A point saved I believe.

Well. What a poor performance from Arsenal today. We really struggled to break through Everton’s tight defence and I reckon we spent most of the second half putting long balls over the top…Going nowhere.

Cahill made it 1-0 to Everton and to behonest I thought that was the end of the game. They were defending so well.

I’m sure that’s how everyone was feeling until in the 93rd minute up pops RVP and slots a great goal home to make it 1-1.

Most definitely a point saved, playing the way we were I think that’s a good result really.

7 thoughts on “A point saved I believe.

  1. Thomas

    Everyones defending seems great at the minute doesnt it.Pompey,Wigan,Bolton,Cardiff and now Everton.I think its probably got more to do with our creativity really-we need signings.We were very poor again tonight.If we dont sign anyone,we are bang in trouble,and Arsene will have to carry the can.

  2. Nick from the Upper Tier

    We are looking more solid
    But we cannot play the expansive game with the current squad
    Either we have no money or Arsene has lost his way

    Which is it ?

  3. geoff reid

    Crap display yet again by arsenal—yes we need arshavin badly–not one of our team can pass a ball 10yards–watched city after what a difference–W/HAM will hammer us this weekend if we field this same team–ade-song-denilson -diaby-rubbish and more rubbish–bring in the the reserves and youth–they would put to shame these overpaid prima donnas.Except for golden RVP.

  4. what has happened to the Arsenal since we left Highbury. To me it looks like the worst decision we ever made. Just look at what has happened to the team and the Arsenal in general. Its not the same club anymore – its as if it has lost its soul.

    We have a manager who seems to be in complete and utter denial to what everyone else in the country sees and to be honest its getting a bit embarrassing. Its so clear that this is the poorest side since Arsene took over yet he is going on about winning the league. Does he think we are all completely stupid?

    Just not good enough, its about time Arsenal and its fans woke up and stopped living in a fantasy world.

  5. afc1

    in my opinion arsenal are playing shocking football. And from the looks of things we’ll be lucky to buy anyone in this transfer window. However I dont think its wengers fault. The board say there’s money available but we struggle to get 17 mil for arshavin!? The board sack dein n now got rid of brackwell smith.. Hmm every1 says we dont need a foreign investor n turn into man city. But would a level headed investor do us good? Kronje seems ok he’s got good sporting background and success in the area he doesn’t have abramovics billions so we wouldn’t turn into a fantasy team but maybe it would help out with a few basic transfers needed?
    The game today should hopefully push wenger an the board to bring in one or 2 faces because atm uefa cup here we come! Remember we play chelski an manure in 2 of final 3 games we need to make sure were comfortable in 4th spot otherwise we could be looking at a very worrying end to the season. But once again were not fighting for the PL n its not really good enuff!

  6. Kronke is now actually a member of the board afc1. In the short term a large private investor might seem attractive, but in the long run it is very destabilising, and above all it doesn’t guarantee success.
    Arsenal fans just have to be patient.

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