Wenger close to new signing

Wenger says he knows who he wants in the transfer market this summer and he is hopeful of signing them up.

“I know what I want and I am very confident.

“It would be better to buy someone who has played in England because they are less risky, but it costs more money if they are from The Premier League,”

“Maybe I will try to do both.”

Exciting stuff for Gooners seeing as we normally get to hear little about transfers, except endless crap rumours and players leaving!

Barry and Kranjcar are two creative players who currently play in the Premierhship, but maybe Wenger is looking for ‘that’ experienced defender from a Premiership club, and a creative player from elsewhere. We have the money, so go for it!

If Hleb goes expect some major restrengthening this summer. We are in for the title race next year, and Wenger will want to improve so we can win something!

11 thoughts on “Wenger close to new signing

  1. have to say i’m very excited about wenger’s recent comments. I think Ben Arfa is almost a certainty and I think the player here he’s reffering to like you say mate look’s to be either Barry or Kranjcar. I think he’ll look abroad for a defender rather than already in the premiership due to their price, Richards would be a dream though.

  2. Flex

    Yeah have to agree with you that Micah Richards would be a dream signing for both Arsenal and Richards. Also, as much as i want him to succeed i do have doubts about Hoyte. Bringing Richards in now while Gallas and Toure are still here would give us an option of first class cover when Sagna gets injured (similar to toure now) without weakening the central areas. As much as i would love it i’m not holding my breath on Ben Arfa as the fact is we’ve heard of him and it all seems a little too obvious…un-Wenger-like!

  3. A young gun

    Wenger needs to buy some experience….and a captain that has leadership qualities which i think is Fabregas….i love the way they play…but sometimes when it comes to winning trophies….u need some with loads of experience….

  4. joshuad

    When you consider that Richards is no better than Gallas, Toure, or Song and he’d cost a god-awful amount of money, it seems highly unlikely that Wenger would sign him.

  5. yemi nigeria

    wenger has to spend big to win trophies so go for quality players and give us a treble next year.

  6. gloryglorymanutd

    As a United fan, I think the Gunners were pretty unlucky this season. I think if they’re able to hold together the team and young players they’ve got (i.e. not lose any more now that Flamini’s left) they players will develop in time, and next season could well be a successful one – a 3-way title race!

  7. Praveen Thomas

    Ribery? why Not? name one top finisher @ arsenal. ?

    Adeba?? Not upto the mark. We need to find someone like Tevez, Drogba, Torres, all three have classes. Except for Arsenal striker. vPersie, has not come upto the mark after his injury. Eduardo, i doubt how much he could come back and shine. Another repeat story like Persie??

    We neec clinical touch in all departments. Thror Senderos out. Whats he there for?

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