchester United would beg us for mercy in this one. they have certainly lost there main players this season, and for the game against us, they lost part of there defence i.e. Van der sar and Rio ferdinand and they lost part of there attack i.e Ronaldo and Teves.
    Berbatov doesnt seem to be in nick and Rooney cant do all the work himself. Arshavin would easily get pass jonny evans because of his inexperience.
    my prediction is 2-0 to gunners!!!

  12. sw

    Why are you all so sure that your’e going to score a few goals. How often do united conceed at home? A little respect here please 🙂

  13. Anonymous

    At the moment Arsenal are an 11 man band, playing beautiful football. Therefore you can afford to hava a player or two having an off day. Man U on the other hand depend too much in individual stroke of genius from some (very few) of the players who can actually make the difference. So, either Rooney has his Wheetabix or it could seem like a very very ‘Old’ Trafford on Saturday. At least I hope to see good football.
    Roger Morello, Man U fan (Gibraltar).

  14. gunner79

    Yes its a great start to the season , however its a different team to that which we have disposed of quite easily over the last 4 games. Utd Arsenal has always been an “Old firm” type game and as a fan since 79, I always tend to be cautious in this. Utd wont want to loose we cant afford to loose so maybe a draw. On the possitive side, Arshavin is litterally running the show and if Cesc is fit they should make some midfield pairing. Also Denislon is showing great maturity and should remain as a DM for the game. Song was very strong last night and Eboue – did he take the car home or just run to the house? The kid never stopped running . Our new kid Vermalen performed very well as did , look its hard to say who played poorly against celtic, but they need to bring that saturday. In Arsene we trust.

  15. Matt

    An interesting way to look at games played so far is the analysis by halves (ie 45 minutes). The comparative records (for all competitions) are:

    P W D L
    Arsenal 8 8 0 0
    Man Utd: 6 2 3 1

    Certainly gives an indication that Arsenal fans should be confident.

  16. Arsenal1Again

    I’m confident of a win everytime we face Man United. With Sir Alex having been down last night to watch us suggests he’ll now have some tactic in mind on Saturday … but still I’m confident. I think United are capable of putting away two goals at most on Saturday ……. We’re capable of getting about 5 against anyone AT THE MOMENT and with Ferdinand out it improves our chances alot.

    With Ronaldo, United last term matched us for goals scored. Without Ronaldo now they’re lagging behind us.

    Rooney is a great team player, but that’s his weakness. He’s not selfish enough to be a prolific goal scorer because he’s always laying it off to a team-mate who has a much higher chance of missing.

    I’m supremely confident of 3 points. 🙂

  17. Jamie

    Will all arsenal fans just relax and not keep bigging us up.we have started well but at the end of the day look at who we have played
    everton with problems injurie wise and lescott
    celtic who just arnt very good
    portsmouth who are probably gonna get relagated

    and now we play a good man u team away from home and everyone reckons we will win.ronaldo is loss but just look at us when henry left!Everyone was saying exactly the same thing and we coped just fine nearly winning the league

    although i want us to win a draw wouldnt be a bad result.im not expecting or even thinking about us winning

    1. Jamie, Ronaldo leaving Man Utd is completely different to when Henry left Arsenal. Ronaldo was at the peak of his game when he left, winning games on his own, whenever he picked up the ball he always produced, either a goal or a killer pass that lead to a goal. In contrast Henry had been plagued by injury was not at the peak of his game (producing the sort of scintillating runs that tore spurs a new arse). That is why the knock on effect was not felt as much on our side. Ronaldo will be missed and won’t be replaced for a couple of years.

  18. sw

    So to sum up whats been said most people here think the score will be something like 3-1 to Arsenal against United at Old Trafford. Wow!

  19. Mo

    I beleive the true question for arsenal is that, hu start with song and fabregas in midfield, diaby or denilson.

    3-1 to the arsenal regardless

  20. Rahul

    This will be a cracker of a game. Both teams are high on confidence and both will want to win. Since both are title contenders, a win would be a huge moral boast.
    It should be a nice contest but i think Arsenal will win this by a 1 goal margin.
    I would love a high scoring arsenal game but respect to united… their manager can be as wily as le-prof.

    Arsenal to win!!! 1 – 2

  21. Man U can never beat Arsenal without Ronaldo at this stage, but remember too that Fabregas too may be out, I think Arsenal will carry the day with a 2-0 win. Man U fans may hate this, Gunners can beat you without Fabregas, but Man U cant be Arsenal without Ronaldo.

  22. brian

    guys with all respect to man u, arsenal will win 2-1 and who knows, with lady luck flirting with arsenal, gallas might score now with what? his ear or something? whatever margin, its gonna be an arsenal win.

  23. Erik

    Arsenal to win 1-0, Gallas charging the Utd keeper, ball bouncing off his arse and going in the back of the net.

    Arsegoal, 1-0 to the Arse (Gallas’) and Arsenal, lol.

  24. sw

    Ronaldo is a loss but united have lots of great players. The idea that United cant win games without him is just laughable. Its a team game and united are a great team. Im going to enjoy watching them wipe the smirks off the faces of the “you cant win without Ronaldo” brigade this season. Im surprised that people are underestimating SAF and the other players at the club. Surely deep down most Gooners realise that Manchester United is more than one player?

  25. Yemi-pakager

    With the present form and believe in d Arsenal team, i see know club playing us and gettin a draw. all d players re gearing to go. even if it is old traford, dat dosent stop us from playin our normal football. I predict dis one 4 arsenal. Expect d unexpected scoreline…

  26. USRED

    Berty Mee said to Matt Busby
    and I think you all know the rest.
    How many times have Arse played United as favourite or some record or other on the line and won? Do not count your chickens until the fat lady has sang her final verse. Mind it is good to see you have confidence – just like in the UEFA semi’s when the gutter press from London predicted a hammering of United.

  27. Arsenal has a great chance but we ve to wrk on our defending tll d end, we cnt be lettng in goals at evry dyng minute of d game, and also glkeeper almumia shld b more alert, i thnk he’s bn relaxng 2 mch of late, and allowng avoidable goals, like d goal by prtsmth. If we cn wrk on dt we gt a grt chnce of winning. Gunners 4 life.

  28. NICKY


  29. Let’s not do to them what the rest did to us at the beginning of the season – i.e. wrote us off as contenders and even holding on to the top 4 etc etc. For sure it’ll be a cracking game! We are heading to OT with a buoyant mood and that’s good.

  30. Gunner

    I agree with you, Arsenal can win at Old Trafford on Saturday. However it will be difficult.
    Interested to hear anyone else’s view on this:
    2 key factors need to be present in order to win.
    1.) A strong physical performance from the defense for 90+ minutes.
    2.) It is critical that Arsenal play the same strategy of attack as has been evident in the previous 4 games so far this season. Namely that of swift counter punch immediately the enemy turn possession over. I mean all out fast break football. When in possession pass the ball ‘forward’ and play as much of the game in front of the United defense as possible.
    Arsenal’s best results and performances against Manchester United always come when Arsenal find the will to take the game ‘to’ United. Last years Emirates result is a perfect example. Do not build a strategy around stopping Rooney Owen etc. Build a strategy around utilizing the best qualities of Eduardo, Arashavin, RVP etc etc.
    I recall the 2005 FA Cup Final which to be fair Arsenal were lucky to win given the performance. Arsenal went into that stating they would ‘attack’ Manchester United. However in the game itself we saw Arsenal play very cautiously and do the opposite. They played like they were afraid of Manchester United.
    This time I hope the approach is about what Arsenal are capable of doing, not what Manchester United are capable of.
    In short, attack Manchester United start to finish, that is the only way to neutralize their forward line.
    Interested in what others think

  31. sw

    Gunner. I agree with some of what you say. (i support united btw) Your defence will need to be strong because Rooney and Berbs are playing well and have a point to prove. Midfield will be an important area. You don’t have a Fletcher type in there to do the pressing. Because of this Arsenal will need to collectively work hard when you dont have the ball. This is something you seem to have improved on this season. It was sorely lacking in the cl semi final. You cant give us that much time in possession again.

    You also need to attack. Over the last few years Arsenal have given us a lot of problems when they came out and attacked us with lots of pace. You need to do this. Im also interested to see if we can handle Arshavin who i think is a terrific player. I believe Arsene will send you out looking for 3 points and that should mean it will be a great game. i cant wait.

  32. Robert kan

    Many Arsenal supporters, thanks for your anticipations.
    However, they say, “it is easier said than done”



  34. Gunner

    Thanks SW for the response. Very interesting point you make about the midfield. It is true Arsenal do not have an experienced player in there to do the ‘pressing’ as you call it. Fletcher is top of the line in that specific dept. Wenger claims his young players Song and Denilson either or both, will develop that. I think he maybe right although for a long time I was skeptical. I guess this game will be a good indicator. He has chosen to be patient with these players rather than buying someone with experience and quality in that role.
    You are right I think it can be a great game if what you say is accurate and Arsenal do genuinely go there to bring home full points by playing accordingly. The responsibility for ensuring they do so lies firmly with Wenger. Why? because Manchester United always come out and go forward, they have always done so, they are a team who have no secrets. Arsenal are somewhat the variable here. They must not change strategy even slightly, it has to be full throttle ‘attack’ and ‘counterattack’ all the way if they are to be successful.
    Responses welcome from fellow Gunners, or enemy troops.

  35. sw

    Couldn’t agree more Gunnar. Arsenal seem to be one of the few sides who can consistently cause our defence problems due to the pace they can attack with. This is Arsenals strength so they should play to it.

    Re midfield: Denilson and Song are coming on pretty well. Im still surprised that AW didnt bring in some experience there to ease the transition. In the big games such as cl knockouts or tital deciders that extra bit of experience can be vital. Arsenal have the talent to challenge for the biggest trophies. Im sure it would be difficult to take for Arsenal fans if they were to come unstuck in May for the want of a bit of leadership in midfield.

    Time will tell. Arsene wont have enjoyed the last few years. Top four isn’t really enough for a team with players like Fabregas, Van Persie and Arshavin. He will want to put it right.

    Try to enjoy your one-nil defeat on saturday. Rooney to score the goal.

  36. Gunner

    Thanks SW
    Like any Gunners supporter I could never enjoy losing 1-0, or any other score to Manchester United. Let’s hope your prediction is wrong!
    Last year’s loss in the Champions League was very disappointing. But when you consider how young and newly constructed the team was. I really was not too taken aback given what they were up against, and given the inexperience in this young team. You are correct, a couple of quality and experienced midfield players in the Fletcher mould almost certainly would have made it a closer affair.
    I get frustrated with Wenger when he continually passes up on spending money for a ‘combative’ midfielder. However, I think all supporters of the ‘Big 4 teams’ would have to tip their cap to him, and Arsenal if they do go on and win the Championship/Champions League. Why? Because their is simply no way that the ‘big other 3’ would go back to the start and patiently build a team of strictly young players, with one or 2 big name signings thrown in! They would bring in young players yes! But it would be supplemented with some huge money signings. Many of which might end up on the bench, as a 30 million insurance policy in case of a dip in team or individual form.
    I do not think any realistic Manchester United fan would argue with me on that! Further, I think that they would also have to agree that if Wenger pulls it off. He will have accomplished something that quite simply, no other manger has done! Given the comparisons in spending of the ‘other 3’ versus what he has so far spent! Not sure if the Red Devils could dispute this either!
    SW I really should be doing some work so I may have to leave it with this.
    If Arsenal do attack with intent for the full 90 minutes it could be a great game. Later

  37. arsenal 4 life

    United is a tough place to go to. I think this is the real test, every gooner is about to find out how good our team is. if we win I think the league will come to a london club for sure.

    my only worry is man U are not stupid, they will not let us play our game, this is going to be a war, the difference is our defending is improving. If manu go toe to toe with us in an open game it will be a second round knock out so there only hope is to go the distance and turn this into an ugly affair, so i think it will be a draw, especially if united score first

  38. RaS_GoOneR

    Our Attacking players too strong for a defense without Rio, can see a 2-0 win, ashavin and bendtner getting the goals.

  39. messi

    ive read every single comment on this page an i have smiled or laughed about nearly all of them. im going for an arsenal win an i really hope cesc will be fit because we have no nasri, rosicky or theo we cant afford for cesc to be on that list aswell. as for the guys who are saying we will beat united 3-1, or 3-0 id say probably wake up yes we are on fire at the moment but that is how it should be against celtic an portsmouth, do u guys really think united will alow us to win by 3 or more who knows it could happen. with arshavin, van persie, eduardo an the back 4 looking sharp an solid im gonna go for an arsenal win 2-1, with arshavin on the score sheet, i think he will cause o’shea alot of trouble as he did when zenit an united faced each other in the champs lge a few years ago. i just hope cesc will be fit, the two major points are the midfield control and the chances, gallas an vermaelen have to be on point an show experience song needs a good game aswell

  40. BillikenGooner


    don’t take it too personally. most emotions are running high with the start of the season going the way it has.
    for me, it all depends on who scores first (or scores at all). Arsenal have really only conceded goals at the tail end of wins, and it will be interesting to see how we play from behind. (though I don’t want to see it this weekend. heh) And as you’ve stated, getting one past ManUtd is always a chore, especially at OT.
    On the whole, ManUtd, with Rio n VDS out and seemingly not settled into the season yet, might be at their ripest for an upset. So I hope the Gunners can take advantage of it.

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  42. Rimauiwan

    I felt the same thing (excited and confident) that Arsenal could beat MU in the second leg of European Champions League in previous tournament. Even Arsene Wenger said, MU had made mistake with not scoring more than one goal in the first leg and he promised that Arsenal would make MU paid for their mistake because of the tremendous record Arsenal had in the last Premier League match. But look what had happened? Arsenal lost 1-3 at their own ground.

    Earlier in the Premier League, when Arsenal facing MU at Emirates, I felt worried and little bit of afraid thinking of the poor start that Arsenal had, like lost to Fulham and the reputation that MU always has. And the outcome of the game is Arsenal win 2-1.

    What I m trying to say here that we cannot trust totally to our instinct about this game. Especially against the big team. I am Arsenal fans… And that is just my point of view.

  43. sam anjorin

    interesting comments from both supporters, to be honest i do have this gut feeling as well cause i remember prior to our defeat against man utd in 2004 i had this weird feeling inside and knew the run will be ended today, back to the main point, am hoping it is barcelona vs man utd part 2, i hope we press as high as possible and test man utd ability to retain possession maybe it was a one off but barca’s tactics were spot on.. man utd could barely string more than 2 to 3 passes together, i believe the batttle will be won in the midfeild and hopefully man utd will fail to cope with arsenal’s dynamic movement and big test for both denilson and song (i believe ferguson will adopt the formation that was effective in the champion league last season) i may sound bias but i believe at this momment in time if arsenal show up on the day and turn on the style the 3 points is theirs however i have watched football long enough to acknowledge there is no right time to play man utd at their ground and when it comes to matches like this form is irrelevant. am going for a score draw 1-1 or arsenal to nick 1-0 and how crazy would football be if eduardo scored a “diving” header. come on you gunnerssss

    1. mayowa akinkuotu

      na wa oh. its quite unblieveable hw peoples perception change. very few people gave arsenal a chance against everton now they think we can destroy man u at old trafford. thanks 4 d complement bt we would take this one as it comes. in arsene we trust.

  44. Petzl

    A lot of Arse fans getting excited about beating average teams (at best)…..bottom line is that Arse will earn respect when they beat United and win the title. Anyone can get up for a single match over United, even Burnley or Arse, but come May…the kiddies inexperience and tiredness usually shows. I am not saying that I don’t respect Arse’s ability to play pretty 1-2’s all day long and I fully expect United to concede a fair bit of ground at times but United still have plenty of strength and depth even without Rio, VDS, Ron and Tevez. It will be an interesting match, one that even if United lose, won’t get the United side too upset….and you can guarantee Arse won’t be keeping a clean sheet!!

  45. Rooney

    I’m not surprised by the amount of rubbish spouted on here as football fans know very little about the game. They say if you don’t know your past then you don’t know your future.
    Man Utd stats
    Games at Old Trafford Man Utd vs Arsenal
    premier league p17 w9 d5 l3
    Division 1 p63 w35 d17 l11
    Man Utd have lost a grand total of 14 times in 80 league games.
    If I was a betting man (which I am) where do you think I’d place my money?

  46. Bob

    Arsenal go to the changing room leading by one goal we might be in trouble unless we come back and kill the game.You know the ManU dressing room????

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  48. Remove the wow factor (CR7) and the super sub Tevez and ManU will continue to suffer till quality replacements (which may never come) are sought. The truth is, man U will struggle this season. i’m bias towards arsenal.

  49. manoj

    I saved this article to leave a comment once the match finish. What a fantastic result for man utd and the game shows how unproffessional arsenal was with 6 yellow cards. Before predicting just watch match first u *** holes.Glory Glory Manutd

  50. sw

    Arsenal played well. Must be very disapointing for all those aresenal fans expecting to win by 3 goals. Reality can be very disapointing

  51. iwanwashere

    3-0v prediction LOL! Overestimating Arsenal’s capability hits the rock bottom this time around.

    Better luck next time.

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