Arsenal’s Youngsters For Next Season

Whatever happens now we will finish in third place this year (click here for league table), and trophyless again.

Not all is bad though, our squad has matured and we have seen a vast improvement in the quality of football and the results. 3rd place is one up from last season, and the QF of the Champions League is one stage further. Had luck been on our side we would have gone further.

Now Flamini has become the first departure of the summer we wait and see who else will come and go. I’m not sure who Wenger will sign, I am pretty sure that we have seen the last of Lehmann and possilbly Gilberto.

At this stage the future of the club is in the balance. Lose players like Hleb, and the squad will be greatly weakened and unsettled. Keep the majority of the players and sign a few more gems and we could be very successful next year.

A few players who I expect to come through more next year are:

Nicklas Bendtner

A very good player, good passing and can run at defenders as well at being great in the air. He has scored 9 this season, and although not a perfect partner for Adebayor, he will start more next season.

Theo Walcott

One of the top young players in the Premiership. His style and pace are fantastic. He has started more and more this season and proved himself, i.e. at Anfield. Expect him to start on the right wing, and more up front next year. Maybe some more goals too.

Alex Song

Badmouthed by some fans, he has proven his quality in the new year, first at the ANC, and then with some good performances in defence. A possible replacement for Flamini, or maybe a new centre back

Armand Traore

Looks like he may get a chance on the left wing after his conversion from left back. He looked good coming on against Everton, and provided the cross for the goal. Him and Clichy would be a menacing duo on the left flank, pace, power, and passing in attack and defence.

Carlos Vela

Another much talked about player. He has done well on loan at Osasuna, and Wenger will recall him next season possibly for a starting line up. Don’t know loads about him. Let me know your impressions in the comments.

Just a quick summary, if you think of any more then feel free to add them in the comments section.

Also congratulations to Arsenal Ladies, double winners, the most successful women’s team in the land.

7 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Youngsters For Next Season

  1. good post. Both walcott and bendtner will definately come on next year and be better players, hopefully walcott will get his chance upfront. Itching to see Vela in an arsenal shirt.

    up for a link swap James? got your’s up on my blog already mate.

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  3. Gerardo Cerdio

    Carlos Vela might become a big star playing for Arsenal. Carlos’ natural position is striker…. a 9 or 9 1/2…. He won the under 17 FIFA World Cup with Mexico…. he was the leader striker of that world cup. He played in the Mexican attack together with Gio Dos Santos (Barcelona)… they were terrific together…….After the world cup Arsenal bought him and he went on loan to Salamanca (second division in spain)…… This year is palying with Osasuna in Spain 1st division….the team is fighting not to go to the second division but Carlos won a place on the starting line up after the 3rd match of the tournament…. unfourtunately his current coah is making him play as a wing and not as striker….. not his best position but this has help him to grow as player….. If you want to know him just check this link on youtube …
    …is Carlos againts Real Madris months a go. I hope Arsenal’s coach make him play side to Adebayor.

  4. Thanks Gerardo, interesting stuff. It would interesting to see him play up front with Ade, I reckon he might be put on the wing for us too though..

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    I am one of the club greatest fans here in Nigeria and enjoy being one of the fans but we expect and hope that next season will be our season, so we need to get more players in case of injury. God bless you.

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