Vieira talks about Arsenal’s captaincy

Patrick Vieira wants Gallas to be our captain next season according to There has been speculation over his postion after our loss of form coinciding with Gallas’ sit down at the Birmingham match. Vieira, one of the greatest Arsenal captains had this to say:

“I think it has been difficult for him. I have been talking to him and he has been hurt by the criticism he has received,”

“I hope he stays as captain. I think he is a leader of the team. He has experience. I think he has the full support of the players.

“It would have a bad effect on him and everybody else in the team as well. If you had the captaincy taken off you after a year it would be difficult psychologically to start the next season not as captain.

I can’t see Gallas satying at Arsenal if he isn’t captain next season. It would be very hard for him to take.

I can’t see Gallas leaving either, so that leaves one option; he will be captain next season.

Gallas has come in for some bad press recently, and maybe sometimes deservedly, but I think he’s being turned into a scapegoat.

At the beginning of the season it seemed a crazy decision, but it looked to be paying off when we did so well until February right? I don’t think the loss of form was Gallas’ fault. Remember that he has been responsible for the team who have lost less games than the champions, and who have made huge progress over last year.

Arsenal did fail in the competitions this season, but I think Gallas should be given at least another year to show what he’s made of. A great player will improve after criticism, and Gallas is a great player.

Now he needs to show he is a leader.