Gilberto leaving, Diaby in pole position, or a new signing?

Gilberto may be leaving Arsenal for Panathanikos this summer. There has been a lot of speculation over Bert, mainly due to the fact that the whole season he was sidelined in favour of Mathieu Flamini.

Gilberto decided to stay and didn’t kick up a fuss, but acted professionally. He may be offered a new deal by Wenger, but it seems likely that he is going to leave for a fresh start.
Gilberto is reported to have said:

“I am very happy to come to Greece…Panathinaikos is a big club and if an agreement is reached with Arsenal I will be very happy to join you”

I think Gilberto has been a fantastic player for Arsenal, he’s had some ups and downs, but he has been very consistent, and professional in his conduct.

I respect him and if he does leave then good luck to him.

The question is who will fill the hole. The main candidates already at the club are Diaby and Song. Diaby has more experience and is more versatile, although Wenger has already hinted that Song will be used as a centre back next season.

There is always the option of bringing a player in, names such as Yaya Toure of Barcelona have been bartered around, but it seems more likely to me that Wenger will bring one of the younger players up. His transfer dealings may have peaked with the capture of Nasri.

That won’t be popular, but it might pay off.

5 thoughts on “Gilberto leaving, Diaby in pole position, or a new signing?

  1. Lozy

    I agree that Bert is a professional and consistant player and I also respect him a lot. However, I have seen today (27th June) that according to ‘The Sun’ Arsenal are bidding 18m + Hoyte for Villa’s Barry. He would be a great replaement for Bert and I hope that Wenger can secure the deal.

    Also linked with Arsenal are: Martins, N’zogbia and Santa Cruz.

  2. LEON

    dont always believe what you read in the tabloads, arsenal will never pay 18 million when he can get player from europe for less 10 million,plus hoyte has already said that he is staying at arsenal.

    as far gilberto goes, he stated on several occations he wants spend the rest of his career at the club all the reports that he is leaving has come from tabloads not from the player himself, i think everybody is looking at tabloads i hearing hleb and ade is leaving but i dont think barc can pay 15 million and ade ,wenger has already stated that he is not for sale

  3. diceman1984

    barry is never worth even 12 mil let alone 18. Liverpool is stupid to want to sign him at this rate. Wenger will not be that naive, he’s almost 30 now and not even that great. Diaby or denilson are potentially better.

    Gilberto is a good pro. He should ve played along side cesc last season if not for the early season injury letting flamini took his place. He never make a fuss but I think he ll leave to start elsewhere which is fine. He served us well and I’ll wish him the best of luck while the one that left before will never get my sympathy when he crumpled to become another average player for a urfa cup team.

    Nasri will be great, I watch him play for marseille last year and he’s so good I can’t believe we got jim this easy. I guess pessimistic people will realize now that there’s an advantage having wenger as a coach afterall!

  4. Bert has served arsenal well and should be respected if he wants to leave. He is a fantatistic pro and i cant help to think we cheated him of a captaincy and a place ats least on the starting 13 players.

    He can go because i dont think he is young enuf to double up his efforts to impress us and wenger. Yaya T would have been good but i ve was thought of Kolo T as Def. Midfielder if only we could get a better centre back than Gallas or Senderos.

    If Marco Senna were to agree to move to the Emirates it would be a season to remember.

    Nways Wenger knows best.

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