Arsenal to sign winger?

Wenger may be about to sign the top rated left winger Ben Arfa.

Transfer rumours have been circulating about the possibility of Ben Arfa joining Arsenal, and the 21 year old is a perfect fit for the left wing in my opinion.

He can play upfront and he is the Ligue 1 Young Player of the Season.

He had this to say in L’Equipe:

“It is true that we have spoken about Arsenal, but we will see how it is going to happen,”

Interesting stuff, just what we need on the wing I think, although it might dent Vela’s hopes, we need a player with a little more experience, Ben Arfa has played for Lyon at the top level and has a lot of talent!

12 thoughts on “Arsenal to sign winger?

  1. James Stokes

    I looks increasinly likely Ben Arfa is going to sign doesn’t it? I’ve been doing a little YouTube related research into him and he looks like a natural fit for the Arsenal style of play. I hope this one comes true, and the Yaya Toure story circulating at present for that matter too.

    By the way, the new site header is class!!

  2. Cheers man! I wasn’t sure if Ishould go with the ‘redcurrant’!
    Yeah, Ben Arfa is right for Wenger’s style, but so far it is only speculation.

  3. timao

    I hate this ongoing speculation about Ben Arfa. It’s all based on very little as far as I can see but the more it gets repeated the more certain it seems. When have we ever signed a player that everyone predicted we were going to sign? That’s the worry here.

  4. Phobia

    Arsenal is about to announce Hatem Ben Arfa deal early next week without fail.And Arsenal to sign Yaya Toure before the end of May 2008.

  5. lanre

    i love wenger to get giovanni dos santos…from barcelona…he would fit into our stlye with ease…i would love that to happen cos of the mexican connection..

  6. It’s guesswork lol.

    He’s speculating about two things of which neither are THAT unlikely. It’s not that hard to guess those although they might well both not be true.

  7. adsensestrategiesadsense

    Good God, there is definitely, definitely a closet Arsenal fan working for (which is no bad thing!) — the number of times that an Arsenal blog is featured on the WordPress homepage is extraordinary.

    Either way it’s good for me, a Brit stranded in North America… at least I can keep up on things this way…


  8. russie

    arsene knows ben arfa and nasri must WANT to come to Arsenal. somehow, because of euros things are getting delayed. sadly both these players have some drawbacks, neither have a strong defensive aspect to their game which puts extra pressure on our already soft midfield.

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