Ramsey signs on for the Arsenal

Aaron Ramsey, the 17 year old ex-Cardiff player has signed up with us, ahead of Man Utd! Cardiff Chaorman Peter Risdale had this to say:

“Arsenal’s bid is a very straightforward, no-strings-attached, £5 million cash offer – simple. The only deal with a loan-back option was with Manchester United, but, ultimately, it’s up to the player to decide.”

“On a straight cash basis Arsenal’s offer was the best bid on the table…When you get a player like Aaron it was very difficult to not give him the opportunity to go to one of the top Premier League clubs.”

Ramsey himself commented:

“It is an honour to be wanted by massive clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United and Everton. In the end I had to make the decision I felt was right for my future.”

John Hartson, former Wales and Arsenal striker said:

“I think he’s made a brave decision really because he’s so young but it’s probably the right decision because he’s got a great opportunity going to Arsenal, a wonderful club, working with the likes of Arsene Wenger and Pat Rice and he’ll blossom. I feel he’ll go from strength to strength.

“He’ll be feeling a lot of nerves, a lot of excitement and anticipation. But at that age nerves don’t play a huge factor because you feel you can handle anything. He has the potential to hit all sorts of heights. I’m pleased for Aaron Ramsey because he has worked hard and now got his chance. I hope he’s not feeling the pressure too much. He’s got to go out and enjoy his football because he’s obviously a very talented lad.”

This is a big signing for us, and snatched from under United’s noses! Ha ha! Apparently one of the reasons he decided to join us is because Wenger met him personally while Fergie stayed on holiday in the South of France. Also Arsenal are known for developing youth players and giving them a chance in the first team.

I don’t think  he will be a regular for next season, but he is a good young player.

This versatile player, normally plays as an attacking midfielder or player and hes a pretty exciting prospect, hopefully he can go far for the Gunners!