Flamini, parting shots

Flamini says that Arsenal could have kept him if we had offered him a new contract earlier.

“Last July I told Arsenal I wanted to extend my contract so, of course, I would have signed if they had offered me a deal – but they didn’t.

It all comes down to the fact that he was basically a fringe player till this season. Le Boss was going to offload him, he stayed, but we didn’t offer him a new contract in the summer, because we wanted him ‘to prove himself’.

Basically we didn’t believe in him, and at the time that seemed to make sense. Now at the end of the season Mathieu has made his point.

If we had had a little more belief we would still have him, but when a big club like Milan comes calling with sacks of money, you don’t turn it down. Especially if you feeling a little more than unappreciated by the club you’re at.

We used him, and now he has used us.

Wenger must be feeling a little stung after the happenings this season. Flamini left, and Diarra went, leaving us bare in central midfield. No real likely candidates within the sqaud to take the role on a long term basis. Gilberto will still be here, and theres Diaby, but I think we will see a new face for that position.

4 thoughts on “Flamini, parting shots

  1. mb

    I think it is a shame that Flamini had felt he had to leave, he was one of the top players for Arsenal this season, I think he desesrved a little more respect, I wish him well at his new club, cannot wait for new signings, the speculation and media gossip is really annoying, looking forward to Emirates cup,I know most of the first team will not be there {for any of the clubs taking part} but hope that Vela will be making his debut in north London,cant wait.

  2. Yeah me neither. Vela is gonna be good…
    I don’t know about Flamini, I think what happened was inevitable. If you haven’t held down a regular place why would they offer you a contract extension??

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