Arsenal Players in Away Kit

Thanks to Diceman 1984, a regular reader of ArseSpeak I can bring you a photo of Arsenal stars past and present in the new away kit, it looks great!

Arsenal Players in New Away Kit 08/09
Arsenal Players in New Away Kit 08/09

Thanks for reading guys!

19 thoughts on “Arsenal Players in Away Kit

  1. Gooner1886

    Good to see Adebayor loyal to the cause…presumably he got a few extra pieces of silver for this appearance?

  2. Gideon M. Ndiho

    Blue ones are super. Those craving for yellow are confused. Hell know how bright yellow appear.

  3. diceman1984

    I said I didn’t like it when James posted the version without players wearing them. But now i think they look a lot better. I think yellow suits us more than any other color (doesn’t mean it looks better mind).

  4. jamesgillesp – the mark milligan story you commented on my site is not from months ago – it is from yesterday at the naming for the olympics. The Mark Milligan story broke out a couple of months ago but the revealing of a trial and his interview in this article is very recent mate.

  5. yohannes mulu

    i love to see arsenal wining trophies next season with outstanding performance and quality football.

  6. diceman1984

    Nasri is coming. It’s all the money and paperwork thing that kept it so long (I hope I’m right).

    I’m not too worried because news everywhere pointed towards the same thing: NASRI IS COMING TO ARSENAL, just when that is the only question.

    Latest update, HLEB now started talking shit about Wenger and Cesc. Yeah, you’re the superstar mate, GO NOW, NOW!!!!

  7. diceman1984

    This is what he said about our CESC:

    ‘When we get scoring opportunities, Fabregas is much more selfish than me,’ he said. ‘Given a chance to shoot, he always goes for it – unlike me.’

    Why the hell did he has to talk shit like that, I just can’t understand. Well that explains why he scored like 3 goals last season, NOT!!!! He just made this up as an excuse and to displease the club and supporters ‘casuse he’s so damn excited to go lick Barca’s new manager’s b-lls.

    Yeah, Cesc is selfish, he’s only had THE MOST ASSISTS last season and the season before that, go to hell Hleb.

    And this is more interesting, this is what he said about Wenger:

    ‘My view of how I should be playing didn’t coincide with the manager’s,’

    Hmmmmmmmm, and this came out from the mouth of someone who was transformed by ‘the manager’ he was talking about.

    I said that Hleb hasn’t talk any shit before so I was glad and thought he would leave on a good term. Boy, how was I wrong. It’s one thing to demand and want to move for MONEY. It’s another to start talking shit about a player like Cesc and a manager who made him ABLE TO demand and got a club like Barca interested.

    You arrogant and selfish fool! Good grieve, Nasri will do so much better that I hope Hleb leaves NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW. (and he probably will soon as Mr.Hillwood said). I’m so sad that I cheered for him so much and hope that he won’t move. Soo soo soo dissapointed.

  8. YourMamaHot

    Hleb is an awesome player … Arsenal will miss him … Media is trying fuck him up … I’m sure he didn’t tell press that BS.

  9. diceman1984

    Hleb said that Wenger is the best coach.

    So stay then, Hleb. Or why would you want to move away from the best coach and the best team in the world?

  10. Lozy

    I personally think Arsenal look best in yellow, (of course for the away kit) because when I see it I think of the 1971 FA Cup Final against Liverpool, when Charlie George scored the last minute goal to win it.

    Watch the clip and recondsider if you’re not a fan of the yellow.

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