Wenger Will Be Able To Spend This Summer

Peter Hill-Wood, the Arsenal chairman says that money will be available for Wenger to bolster the squad this summer. Which is good, especially if players like Hleb leave.

“We have never denied Arsene Wenger a penny, whenever he has wanted to buy, he has. What he is not prepared to do is to buy a big name that everyone will be happy with until they see them play.

“He has brought in so many world-class players, some of whom people had not even heard of at the time, and I am sure he will continue that.”

Hill-Wood went on to comment on our season:

“He {Wenger} is not very happy we didn’t win anything. He takes it very much to heart but he seems to have recovered.”It’s laughable to think he doesn’t have the support of the board. We are very happy with him and I think he is with us.

“Overall, it’s not been a bad season. I was very happy with the way we played, but we are in the results business and I’m disappointed with the final result, I suppose.

“We will start next season with the aim of winning something. If we don’t, I will not be jumping off Tower Bridge. It’s not easy winning the Champions League and the Premier League.”

A very balanced opinion if you ask me, and quite correct. Wenger is a fantastic manager, and the board knows he is good in the transfer market, and that he can achieve success. He has done it before and can do it again.

It’s not easy, but we have the potential to win a lot of trophies in the next few years. It’s good to hear the Board are on the same wavelength.

One issue with signing foreign players now will be their level of English. Under new government legislation non-European footballers who can’t speak English won’t be able to join teams. This is part of the new points-based immigration system.

Migrants will have to pass an English test to check they have “basic-user standard” English, using familiar everyday expressions, and be able to discuss basic personal details!

Do you think this legislation will affect Arsenal?

3 thoughts on “Wenger Will Be Able To Spend This Summer

  1. Fido

    Well regarding the new government legislation on non-European footballers, I think it is already effecting Arsenal because we have two foortballers out on loan in Spain (Vela-Mexican, Botelho-Brazilian) who both cannot speak English.

  2. TAIWO

    In regards to the new government legislation on non-European footballers,it will affect arsenal to what i see,arsenal are used to grooming french players mostly.
    but one thing i need wenger and the excutive board of Arsenal to do for we the fans is that,they need to go and get some big names,we really need thier fighting spirit and experience.
    one thing we lack in our squad is what i call fighting spirit,that is what affected us against liverpool in the champions league and also chelsea at thier home and ManU at thier home,we dont have the die hard fighting spirit on the football pitch,geting this big names and already established stars will bring this fighting spirit.
    it is really needed cos arsenal keeps on loosing fans and fans keep lossing money on beting on arsenal,its really dissappointing not geting a trophy with the fantastic football played.this world of football is not about fantastic football again,its about winning trophies.

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