Hleb didn’t say that and training has begun

There’s been a lot said about quotes from Hleb slagging off Cesc Fabregas and Wenger. The comments according to Arseblogger are ‘rehashed’ from earlier reports. That makes sense to me, Hleb wouldn’t just start slagging off his mate Cesc, or his boss, Wenger.

These are the quotes:

“My view of how I should be playing didn’t coincide with the manager’s. I told him last season I wanted to leave and think he was quite upset about it. But ask him. It may turn out he’s happy to see me go. I don’t know where I’ll be next season but I’d prefer Barcelona. It is being negotiated and, hopefully, will be decided soon.”

Hleb may be on his way out but these quotes can’t be true. Hleb has denied the quotes on his website:

“Dear Friends,

I am shocked by some media-reports. In some newspapers it was mentioned that I have attacked Arsene Wenger and Cesc Fabregas. But let me tell you: This is not true! The statements in the papers are definitely not my statements.

I would never ever say something disrespectful about them. And there is a simple reason for this: Cesc is a very good friend of mine and Arsene is one of the persons, I respect most.”

I think he might stay, to be honest.

Also Arsenal players are back in Colney for preseason trading.See all the photos here

4 thoughts on “Hleb didn’t say that and training has begun

  1. diceman1984

    And how was I fuming!!!

    Man, I thought Hlebhas turned to another old story here. So I waste a lot of words then!

  2. Lozy

    At the end of the day it is what Hleb wants. Personally I don’t want him in the side if he isn’t 100% Arsenal. I think he is a great player – one of the best in the side in fact, but if his heart isn’t there, then I think it would be best for both palyer and club if he left.

    But I agree in thinking he will in fact stay, to me, there has been more false speculation than action, there has been a long time for a transfer and although there still is, I just can’t help thinking he would have left by now if not just to end the media’s haunting.

  3. Yeah its true – nothing real seems to be happening over Hleb.
    Don’t worry Diceman, anyone would have been angry taking those comments at face value!!

  4. diceman1984

    I don’t know if he’ll go or not.

    I totally agree that he’s a very good asset to our side but I hate half-hearted players.

    If he stays and Nasri eventually signs then we got ourselves a great group attack-minded midfielders: Nasri, Hleb, Rosicky, Fabregas, and Theo(who I prefer he plays up top). So yeah, stay and show us more goals then the club will probably give you more and more wages Hleb.

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