Robin Van Persie and Eduardo: Fitness

Hello all, welcome back to ArseSpeak, I’m back within range of a good internet connection, so be ready for news 24/7.

First up, some injury news, Eduardo is recovering from his broken leg amazingly well, and hopes to be fit soon for the new season:

“I don’t feel pain anymore, it’s like I never broke my leg. I never watched the pictures of my injury and don’t want to see it. I’m hopeful I will forget it and continue my career as soon as possible.”

He’s hoping to come back before the end of 2008, which is really good, we need his presence, his goals were a mjor factor in some of our good for last season, I hope he continues where he left off.

RVP is another player who was out injured for long periods last season. He hopes to stay fit this season.For him the problems are more long term, he has struggled with muscle injuries for several seasons, and this has hampered his performance.

“I have learned a lot in the last two years because I have been injured so much, I learned what my body can take and what it can’t, so it was an interesting period for me. 

“I hope next season will not be so unlucky with injuries.  But at the moment, I just do not want to think about that, the negative stuff. If you think positive, you get positive. “My target is to be as fit as possible after a month because the season is long. We have to build it all up slowly with gym work, cardio work and games. It is really important for me to get a good start.”

He knows that Arsenal have to keep it together to get a good start to next season:

“Last year we had a really good pre-season and won almost every game. Then after 50 seconds against Fulham on the opening day, we were behind, so it is hard to predict. But hopefully we can get some confidence out of the first few games and slowly build it up. For every team, it is really important to get that confidence.

“If you lose the first few games, you are not at your maximum. It is important to win to get the answers to the questions.”

In terms of silverware he had this to say:

“I think any of the top four can win the title, Arsenal have to win something every year, that is our aim. If it is not happening, then everyone is really disappointed. But I am certainly committed to winning it, and if you look around, so is everyone here.”

So, amitious and positive, that’s exactly what we need to hear. RVP really needs to get a good run of games and stay fit.

He was on fire at the beginning of last season, but injuries have really held him back. If he still has problems this season, Wenger should consider offloading him, and finding someone else for the role

2 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie and Eduardo: Fitness

  1. Lozy

    First of all, Good to see Arsespeak back up and running.

    Going back to last season, losing RVP and Eduardo was a huge blow and wasn’t made any better by not having strength in depth. I’m suprised and a bit dissapointed to see the squad size not being made larger for 08/09 season. We need to be able to cope with injuries if we are going to win the title.

    I think our strike force is OK now but would like to see at least one more player in every other position just to boost our numbers.

  2. Hi Lozy, thanks for the support! I was away all July, back now and ready to blog.
    I like the look of the squad, it’s still lightweight, I hope Wenger has learnt lessons from last year, but maybe our young players are stronger this year – such as Vela etc etc.

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