Wenger’s key issues this summer. Transfer targets

Arsene Wenger has some key issues this summer, which need to be fixed before we can be successful. These are a few I came up with, add more in the comments if you know more things which need doing!

1. Holding on to our current players.

A key issue, we need to make sure the squad is happy and settled before the new season starts. Flamini’s depature has caused some concern, so we need to get everyone together and a have a common deisre and vision. If Hleb wants to go, then let him. Just make sure we replace and don’t lose more important players.

2. Replacing

This has come up as an issue after we have seen Flamini leave, and now Hleb under intense speculation.

We need to replace Flamini, of course Gilberto can fill that role, as he does wnant to stay on at Arsenal, but he is not a long term option. What do you think?

3. Finding in a winger who can score goals.

At the moment we have Rosicky, Van Persie, Eduardo, Walcott, Eboue and Hleb (he’s off) who play reasonably reguarly on the wings. Three are strikers; RVP, Eduardo and Walcott. One is most definitely a defensive player; Eboue, and two are midfielders. This means that we have very few players who can specialise in playing on the wings, as we used to with Ljungberg and Pires.

The stikers can score a lot of goals, but we need players who can come in and score from midfield. Rosicky is regularly injured, and hasn’t been a prolific goal scorer. Hleb is off to Milan, because he wants somewhere more peaceful than London, and he doesn’t score anyway!

When we have won titles in the past we have depended on goals from midfield to support the stikers. An extreme example is C.Ronaldo , who has basically pulled Man Utd to the title with his goals, as their strikers haven’t scored any.

We may not need to buy anyone for this, players like C.Vela may be pointed to but I think a signing may be preferable for Wenger.

Any suggestions?

4. Reconstructing the defence.

This is a sticky issue. We have seen a catalogue of weak defensive errors this season, which let us down, especially in long ball situations. Gallas and Toure have looked awkward playing together this season, neither really attacks the ball, and this has been a problem.

On the flanks we have Sagna and Clichy who are the best in the division and cover. What we need is for Wenger to have a think about how to restructure our defence into a good unit.

We have a great defence when going forward. When actually defending they do struggle in the centre especially. Wenger says he wants to buy a defensive player so we may see some changes.

If Wenger can do these things we will definitely be a stronger side next season.

6 thoughts on “Wenger’s key issues this summer. Transfer targets

  1. Matthew

    Mate, I feel the same way, I think we totally have to keep players who really want to play for us…

    We need players who see Arsenal as the pinnacle of the careers not a stepping stone…it’s down to Wenger to start offering “Big Boy” contracts as well,

    Man U and Liverpool have history, Chelsea have the Cash, and we just have style….you wonder why marquee players don’t take us seriously.

    Gallas and Toure are too short to be our defensive partnership, song is even shorter and senderos is a joke..we need to re-construct our defence with tall ball playing centre backs….

    our midfield is littered with players who play out of position, Rosicky is a central midfielder not a left winger so is Diaby, who in my opinion is so underated…you saw at Liverpool the impact he can make…..

  2. Yeah, Diaby showed this season he can get goals, his work rate is questionable though.
    You’ve got me thinking that maybe he could be next season’s ‘Flamini’. It would be interesting!

  3. justin

    Actually your are being realistic also we need at least two lethal strikers because RVP is ever on injuriers and Eduardo needs more time to keep to his fitness. Also in defence central we are being shaky that is we are not able to hold to the pressure as you may recall we could conced silly goals. Otherwise let hope Wenger wii do greater things. I request if Hleb goes let W enger go for Diego from Werder Bremen. Wishing arsenal a good season to start.

  4. Pireslegend

    i think that matthew kid is so wrong. i think maybe gallas is past his best stage but he is a great leader and has led our team to victory (it was martin taylors fault we lost the league as the eduardo injury saddened the squad and the fans) and toure is a brilliant defender.song could be a contender for 1st team football next year but yes senderos is so crap…

    when you said that united and liverpool have the history that is not the reason at all its the MONEY!!!!! we dont get as many players because we dont offer players 100 grand a year to come to our club no player cares about history and acctually our style and flair attracts players but we just don offer for them like torres he wanted to come to us as he lovesour football but athletico wanted 25mil for him which arsene wont offer but i hoped that we would get him as he is such a great player.

    i think when wenger retires i hope that we get marco vanbasten asour manager as he relly suits our football and players would love to play under him

    we should get martins which i have said the minute we played inter in 04 and beat them 5-1 he is so fast and has a great shot on him


  5. diceman1984

    Sorry, I don’t think we should get Martins.

    We should get someone better. And as I said, we don’t need another striker with Martins’ abilities. We already have three small forwards, DUDU, VELA, and THEO. They’ll be more than enough for now.

    Martins is good but he’s not any better that our current strikers.

    There’s a hint of an interest in Huntelaar for 18 mil. Well, if it’s true, I’ll say this is the kind of striker we need IF we will buy.


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