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Adebayor says he will be at Arsenal next season after reports in Spanish newspapers aboput interest from Barcelona.

Many teams have been linked with him, and he has done well this season, proving his scoring potential is almost on a par with Henry!

He said that he will be staying though!

“I don’t know why people want to put words in my mouth. As I said on Friday, I love Arsenal and I will be here next season.”I am off to Togo tomorrow but will return to Arsenal for pre-season training in July.”

We have been strongly linked with Yaya Toure, to come and replace Flamini, he had this to say:

“I can’t say anything for the moment, but it’s true that it would be great to play for a big club with my brother.

Well that is very promising, it looks quite possible that he may come over. The only thing which makes this one a doubt is that he hasn’t been at Barca very long. You never know though!

I’m a little more sceptical of this one. Apparently Wenger is interested in Mauro Zarate, who was on loan at Birmingham from Al Saad Sports Club of Qatar. He looked fast, but not really an Arsenal style player. I don’t think he’s good enough for the Arse to be honest.

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57 thoughts on “Arsenal Transfer News Latest

  1. adan ade

    i thnk arsene should buy atleast three finished players so that we can be able to compete at different levels of football next season

    1. baluku james

      arsenal is still doing well, we do not need aged player to confuse our young stars. ben arfa, ah a good player he can fit in our squad. i mind less about winning trophies, but inspired by real football.

  2. Fares

    Yepp Ben Arfa is needed coz rosicky is still a doubt next season. N arsenal shud really move in da market to bring in David Villa frm valencia

  3. Karthic the DON

    arsenal is the best team in europe,we know arsenal can do anything with the new transfer to buy krancjar from porstmouth..he the best player for control te midfields situation.,he can break flamini record either fabregas record… eto is the best striker ever to break a defenders of a team, we can play wit a team to score as much as he can such as FERNANDO TORRES……. the last words that i wan to say is…..ARSENAL WONT DIE ALONE, remember that

  4. russie

    Villa is quality but we already have a bunch of midgets, and Villa is one expensive midget. Krancjar could be a Pires, one to bring in if possible. Yaya, Wenger kick yourself, if you don’t figure it out this time, you’re expendable. Aquilani is just fantastic. Richards, put some beef into the defense, not to mention some fear factor. Ben Arfa that good on the wing, if so bring him in. So that’s four players to get us where we need to go.

    1. baluku james

      No. these boys are doing a good job and i don’t think adults are going to be a solution to our trophy crisis; but putting trust in these boys can earn us something. ok a few of them can work but dominating the team.

  5. johnnyboy

    Nasri is going to come to Arsenal
    pretty sure…
    Hes going to be a sick addition
    Very good playmaker!

  6. arsenejunior

    I hope my Uncle might hav learnt his lesson,(it end up trophyless).Wenger should bring in Quoresma of PORTO FC,Danny Shittu of WATFORD and David Villa.

  7. I hope came to arsenal club samir nasri and migual velose in sporting leasben it is might be wonder ful mideild and centeral midfild and nasiri is wonder ful playe maker and finally finisher striker i need david villa the only one intersted in arsenal play finall how is attim ben arfa was intersted playe to arsenal this player is attacking foot ball in arsenal team this is my idea ok.
    thank you for all regards.


    i hope wenger has learnt that w`re highly in need of players,so Ben afa,zarate,gomez,Yaya Toure sh`d be strongly tapped on.let players like flamini not to shake us b`se there are better replacements.longlast the gunners.

  9. arsenal 4ever fan

    i hope arsenal take david villa 2 emirates stadium n barry i think tis 2 player is suitable 4 arsenal statergy i support arsenal 4 verwatever i support arsenal 4 ver

  10. tobi lawore


  11. gooner1992

    Here’s what i think we should do. Sell hleb, bentdner, eboue and gilberto that should leave us with 23 mil so then we should buy villa with that money. Also we shoud buy phillippe mexes, nasri, ben arfa, aaron ramsey and miguel veloso

  12. Arsenal should sell hleb,gilberto,eboue and bendtner.Arsenal should get at least 35million.With that money they could buy Nasri for 12 million,ben arfa for 16 million and with the remainder that is 7 million,arsenal should buy a good centre back.

  13. Arsenal_is_Best

    Target players like dos Santos and Pato.They are the players of future.Pursue Richards as we are in the dire need of CB.Nasri is a good addition but we need someone like Quaresma to play in the wings

  14. c.r

    a real arsenal fan!!! i agree yaya would be a great signing… If we loose hleb who is a crackin footballer i must say… Quoresma is the man to replace him, who prefers being out wide!! unlike hleb and nasri who like playin through the middle. I personally dont think we need any more strikers but if we were 2 get d.villa i woundnt complain!! micah richards….and thuram for more experience!! i know he’s gettin on a bit but he could make a diffrence, toure and gallas looked tired mentally torwards the end of the season..

  15. arsenal will be champs next season. write off man u chelsea and loserpool. we need to buy ; nasri, villa, arda turan, and inter milan supersub balotelli. and sell hleb diaby eboue and justin hoyte. and we have already bought ramsey.the new arsenal line up; almunia :sagna toure gallas clichy : walcott fabregas arda turan nasri : villa adebayor; subs; fabianski ramsey vela balotelli van persie/eduardo. that way we will be champs not chimps

  16. arsenal is ma favourite team since i was growing up but the main problems of the team mates they dont communicate well but i hope this season they will ,and we shall replace hleb i hope this time it will be the first ever in england .

  17. fadly ...

    i hope arsenal take david villa 2 emirates stadium n barry i think tis 2 player is suitable 4 arsenal statergy i support arsenal 4 verwatever i support arsenal 4 ver,and…please take ben arfa,and samir nasri….

    ARSENAL 4 Ever!!!!!!

  18. Pireslegend

    let hleb go!!!! he always gets injured and in the last 2 seasons has scored like 4 goals? anyway we should go and sign Martins!!!! he is so good and really suits our play. if we sell adebayor which i hope arsene does we will get ike 35 mil 4 him and i hope we can get samuel eto’o who is one of the best strikers in the world. i also hope we can get nasri as it now is getting annoying and we should get sneijder,probably the best attacking mid ATM but that is probably very un;ikely as real would probabaly want like 40 million 4 him. oif we dont sign eto’o or villa then we should sign arshavin who is definately capable of 30 goals


  19. Pireslegend

    and eboue is CRAP!!!! sell him,hoyte,gilberto and senderos(the slaphead) and i reckon that will win champs league if we sign a new striker,nasri and make alexander song 1st team for gallas coz gallas is past is prime now and is always outpaced by players like tevezand joe cole but song is strong and fast but we should get yaya toure for cm as he is wicked and will work well with his bro

    ps. tottenham are GAYS and celebrate the carling cup which is like the crapest cup in the world Its our yoth cup, TOTTENHAM SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. claude davis

    I think quaresma would be a very good signing for the gunners he fits their style of football and arshavin would also be a good addition 2 the team as well as miguel veloso in the heart of the midfield……plz mr wengwer grant me my wish list plz…..

  21. Abeje Israel

    If you ask me my comments on arsenal,I can tell you that it is impossible to continue with out having a wonderfull striker like the arsenal legend THERRY DANIEL HENRY

  22. asser becxa

    i suggest arsenal managemnet opt for Pato n quaresma,the best winger on the planet for that matter,the gunners will scoop’the league tittle,the champion league,the FA cup.Gunners 4 lyf…

  23. ram

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz buy players like henry, diego, messi, kaka, lampard, nakamura, sinama, benzema, ben arfa, torres, robben, ribery, geovani, robino, owen, ireland, vieira, raul, s.ramos, puyol, podolski, ballack, reyes, beckham. I knw arsenal wil surely bid

  24. nazeer

    i wish a rich owner buys the arsenal cluub and brings back viera and david dein and fire the staff and wenger and also peter hill wood and extend emirates and facilitys and youth system and buy some english players and world class goalkeeper and centre foreword amd definesive midfieder and sell some players i wish this happens god inshhaa allah

  25. i also wish wenger will buy a brasilen players,sell some players like,silvestre and buy yaya 2ra .also stert someone like arshavin,nasri.arsenal 2 rip.

  26. Wenger should stop being cheap because it is really costing our team, we lost to valencia yesterday and we are expected to beat Celtic just to qualify for group stages, our squad has been depleted this summer, granted we have got rid of a few weak links (e.g eboue,senderos,adebayor)but we need to replace them, Wenger has too much faith in the youth, he should bring in some experience and make the youth compete for a 1st team place with them, that should improve them alot more and inturn make our performances better. Players like Song are too versatile that havent specialised in a position and Wenger is planning on using him as a centre back. i think Wenger should have got rid of gallas and kept Toure, because Toure is more reliable and a stronger defender and has more respect from the team. Wenger has in excess of £41million at his disposal but is still reluctant to buy quality players as th board claimed he could use the £ made from transfers.
    We need a combative midfielder like Viera is a short term solution, but Veloso would do just great. we also need a tall centre back, i dont know what he was thinking buying Vermaelen; he is an average commanding defender who is short, we need that tony adams aerial presence which we have lacked in recent years since Cambpell left. We need an out and out striker who can score goals,we’ve got a target man bendtner and our fast/creative forwards arshavin/RvP/theo
    but we need our version of a van nistlrooy some one who can round off a move with a goal at least once a game, very few people in football are available and have that talent in todays football, the closest players to fit that criteria are chamakh/dzeko, there are obviously a few others but out of the strikers wenger has been rumoured to be interested in those are the ones that fit. if we dont win anything this season,wenger should be fired!

  27. robi

    weger is the best
    and i wish arsen weger could coach the team for ever becouse i always want the game to end with out showing any sign of bordom in my spirit
    Arsena weger is the olny wright man for true foot ball game and he keeps me entertained thorough out the hole 90minutes


    Hi kenny from Nigeria. In nigeria today I am a good Arsenal fans both home and alway, I like the way all our players play but will need more players like front, The I will like to have our email address
    because will need to get something this season, also I will like to encourage our captain fabregas is a good players in England also i need to talk to our coach arsen wenger that will need more players like striker will need to spend money to generate income, And them all fan will are not happy the way their do in every year please sir let this year diffrent sir i pray that this year will good us in the name of God (AMEN), I need to encourage all our player God will be with them Diaby is a good see what is playe agaist villa it is good performance, I need your reply now sir, and waiting to hear from you.


    Hi Kenny I am a good players in Nigeria also I am a good arsenal fans, I use this time to our Coach Arsen Wenger to help to be with you there God will also help you sir


    is it tru that Fabregus will go or not if he is insting me i suggest let Wenga leave him go arsenal will remain with out Fabregus

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