Adebayor shows his true colours, Arsenal were unlucky: Man City 4 – 2 Highlights

Arsenal played some fantastic football at times yesterday, but we were undone again by defensive problems. As soon as we pushed for the winner at 1-1 the defence was left open, and City scored 3 goals in 7 minutes to make it 4-1. Rosicky’s goal was deserved, and we came close to another in the last few minutes – but overall a disappointing game.

Worst of all was Adebayor’s attitude. For the whole game he played like a man who was desperate to prove a point. The fact that he never played like that last season shows just how disloyal he is.

I know that he did get some stick last season – but that is to be expected when you hold the club to ransom over a transfer and get a massive new contract out of it. All that fans wanted to see was Ade get his head down and work for the team – he didn’t. In any case Adebayor did not get that much trouble from Arsenal fans last season.

In his mind though he is a persecuted induvidual with a point to prove – and yesterday it got too much for him.


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Cesc’s ankle was almost broken, then he stamped on Van Persie cutting his face with his studs – an event that RVP has spoken out against. As well as that was the celebration which was utterly disgraceful, and left a steward unconcious after causing pandemonium in the away end.

Kolo did the right thing and chased Ade the length of the pitch to pick him up, that is a real player there. Apology or no apology Adebayor is in big trouble, and it’s only right that the FA are investigating the matter.

Apart from that it was great to see Rosicky back – he added real attacking flair with an assist and a goal.

Sadly it was defence that cost us, 3 times we were exposed on the left as Clichy came forward – and City exploited the space.

Alan Hansen said on MOTD last night that Arsenal are the only team who can play so well and not win, and he is right. It is all down to defence. On the left the cover from Diaby was poor, and Song filled in on one occasion, but his tackle was non-existent.

The only hope I can take from this game is that Arsene will be determined not to let this happen again.

There is a shakiness about Arsenal, a lack of confidence, that means even when we play our best football we still don’t pick up the points. We need to correct these problems as soon as possible, the defensive balance is something we have struggled with for 4 years now. We rarely keep a clean sheet and that doesn’t win you titles.

If Wenger can re-address the problems within the team then we could be title-challengers, until then we will continue to play good football with little to show for it.

86 thoughts on “Adebayor shows his true colours, Arsenal were unlucky: Man City 4 – 2 Highlights

  1. Bluenose

    ‘Arsneal were unlucky’

    You were well beaten and if we hadn’t switched off at 4-1 it would of been much worse.

    The celebration left a steward unconscious? I thought that was because of the Arsenal fan that through a chair at him. Yes Ade shouldn’t have celebrated in front of your fans but throwing missiles onto the pitch and at the ground staff is out of order. I’ve heard very little condemning of the Arsenal fans today only of Ade… yes they were provoked but that’s no excuse for their utterly disgusting behaviour… or if it is then Ade should be excused because the Arsenal fans were having a go at him all game.

  2. RealMancsAreBlue

    LOL, Arsenal were unlucky were they …….. OK mate…….. Beaten by a stronger team Im afraid. The blue moon is rising and its at the cost of Arsenal

      1. Anonymous

        Thats right daft gooner, you keep talking about previous seasons while your already 6 points behind after just 4 games this season. Looks like a relegation battle on the cards for you!!

    1. Russ

      Villa fans said the same thing last season. Spurs fans before them. Idiots persistantly mouthing off and we all know what happened come the end of the season. You’ve achieved nothing yet.

  3. dave@shepton

    Maybe you should also think about banning the supporters who were throwing things on the pitch. Maybe all the abuse that you lot have thrown at him, maybe you should all grow up. I have never heard such a bunch of cry babies. You really do sound like that lot at OT.
    There was always going to be a bit of grief at this game. Yes Adebayor did not help the situation. But do not tell me for a second that the fans did not expect some kind of reaction from him, especially if he scored. Surely both the fans and the player should have had the balls to rise above it all. But no, this is football, brains and football are a bad mix.

    1. Dave

      Hi Dave,

      Did fans just begin throwing things on the pitch or something triggered it? Be objective, visualize & analyze the game and the incident realistically.

      1. dave@shepton

        Look at how Van Persie reacted when he scored. effing and blinding. In front of young children with their parents too. Did our fans start a riot. No.

  4. Franny

    I was at the game and Arsenal were indeed all over us and probably unlucky not to get a point.

    But it comes down to the score in the end; and with the sh*te you have in goal; you’re stuffed! haha

    1. Alphie Izzet

      Don’t agree with you pal. The Arse had the best of City for the first 20 minutes of the second half. They didn’t have a shot on target in the first half. City play on the break a great deal, its called ‘tactics’ and it worked. When it went 1-1 I thought the Arse might go on and take it but City stepped up a gear. Arse were hit withe 4 goals. That’s the reason they lost, 4 goals!

  5. Michael

    Arsenal was unlucky? Sorry but you sound like you are in denial. The Man city back four dominated totally and completely, especially our two center backs. Adebayor cleared every corner you crossed into our box. The mid-field worked tirelessly. The only time Arsenal played like Arsenal was those 10 minutes after RVP scored.

    “and left a steward unconcious after causing pandemonium in the away end.”

    You have to be kidding me…It was your rabid fans that put that steward in hospital. Did you see our fans react like wild animals when RVP told our fans to “Fxck Off”? He too had to be dragged away by a warming up Eboue.

    1. Gerry Gow's brother

      So lets get this right…if you want to start a riot, injure stewards and through missiles onto the pitch, now you can. Just trump up some hard done to sob story and away you go. Arsenal fans – animals that should be banned.

      As for RVP – if he had of connected with that tackle he would have broken a leg – but apparently thats ok!

  6. dave@shepton

    Throughout the game, it was clear that there was a “get Adebayor” game going on. Van Persie, Gallas and Song all had a pop, just re-run the clip of Adebayor going down the touchline and beating 3 Arsenal defenders. Do not for a second tell me that they were fair and honest tackles. Two of them were bordering on the reckless and the middle of the 3 was career threatening. Yes Adebayor should not have stamped on Van Persie, and he will be banned. But please, get off that cloud, it’s sickening.

    1. Alphie Izzet

      Emu was out of order on both the celebration and the vPersie incident and he will get punished for it. I’d imagine a 3 match ban which would equate to the red card he’d have got if the incident had been seen clearly. Mnd you, vPersie would have got a yellow too, his two footed studs up lunge at Emu was the flash point. Some of the Arsenal ‘tackles’ thrown at Emu were pretty dreadful, fortunately for him he not the ability to avoid them.
      As for inciting the crowd, what sort of mindless muppets are you guys? All he did was go down on his knees and hold his hands up. Have you been down to the ‘Den’ for some thuggery training?

  7. a_fan_of_football

    it was poor from ade very poor…. man city will finish 7th in any event no different from last season. wish city well but ade must learn to control himself if i was an arsenal supporter i would throw a missile myself. it was disrespectful. hope this doesn’t happen at manu. i’m glad fergie didn’t consider him.

      1. Anonymous

        Let us explain the epl to you. It runs for 38 games and is decided at the end of it. You lot have Ship load to learn.
        You can buy e bay versions of the trophy. You can see it when you come to our ground or hey the real team in your town can show you too.

  8. Mr Bluesky

    Arsenal unlucky ?
    They equalized so City upped a gear and thped 3 goals past them in 9 minutes. If Arsenal had got their late consolation any earlier City would have thumped another couple – Arsenal were no competition for City so don’t be so bias

  9. David Njovu Ngodo

    The unloyal Adebayor!just goes to show how greedy some stupid players can be.He was given the contract he asked for last year by Arsenal but showed nothing for it until end of season-only to try now and prove a point to us some Arsenal fans..what point and what for?What a mindless person.He can be playing well but he will go nowhere for as long as he keeps behaving like a PROSTITUTE.With such kind of character he will still do the same for Man City..keep demanding for more and if nothing comes his below par.

    1. Alphie Izzet

      How loyal are you to your employer David?
      Loyal enough to accept abuse from all and sundry?
      Loyal enough to turn down a move to another employer for twice the pay when your current employer is happy to SELL YOU?

  10. Gooner

    I agree that half the Arsenal players did have a pop at Adebayor. Shows how popular he is in the dressing room.

    I’m sorry Man City fans but 20 shots to 10 tells a different to story to Arsenal being outplayed. You hit us on the counter 3 times, with Clichy having a hand in all 3.
    You City fans also fail to mention that Ade should not have been on the pitch, Richards goal was offside, and that Barry handled the ball right before you scored your 4th. Besides that though, you clearly dominated. I’m not saying we deserved to win but we should have got a point.

  11. matt dred

    mr bluesky, “Arsenal no match for city” !!! are you trying to say you out played us? you were on the back foot for most of the second half, you just took your chances where as we did not, that was the difference.Greedybayor is a classless twat, you’re welcome to him,we still have better strikers at the club in RVP and Eduardo.34 games still left to go,you beat us 3-0 last season and still finished behind us, it will be the same this season !!

  12. Anonymous

    it wasn’ a good sight 4 football…in both instances vanpersie foul and d celebration, a heated battle was expected but a former player shouldn’t be pushing d fire… wow he was disrespectful to say d least. would never want to see him in my team…ever “manu” cant wait 4 d Manchester derby. ban 4 ade…oh vanpersie is a good player i rate him highly would love for fergie to get him. he is class…van and Rooney

  13. manu_4_life

    it wasn’ a good sight 4 football…in both instances vanpersie foul and d celebration, a heated battle was expected but a former player shouldn’t be pushing d fire… wow he was disrespectful to say d least. would never want to see him in my team…ever “manu” cant wait 4 d Manchester derby. ban 4 ade…oh vanpersie is a good player i rate him highly would love for fergie to get him. he is class…van and Rooney

  14. Mr Bluesky

    Class being the word. City are in a different class just as United were last week – football is all about scoring goals ‘not nearly scoring and being unlucky’ that’s just an excuse for being out classed.

  15. matt dred

    winning titles is about being consistent over a whole season, but you wouldn’t know anything about that! Burnley beat Man u, does that mean they’re in a different class ?

  16. Le Sagna

    Adebayor has stuck a finger up to every arsenal fan who supported last season even though he was not at his best like me. Just like bentley did last year against us he has ‘proven his point’ now we will see what happens after.
    I never expected him to not celebrate in some way I knew what was coming, but to say he went overboard is an understatement. Yes our fans were not angels and maybe they should be fined or whatever but what sort of reaction was he expecting.
    Even though he was an average player when he came to Arsenal we still supported for two season of him being average and we were patient with. Then he has his best season then he starts flirting with other when we thought he wanted to stay.
    Thats what hurt our fans, it was more hurt than hate. But then instead of tryna work hard last season and put in some hard working displays, he never had a game were he played like he did against us yesterday.
    Good luck to him but I think he has surpassed Ashley Cole

  17. Mr Bluesky

    I was there a few of you may have been too. City controlled 80% first half and showed 15 minutes of brilliance in the second half. Arsenals defence is rubbish as tv also pointed out. De Jong had Fabrigas in his pocket whole game. As for Adebayor you got everything your players and fans deserved for the disgraceful way your club has treated this poor lad.

    1. Le Sagna

      What about the way he treated us last summer after we supported him so much over the years. Every club he has been at so far he left in a bad way. Who is the one with the problem?

  18. matt dred

    what the “disgraceful” way we took him from sitting on the bench at Monaco and turned him into a half decent footballer? The prat couldn’t hit a barn door until Wenger taught him how to shoot !! We patently supported him while he was tripping over his own feet, then he has 1 good season then starts coming out with comments like “pay me like Henry and I’ll play like Henry!!”He’s not fit to tie Henry’s laces !!! He got what he wanted ££££££, and we got what we wanted, him out of our club !!

  19. Bud

    Hahaha all these arsenal fans whining about Ades celebration,it was different when Henry did it to the spurs fans but as soon as its against them they whine and bitch get over yourselves havent heard you attacking rvp for sweraing at City fans when he scored obviously thats ok in your eyes.

    1. matt dred

      couldn’t give a toss about his celebration,wouldn’t expect anything else, but please remember he only joined citeh because utd or chelsea didn’t want him!!

  20. Mr Bluesky

    Why would Adebayor go to a downwardly selling club like Man Utd. City are the most ambitious club in the world and have the money to back us. Man City will dominate European Football three years from now and you never know; Arsen Wenger may be our manager by then ?

  21. Arsenal General

    Wow where all this mancity cunts are coming from? Every year we will go thru the same thing, first was spuds, then villa and now you clowns. One game won againts us = u will replace us in top 4? Lol shows your poor mentality, well get excited…go on, and the season has just started.

    Ade is your new God eh? we’ll see how long he will stick and be your hero until he start demanding for more and bitch around with other clubs. He is a top class footballing bitch and all hail the togoless shit bitch!

    3 goals was gifted by Clichy’s mistake and that don’t happen all the time. Clichy needs to learn a real good lesson from this and improve his game.

    Ade is a cunt and mancity fans are just like him…oh wait… before this was spuds, then villa then you cunts…well the same story goes on every season..I think next season will be errmmm Hull anyone??

    Arsenal Rocks!

    1. Alphie Izzet

      The Post from ARSENAL GUNNER says it all about you lot and some of you have the nerve to talk about “class”?
      Get a life!

  22. manu_4_life

    what is going to happen when ade fall out with city fans and move on? will he do d Monaco and arsenal… ungrateful chucky… ah ha i’m loving this ade kicked arsenal in d face oh and in d arse. city is a mid table team anyway so he will move on. manu first chelsea second arsenal third liver fourth tott fifth villa sixth city seventh..

  23. Vhero

    Hahahahahaha unlucky? Thats the funniest thing I ever read! You can say what you want about the end of the season and where you think your gonna come but yesterday. It’s totally the opposite people your Lucky it was only 4-2 we stopped playing after the 4th went in and got a bit looser and unfortunetly it cost us a goal but it didn’t change a damn thing we won you didn’t and we didn’t win from ONLY a penalty and an own goal like the reds… thought you couldn’t beat them either… Bet you all wish you never turned on Adebayor now eh? Karma is a funny thing :).

  24. kush

    man city are just an average team..arsenal deserved to win the game but were really unlucky not to convert a plethora of chances…points don’t matter at this time of the season but performance city fans should actually be disappointed!! you’ll see anyway!

  25. tdjukic

    To all you City fans out there – you’re fools if you’re of Adebayor; on Setanta, prior to having ever kicked a ball for you lot, he said he wanted to show everyone how much he ‘loved’ his new club. Without so much as kicking a ball, he already loves his new club. NO. He loves the pay cheque at the end of each week and in turn, loves himself.

    He’ll turn on you as quickly as he did on us.

    To the gooners – stupid defensive errors and Wenger’s massive mistake of allowing Diaby to play, is NOT unlucky. It is what it is. You may have the opinion that City isn’t good enough to beat us, but our own weaknesses allowed it to happen. How do we deny that?

  26. akpgunner

    It’s so true.. this happens every year with someone trying to spend a lot of money to break into the top four. It’s not as simple as that though, the top four are as such because they consistently perform to a top four level from season to season. I admit, as have many managers, that it will be a close run thing this year, but you’ve seen Liverpool’s form, losing and then thrashing, you’ve seen us, thrashing and then just about getting on the end of a thrashing, manu lose to burnley then trash wigan.. This is going to happen throughout the year, and I happily look forward to when the City bubble will burst.

    On the other hand, I have no complaints about Adebayor’s celebration, lacking in class though it may be. What I’m more annoyed about is the shocking kick at van persie. He was about 2 inches from blinding him in one eye. And those of you who say oh but it wasn’t a great challenge from vanpersie himself.. Come on, you see those challenges at least 3 or 4 times a game.. I don’t think Ade will turn against City though, because no matter how badly they perform and do, he will have his big fat paycheck at the end of the week. Have fun controlling all those egos hughsey

  27. Mr Bluesky

    Cannot believe how ‘brain washed’ Arsenal fans are by their own bias belief. City have just THRASHED Arsenal… Are we own the same planet ???????

    1. matt dred

      one game is not a season,we’ve heard it all before from wanna be’s who have a good spell and think they’re gonna win the league, lets see if your still coming in your pants next may !

  28. Mr Bluesky

    Hang on a minute… We thrashed you at our place last season too… For Pete’s Sake, accept it and concentrate on trying to finish top half – who the hell do you think you are ?

    1. matt dred

      yes you did and where did you finish last season?we are the Arsenal,13 times league winners 10 times F.A cup winners, who the fuck are you ?

  29. dave@shepton

    Right I have had my tea and I thought during the break it would give a few of you gooooooners a chance to calm down, as the scousers say.

    Nope I was wrong. I do not believe I have come across a more delusional bunch that you lot.

    You got slapped yesterday. By a team that hardly knows each other, with Robbi, Tevez, RSC, Johnson and Kompany missing and we stuffed you. Just imagine what we will do when our lot gel. The mind boggles. Looking forward to the return game, then you will really see some fireworks.

  30. Mr Bluesky

    City could afford to buy and sell Arsenal 100’s of times over if we wanted to, you could become our feeder club or your stadium could be our Southern training ground. In other words, City are MASSIVE and we make Roman Abramavich look like he earns paper boys wages compared with our owners… Think about it and start showing some respect.

  31. Mr Bluesky

    Arsenal… Calm down, just start worrying about the likes of Villa, Everton, Spurs etc. because that is your level (the best of the rest) and you know it.

  32. Mr Bluesky

    By the way… Considering you consider yourselves a top 4 club, exactly what have you won the past 3, 4 or is it 5 years… F’All !!

      1. Mr Bluesky

        Fortunately I have seen City win the league and I am the first to admit we have had many many years of disappointment, however that hopefully is behind us now and the very best and most loyal fans in the country will now have many years of success to look forward to – certainly more than the likes of Arsenal.

    1. 5 seasons ago we had just gone undefeated for a whole season, and would go on to win the FA Cup in 04/05, and finish 2nd. Since then we have been consistently in the top 4 – so I think we are a top 4 club. Also 1 CL Final 2006, 1 CL Semi, 1 FA Cup Semi, 1 CL QF, 1 Carling Cup Final. I think it shows we have been very competitive over the last 5 years.

  33. Mr Bluesky

    We’ve taken two of your best players, what’s this Csec guy like and how much is he worth ? could be another addition to our squad (maybe) if he has ambition

  34. Mr Bluesky

    Considering the defence Arsenal were renowd for 7/8 years ago, are you not embarrassed at what you field now having lost Toure ?

    1. Lets all calm it down a bit here. Toure was a great servant – but he didn’t get on with Gallas, and we have fresh blood now in Vermaelen. It was time for Toure to go, I’m sure he will do well at City.

  35. kush

    city are just another hull and wigan…trust me you coudn’t even create a decent chance of your own…your bubble is soon bursting and then you’ll be fighting to stay in the top half.arsenal only has to worry about chelsea.

  36. kush

    infact city are so poor that we almost made it 4-4 within 3 minutes and unlike your goals which came as a result of poor defending , we created our chances.on top of that , barrys handball obviously had to be ignored. it’s fun seeing city fans all excited and venting out their frustration of always losing and being mediocre and thinking they can touch the top 4..i pity you because you will always support a mediocre team!!

    1. dave@shepton

      Kush Kush, tut tut.

      Lets see how mediocre we are when your lot are fighting with Spurs and Villa for 5, 6 and 7. You have got to be loopy to believe that money does not bring success. Even Chelsea have won titles and cups because of the Russian and no doubt they will win something this year too. City may not either this year or next, but the clock is ticking and one thing is for sure, City will win a trophy for sure and they will win one before Arsenal do again.
      Finally, I cannot understand this argument about history. As H Ford once said, it is bunk. In other words it means absolutely nothing. If City win the league for the next 20 years, was does that show about history. It does not guarantee that you have the right to win it every year. Good teams come and good teams go. Arsenal were once a great team and still are a good team. But that does not give you the right to demand top 4, or any position. That is down to results my friend and your’s this year, will not be good enough.

      1. You have a point – money can buy you success. But remember that Man City have had money for two years now and not won anything, the same under Ranieri at the end at Chelsea.

        What is the point in winning if it does not add to your history, history is the reason why some clubs are famous – Man U, L’pool, Real, AC etc, and others are small – Lincoln, Reading etc. True though that it doesn’t guarantee you anything.

        If City do win the league for 20 years then history will show that money can buy you something.

        Just remember – it’s early days yet, we might not be as good as we once were, but you can’t write us off.

      2. You have a point – money can buy you success. But remember that Man City have had money for two years now and not won anything, the same under Ranieri at the end at Chelsea.

        What is the point in winning if it does not add to your history, history is the reason why some clubs are famous – Man U, L’pool, Real, AC etc, and others are small – Lincoln, Reading etc. True though that it doesn’t guarantee you anything.

        If City do win the league for 20 years then history will show that money can buy you something.

        Just remember – it’s early days yet, we might not be as good as we once were, but you can’t write us off.

  37. Mr Bluesky

    KUSH like the spirit, I’m sure you mean well. City ate a thousand times bigger than Arsenal now… I know it’s hard to swallow but unfortunately for you and all you buddies ‘it’s fact’ Please keep up your loyalty to the likes of Arsenal because clubs like yours need all the support they can get.

  38. nofrillz

    look im an arsenal boy but i’ll tell it like it is. the first half was city’s. we were ok in spurts but thats about ot. 2nd half up until city’s 1st counter attacking goal it was all arsenal. the passing had some intent which is what we do best. adebayors played a magnificent game (that run down the by is the stuff of legend). but you have to say if he played like that last season and kept his mouth shut none of the wouldve happened. But those arsenal fans who acted like animals must be dealt with. But we all now that adebayors actions after he scored was disgraceful. he has been stirring things by talking about the fact that he hates arsenal fans all week. the he runs the full length of the pitch to do that. he had plenty of time to think about it… and his thoughts were to carry on. Michael Turner scored for his new team (sunderland) against his old team that he had only just left (hull) he scored in front of his old fans and started to celebrate. but as soon as he realised where he was he stopped and gestured apologetically to the fans. ade could have done that. he was also messing about in the arsenal half during the warm up. he clearly doesnt get on with about half of arsenals squad. we also all know that ade and rcp never got along. just like ade & bendtner, ade & gallas and so on… as well as he played, be honest city peepz. do you reckon that ade will play as well as that at any other time this season? if he wants to he can… hmmmmm. we can play better, we did that against united. its only 4 games in so no need to panic. if this was a result with 4 games to go then lets get jittery. right now there is plenty of time to correct things.when nasri and arshavin come back we will be a lot more clinical with our passing these guys along woth fab and tomas are the guys to unlock a defence. as for ades stamp on rvp, it was on purpose. anyone who says otherwise after seeing the reply needs a very thick pair of glasses indeed. but he will be punished. van perise tackle that preceeded the stamp wasnt the greatest. but that does not condone ade actions.

    1. martin

      What did you think of Van Persies celebration? Running thirty yards, off the pitch to scream obscenities at the City fans hardly oozes class does it? Which celebration was worse or more inflammatory? I guess the reaction of the crowd can influence the answer to that question. I am very happy with the way the City fans conducted themselves yesterday, despite the provocation.

      1. nofrillz

        martin… you are absolutely right. RVP should not be doing it either and if ade gets a 1 game ban on top of the card. so should he. it’s no good bleating about actions unless everyone is treated the same. as i already said, the arsenal fans that reacted stupidly should be banned from matches too. but we all know the fa will only punish ade because of the reaction. typical FA!

  39. Anonymous

    Arsenal in unlucky shock! lol. We used to say that when getting battered too. You can always look back in hindsight and see the opportunities you missed, whilst easily forgetting the ones you gave away which weren’t taken. You were out-thought, out-fought and out-scored. Unlucky

  40. Wan

    I dont get how people can compare Ade’s celebration and henry’s at spurs or even rvp’s. He;s been talking about how it’s only the fans fault for his poor display last season and expects us to believe he never wanted to leave after he clearly said so in some interview. And the arsenal’s fans are animals for reacting to being called fake fans by ade days before the game? Pleaseeeeee have some sense. He said we have fans all over the world who arent real fans because they dont watch all the games and pay proper attention to the club’s daily life. Guess what, it happens when you’re a big club. You get support globally which must be quite hard to understand for some.

  41. kush

    well you can call arsenal a has-been great team , a good team at present or whatever you want but that doesn’t mean i’m going to reciprocate because the fact is that i’ve watched this city side win four games with the most unconvincing of performances…yes you were very lucky to win against us and if you disagree you should probably switch games cause you clearly lack the understanding of it…at this point of time only performances matter and i’m not saying arsenal were outstanding or something but they played well enough to convince me that once we get our big boys back , there’s no stopping us!! as for city , they’re good enough to finish 6th or 7th.

  42. nofrillz

    oh… did anyone else notice adebayors antics during the warm up. his little ‘tussle’ with eboue wasn’t completely a joke. then he walks through the arsenal half during the warm up just before kick off. there is no way he was just being sociable. either he told mark hughes that he wasnt well liked and he was told to ‘get on the players nerves, or he chose to do it himself. if was the latter then he is obviously not as stupid as some people think he is. but whoever thoght it up, the plan worked as our players saved their meaty tackles for ade and no one else. they were so focused on beating adebayor that they forgot about beating man city

  43. Tim

    The worst bit was at the end of the match, to my disgust, he comes walking back on and shouts, “it’s a fucking disgrace, it’s a disgrace”. My kids were watch this, and inside the studio, Jamie Redknapp and co. were shocked, the usual calm persona of Richard Keys was obviously shaken by what had just happened, as was I.

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