Wenger wants two or three new signings

Arsene our beloved manager wants to bring in two or three high quality players:

“I think a huge player is better than a huge name,”

“You have huge names who produce very little at the moment.

“There is plenty of demand from players who want to join us and what we need next year is two or three maybe.”

He’s made the point that big signings often fail. That is true and it epitomises Arsene’s transfer policy. He will bring in players who are not that well known, but perfectly suited to Arsenal.

Last summer he brought in two fantastic players, Sagna and Eduardo. They were brilliant, and Sagna has been especially impressive.

Expect a midfielder or two, and a defender, I reckon.

17 thoughts on “Wenger wants two or three new signings

  1. PonGoLee

    I reckon:

    KennyKen,Rider & Forst…….BO!

    No ithink, Ben ARTHUR, GOURCUFF and LiLian

    We all know he ain’t spending big money so Ben ARTHUR will be his major splash and the rest will be no names who will once again justify there purchase.

    SAGNA was outstanding this season….he controlled every player that was put in front of him.

    We have Nacer/Jay/Vela/JackWils. coming through…so no need for anothe striker….


  2. LEON

    i think it depands if we sell hleb i personaly hope that we do then i would need around two experieced midfielder and one one winger. with return of vela i dont think we need another striker and i would keep brentnar defenders but we need to fucos on defence have no problems scoring goals. the big difference between us and manu is that there only conceded 22 goals and i think we conceaded at least ten more goals

  3. Goals conceded:

    Man Utd 22
    Chelski 26
    Liverpool 28

    We conceded 31

    It suggests that a bit of defensive work would bring some reward, because we definitely score a lot of goals!

  4. depressed

    we need a striker villa would be perfect and should have never sold pires i love wenger but i hate him at the same time. for some reason when toure doesnt play we get a clean sheet but then again cant have senderos on and toure on the bench. pires and ljunberg should still be with us if that was the case we would have won the title comfortably.

  5. Guys, dont be alarmed by Hleb. If he goes he will be the one to miss out as he gonna be totally replaced. Wenger will reallign his system and you will see some kid like vela or Van Persie taking over that role. At least bothcan shoot unlike him. For all his trickery, he has only scored 3 goals in 3 seasons- paltry. Arsenal always reinvents itself infact it may be a blessing in disguise that Hleb leaves.

  6. Unkle Gooner

    I think when Wenger says “a huge player is better than a huge name” he’s talking about Richard Dunne.

  7. Dunne would be a perfect signing.

    Goonerbeall I think Hleb got 4 goals last season, not 3 goals in 3 seasons, even so not arguing about your point.

  8. jamex

    wel bro only wat can solve dis problem is 4 we al Gunners fan 2 tel our manager its a shame if wat happen dis season happens again,coz dem man-u and Blues ave both tink wiv colected d league.we need villa here or martins + does wev got

  9. Jack Staniforth

    With what we read about the potential up front I can only say it is prudent to consentrate on defense. At the risk of repeating myself ,and probably inviting adverse comments ,I believe a strong powerful fast aggressive player is required to plug the hole at centre half, one who can react to a counter attack and turn it around in a flash.

    Who am I referring to? Adebayor.

  10. iqte

    D. Villa would be the perfect striker to buy. but then again we already have a lot of strikers. i think yaya toure would be da perfect replacement for flamini. defensively i think we r gonna be ok next season. and also hleb SHOULD leave and enter ben arfa. so it’s one striker and two mids for purchase. nasri plays like fabregas so we dont reeealy need him. wot do u guys think?

  11. I think we need a winger(Nasri), one defensive midfielder(Yaya T) and a centre back (Mensah/ Dunne/Gordon). For this to happen we need to let Hleb leave, replace flamini and loan senderos. Gallas should be dropped as captain-he messes up Toure/senderos in defence. we have enough fire power upfront.But we also need to give more game time to Song and Diaby. these are quality young players that can do defensive work and attack with time. Flamini had to go but arsenal can deal with out him because when he was bought he was even low quality than Song and Diaby.

  12. J

    i think we should sign nasri, toure, and dunne, i wish david villa would come but wenger already said hes not in the market for him

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