PHW prefers Kroenke as Arsenal push for stability

Stan Kroenke is likely to be invited to join the Arsenal Board.

The American investor has a 12% share in Arsenal. It seems that the Board have realised if we don’t get him on our side then we will have to face Usmanov, who owns 25% and is pushing to get a blocking stake in the club.

Hill-Wood had this to say:

“Contrary to what I said before, I now believe he may have a vital contribution to make to the future of this football club. I am not denying I said what I said, but I made those observations before meeting Stan. I have now got to know him and I have changed my opinions.

“When I hadn’t met him, yes, I didn’t think he was the right person to take control of Arsenal Football Club. Now I know him as a man who is very much steeped in sport. He is a sports man. He already has a link through our broadband rights and there is every reason to expect that we shall discuss further how his involvement can be extended,”

I think this is definitely a tactical move on Hill-Wood’s part. We would all rather have no interest from these people, but if you have to choose one, choose the one who looks less threatening.

With Kroenke on their side the Board may be able to more effectively fend off Usmanov, whilst keeping control over Kroenke.

This issue is a thorny one, we have seen the problems with foreign ownership at Man City this season, with Eriksson on his way out after the club’s best season in years. The Board will have to be very careful in how they handle this, because it could end badly.