Adebayor will stay, I think..

Adebayor put out the message for the second time on Friday that he will stay at Arsenal.

But the media have turned the whole scenario into a circus – SkySports now report that he has said that he will decide on his future next week.

“I am a footballer, I have a three-year contract at Arsenal but as you know, a lot of clubs are interested in me.

“At the moment we are just going to sit down and talk and decide what to do. Nothing has been decided yet.

“We will decide next week.”

For me this seems like his words may have been skewed into meaning something Ade didn’t intend. He has even said here that he has a 3 year contract at Arsenal.

He did add:

“I have a lot of big clubs trying to buy me and it is up to me and my agent, Stephane Courbis, to sit down next week and find a good solution. I am in a position that I don’t know where I will be playing but that is normal. If you told me seven years ago when I was playing in Togo without football boots that I would have a choice of playing in Spain or Italy it would seem crazy.”

This is true, I think Ade is saying that of course he is tempted by a big move – and he just wants to make the right decision.

There’s no way that this is the ‘U-turn’ which the media is talking about.

Ade is just stating the facts – the money the papers claim we are offering is very good, and Ade knows that, he’s being pragmatic.

Adebayor WILL be an Arsenal player come the start of the campaign, I can’t believe he will leave. If Wenger let him leave it would be crazy.

Ade has been definitve over his future and it just seems that these comments have been worked to sound ‘exclusive’ so Sky get a story.

7 thoughts on “Adebayor will stay, I think..

  1. ethan

    its so annoying how some arsenal fans are clueless even if players so blatantly want to leave. mr arse speak did u not read any of the bloomin interviews yesterday from adebayor regarding how he feels arsenal will be better off taking the money for him.

    i saw the media u-turn and as most fans im sure have aswell – on t.v – not guessing over written quotes like u are. wake up ade is not the fucking saint u think he is.

  2. I’m not saying he’s a saint.

    I just think you should be a little more sceptical about what you read in the media.

    Also don’t be stupid – the written quotes are from tv – how does it make your view any more legitimate that you have seen it on tv??

    I just think he might stay.

  3. jrock

    That boy is a money grabber……..let him!! he has stated it already that the club will be better off taking the money

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  5. diceman1984

    For me either way is good.

    Let me clarify:

    If he stays then we have a striker who guarantees 20+ goals without having to spend any money. He’s also very good in the air which is something we didn’t have for a long time. He will never be as good as Henry, I am sure, but he can be a very vital player to arsenal’s future. Honestly, without him last year where would we be?

    Now if he leaves, arsenal will be 28 mil richer. Does that mean it will all be spent? I doubt it but wenger is no fool so he has to be sure there’s someone out there who can be a world class striker that he can buy with this money (for me if ade leaves we must get benzema). Plus if the club decides to spend it all then we might get another player in too.

    I’m not saying which is better. I really like this guy and he could go on to become another great player for us. I wish he stays but I also do not want half-hearted player to play for the club. Players think they can make anywhere without wenger. I even heard rumours that Milan suits his style. What a load of rubbish! We are the most exciting offensive team in the world.

    Just watch flamini, I am so very sure he will not be the same flamini we saw for ONE season at the emirates. Why can’t anyone see already that leaving arsenal is not the way to better things? Just look at all the players who left for money or “BETTER” teams. Even Henry who left on goos terms was not the same and mind you, he did not win anything!
    Oh and mr.cole also didnt win the champions league either, I just get that out of my chest.

  6. Yeah, agree absolutely, well put mate.

    It will be hard for us if we have to bring a new player in because they will take time to settle in and they might not have the versatility which Ade provides.

    Last season was the first under Wenger where I felt that we could actually use corners and free kicks to get goals – because we had players like Ade who are good in the air. That’s only one part of his game though.

    He’s got more assets than a lot of people think.

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