Wenger says Adebayor will be at Arsenal next season

Arsene Wenger agrees with me!

UPDATE 29/06: Maybe he doesn’t! I’m getting a bit worried that Ade will leave now to be honest.

He thinks that Adebayor will be an Arsenal player next season too.

“He’s under contract and that’s quite simple. I can tell you as manager of Arsenal football club I’m not worried.

“Of course I expect him to be at Arsenal next season – he’s under contract.”

When Wenger was asked if he would be meeting the player next week as Ade said yesterday, Wenger responded;

“No – I’ve already met him.”

I still can’t believe that Arsenal would let him go to Milan or Barcelona. The fact that Ade hinted he would be sitting down with his agent Stephane Courbis to discuss this shows that it may be an agent driven move.

Ade has a contract, he said that, Wenger isn’t worried and has met him, and Ade has said he loves the club and wants to stay.

I’m not naiive. I know players will move to where the money is, and I have seen the Anelka saga unfold etc. I also know that even if players say they will stay they don’t neccesarily, but still, I think that it would be so crazy for us to let this guy go.

It can’t happen.

But maybe it will!

4 thoughts on “Wenger says Adebayor will be at Arsenal next season

  1. roger rabbit

    Arsene Wenger does not agree with u matey – WAKE UP AHHAHAHAHA he’s already decided to sell him, do you honestly think wenger will stand for the way adebayor has treated the club, and wenger himself??? ARE YOU SERIOUS.

    Didnt u see the long pause when he was pressed on whether ade wud still be at arsenal, wengers response was “he’s under contract”, thats all, he never said – ade is not for sale at any price bla bla, he simply said “im not worried” he’s just happy that he’s cashing in on an incredibly average striker who is too arrogant for words – yet you mr blogger still support him, DEAR ME.

  2. Tetley

    spot on roger – dear me INDEED. listen mate, arsespeak, im gonna let u know why wenger said those things yesterday – he doesnt agree with u, first and foremost,

    2ndly the reason he said it was because he doesnt want milan or barcelona to dictate the negotiations because if wenger said yes he’s going, then those two clubs would be in the driving seat as they would know arsenal want to sell 100% and they would try to dictate proceedings with regards to a fee. Wenger does not want them to know this. my friend arsespeak uve got a lot of learning to do. i feel sorry for u and other gullable fans who actually believe in the disgraced dickhead from togo.

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