Adebayor stops the rumour over Milan

As expected Adebayor has come out and rubbished the rumours which were circling about him going to Milan.

“I am very happy here. Reports which suggest I have threatened to quit are rubbish,”

“I love the club and the fans.

“We have a great set of players here with a fantastic team spirit.

“We have had a good season, but next year we want to go one better by winning a trophy.”

11 thoughts on “Adebayor stops the rumour over Milan

  1. tot tot bean

    listen guys…the adebayor quotes are from LAST MONTH FFS..everyone is so blind to the fact the man lies through his teeth. Bank on him leaving in the summer. Adebayor – ADEBAYORRRRR GIVE HIM THE BALL – AND HE WILL MISS. 6 goals against derby and a handball against man utd, take that away and u have an average 17 goal striker who has missed some “goodness me” sitters and we need a far more ruthless striker – wenger knows this. There’s no derby next year.

  2. Dixiedean

    Seriously tot tot, go support chelski mate, we dont need fans like you. Ade is a very decent player and has worked really hard for us this year, much of that time alone up front, yeah hes not fucking Pele but he cost us a mere 7m and hes still very young with alot of room to improve, im guessing 30 goals isnt good enough for you , god your kind do my sweede in!

  3. timao

    Adebayor will be a legend! Compare with Dogbra who had several seasons to adjust to the prem and only came good after a couple of years – and he was established at the top of his game when he arrived in the UK. Ade was arguably the better player, or close to it anyway, last season and he is only starting out!!!

  4. I think Ade will be a more ruthless finisher next Season. I know his quote is the same as last month’s but that is what you want from your key players-no changing tongues-unlike you-know-who. All Ade needs is a better and healthier partner next season. If Bendtnar improves and RVP is healthy then we will be the team to beat.

  5. Hi guys nice to see you back at Arsespeak those of you who’ve been here before!
    Cornelius I have to agree, with RVP upfront they could be a lethal combination, they both are excellent and can compensate for each others weaknesses, their styles of play suit each other.


    Adebayor will only get better and lets not forget its not all about goals but workrate and the will to try and improve coupled by physical aggression and presence to which Ade ticks all boxes. Leave it to Arsene to polish this rough diamond and boom we will b laughing soon.

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