Wayne ‘I have never intentionally dived’ Rooney – The Video Evidence

Wayne Rooney has been giving his take on the Eduardo incident and the penalty at Old Trafford:

“I have never intentionally dived. There have been times when I have tried to stay on my feet and tried to get the shot off rather than going down. I don’t think it is fair for players to dive and cheat the other team.”

This video tells a different story, maybe UEFA would like to take retrospective action on some of this evidence?

Yet the media still like to portray English players as hard-working and honest, while the ‘foreign’ clubs like Arsenal bring in these horrible cheating tactics from Europe.

Take John Terry today quoted as saying:

“I can speak about the England lads and I think it is something we don’t do, I think we’re too honest, sometimes even in the Premier League you see the English lads get a bit of contact and stay on their feet and try and score from the chance they have been given.”

Somehow I don’t think that is quite true.

25 thoughts on “Wayne ‘I have never intentionally dived’ Rooney – The Video Evidence

  1. Special K

    this guy is full of shite. This should be submitted ti UEFA and rooney should be band for at least 10 games. lol

  2. keano 16

    ….which one of those was a dive then? every single one had contact, including the Campbell one?

    Going down easily and diving are two seperate things.

  3. Mr Cee

    The key word is “honest” he was not being honest in his attempts to win penalties and the fact some of them were not given highlights the fact he is far from an “honest” player. I feel Rooney is a diver as there is a number of incidents to hightlight this but it doesn’t take away from the fact he is a good player in my view.

    Gerrard, Rooney and Joe Cole are 3 examples of English players who dive a lot so in the press this shouldn’t be treated as a foreign problem and just be addressed as a problem period, regardless of nationality.

    1. gunner52

      Exactly! Well said, but i really wish the press would actually address this because you know if that had been said by eboue or drogba there’d be a riot, but as rooneys english its goes unchallenged as usual.

      1. Obviously there has been a little debate about it, but John Terry basically sums up the default position of many people in England when he talks about Englishmen staying on their feet when they should go down. Everyone knows that’s not true.

  4. Zakk

    That’s not diving! That’s falling with style! Don’t believe me just ask the English press.

    If it’s about contact, there is very slight contact with Eduardo’s right leg against Celtic.

  5. Evo

    Shit….. and I thought the loud whining I’ve been hearing for the last week was coming from Heathrow!!! Build a bridge Arsenal supporters. All the people in the know (even some Arsenal supporters) acknowledge Almunia needlessly made contact with Rooney. He just highlighted the contact. Time to move on.

    1. nofrillz

      yep he’s right. im a gooner and almunia had no right to be out there in the forst place. you cant callthat blatant diving but rooney took advantage of almunia stupidity

  6. stephen

    Rooney is carrying on a long tradition of Man U divers, the problem is they usually get away with it, as most refs are star struck with their players.

  7. bugo dan

    ron,chicken sh*T video clips r so clear u went down bfre almunia had contact with u & today england against slova that too wasnt a penalty coz ron & the slv dfnder were both pulling shirts but ron cheated the officials again.

  8. Sam

    Rooney dived again today vs Slovenia. Have a look. Not only did he foul the defender, but went down on his own and raised his arms for a penalty! Cheating kunt!

  9. rob

    look here we have football and we have the politics with this evidence we as fans have to make a stand some how lets have a list of suggestions on what fans think we should do to help the game we all so love and stop this disease rotting the game.
    mine would be to constantly phone them up fill their phone lines and mail boxes with our views if cameras are to be used after the game then they should be used during the game more so to assist the refs not the limited views of eufa and fifa. as in politics fans spend the cash if it were not for the fans there is NO EUFA OR FIFA FAT CATS.

  10. rob


  11. Schwall

    I don’t care if Eduardo gets the ban in the end. He should based on the rules outset by UEFA. The issue here is Wenger defending his player from being singled out and making sure that his players aren’t the only one getting this ban. Sucks an Arsenal player had to start this controversy, but hopefully it brings alot of this to the forefront and is dealt the same for everyone from this point out.

    Oh yeah, Rooney is full of it and so is Terry. I pull for England (I am an American) but with their recent International failures, they should just shut up about “English players don’t do that” and start winning. Looks like they will be in South Africa, but they have alot of issues (GK being a big one) if they are going to make it to the final 16.

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