How times have changed – Arsenal top of the Fair Play League

It’s interesting to see how Wenger has changed the style of the club in the past ten years. During Wenger’s early years we were known as quite an agressive team with some quite volatile players. Now we are top of the fair play league.

Less passion?
Less passion?

The question I want to ask is are we fighting enough? Having seen Arsenal clean up their act over the last few years, we have also seen the trophies dry up.

Is our less agressive style costing us? Did anyone ever win trophies by being nice? I’m not sure, but although we play great football, maybe sometimes we lack a bit of passion for those smaller games which we have lost this season.

I’m not advocating dirty or foul play, I am just asking whether this represents a lessening of passion and desire to win in our team?

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2 thoughts on “How times have changed – Arsenal top of the Fair Play League

  1. Fergus

    To answer your question, yes: Gary Lineker won a few trophies and finished his career without having picked up a single yellow card.

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