New Arsenal Away Kit 09/10 – Good or bad?

A few weeks ago we got the official released pictures of the Arsenal away kit for 09/10 season. Personally I think it is pretty average. It is disappointing that they went for a blue away kit, I generally prefer, like most Arsenal fans to be in Yellow.

I was excited to see the rumours of a green away kit going round, but now I see that Nike opted for the boring blue pin-stripes.

away kit 09_10

I don’t buy new shirts often, generally I stick to my old home top or the famous bruised banana away kit from the Nineties, and I see even less reason to fork out £40 for this kit.

Surely the club saw how popular this season’s away kit was. I know that they have to vary the colour a bit, but how many people do you see wearing the yellow away kits of the past versus the blue ones? It would be interesting to see their sales figures.

Secondly the kit itself is pretty boring. If you ask me the design is mediocre, and I would have preferred something a little more streamlined.