Walcott is the future

Arsenal have had a tumultuos season so far. The race for trophies had its twists and turns, and left us dumped on our arses after months of hard work. We have been unlucky to lose out.

The team has been amazing, and the way we play is of course fantastic.

What we see is a future with great players, such as Theo Walcott and Cesc Fabregas. If you look at the squad they are very young, and bursting with talent.

Despite what you might think if you read the backpages, Arsenal are not doomed.

Theo showed with his goal on Sunday that there is so much more to come from him. He is a very young, pacy striker who can play on the wing.

Players like him are our future. He has come on this season, scoring more and more often, and getting more and more starts in the team.

Our squad needs strengthening, but I think with the right additions, Gooners should be very excited about next season!

5 thoughts on “Walcott is the future

  1. ken

    my arsenal dream team

    1. GK. Hugo lloris – future
    2. DR. Sagna
    3 DL. Clichy
    5 DC. Toure
    6 DC. Richard – future

    7 MR. Walcott
    4 MC. Fabregas
    11 MC. Gago
    8 ML. Nasri

    9 ST. Pato – Future
    10 ST. Arguero – Future

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