Has he, hasn’t he? Nasri’s agent says deal isn’t done – Expect confirmation soon

Nasri’s agent Jean-Pierre Bernes has played down the reports which have been circling, that Nasri had signed for Arsenal.

He told the press:

“Discussions are continuing between the two clubs and the player,”

“Nothing has been finalised, no element of the transfer has been finalised and everybody is still talking. It is premature to announce anything at all.”

The fact that Marseille and Samir’s website – http://samirnasri.fr confirmed a deal between Arsenal and Marseille for the player, and that Arsenal.com have loaded images of Nasri onto their server, means that a deal can’t be far off, but at the time of writing, we haven’t signed him!

Rumours are that the official site is run by Nasri’s father who heard the news and posted it up, without realising that the agent wanted the deal kept quiet. In any case I think it will be done in the next few days. Just an administrative mix-up.

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