Flamini: Going, Going, Gone: Signs For AC Milan

It’s official, the Flamster has signed a four year deal with AC Milan, the saga is finally over.

The deal keeps him at the San Siro until June 2012. Flamini told reporters:

“I am very happy, thank you very much”

I hope he is, Serie A is a very different place compared to the Premier League, and Milan are not guaranteed to playing in the Champions League next year. He will be in competiton with the likes of Gattuso, Kaka, Pirlo and Ambrosini for a place, which will be hard.

He has been a key player for us this season, I wish him the best at Milan, but I am very sorry to see him go. We need to find a replacement for him, either through signing them or bringing them from within our current squad.

Wrighty7 suggests Alex Song. I was thinking the same thing. He is a good player who has improved greatly this year. He is a natural defensive midfielder, but can he do the same job for us that Mathieu did? I’m not so sure.

Flamini left Marseilles in a similar way, not having signed a professional contract, we managed to get him without paying a fee, even though he had promised to sign a new contract at Marseilles.

I’ll leave you with the words of his coach at the time, Jose Anigo:

“He’s a traitor – this is a beautiful treason.”