A clean sheet and a point. Spurs 0 – 0 Arsenal

Tottenham 0 – 0 Arsenal. Highlights here

Take what you will from the match today. With 10 men for an hour and Adebayor taking a hamstring injury at the same time, we still managed to take a point and kept a clean sheet, which is positive with our defence.

The downside is that we gave away the chance to go 3 points behind Chelsea in 4th place. This was a great opportunity, Spurs took no advantage of their extra man, and with 11 we should have taken 3 points.

The sending off was inevitable, Eboue is a liability. I have defended him before on ArseSpeak, but today his actions were unprofessional in the extreme. I hope that Wenger has serious words with him, and I hope Arshavin takes his spot on the right.

Before any Wenger bashers start going off on one, the only reason Eboue is plaing is because Rosicky and Walcott are injured as well as several other midfielders, he is not Wenger’s first choice, but our injury woes have forced the choice upon him.

In any case, I was happy with the defensive display, but Eboue’s sending off cost us the match, putting us on the back foot.

7 thoughts on “A clean sheet and a point. Spurs 0 – 0 Arsenal

  1. Nasei

    It’s time wenger called a spade a spade. Eboue is the worst player EVER to wear an Arsenal shirt. It sickens me that wenger continues to play him.What does wenger see that we don’t, I understand he’s not first choice when everybodys fit but still I would place vela,wilshere and Ramsey ahead of him period, they may not have that much experience but they are intelligent enough not to continue to make mistakes and always disturb the team. Eboue makes me sick and He deserves to be relegated to the reserves for the remaining games of the season. Nasri should play on the right and vela on the left. Vela played on the wing all season on Spain last year and it seems wenger has dented the boys confidence in not showing enough faith in his ability and given him a run in the team.

  2. RedandDread

    To be honest it was day of the two Emanuel’s or rather day that hopefully both have been banished for good. Eboue’s brains reside somewhere in the vicinity of his arsehole and Adebayor continues to be a MASSIVE disappointment ! Ade neither has the skill nor desire to be our No. 1 striker and Ebouseless neither has the skills nor brain to be wearing an Arsenal shirt. So long to both! They can comfort each other in the stands for a while-then SELL them both in the off season!

  3. bubble9

    Er…sorry mate, but you were on the back foot from the start, what makes you think you would have won. In fact in the first half, the only player who was making a nuisance of himself was Eboue. No other arse player looked up for it. Maybe you wear the same specs as Wenger. His assessment of the match bordered on the unbelievable, he thought you had the better chances!!!!????

  4. mark

    Bubble, every time The Arsenal attacked in the first half Sp*rs looked like conceding. There would be something wrong if ye didn’t have the majority of possession playing at home against 10 men. The fact is, for the first time all season I thought we’d keep the clean sheet. Enjoy the relegation battle mate..

  5. Gunner_in_Jamaica

    I’m beginning to wonder if these injuries are just a natural occurrence or is SAF (et al) working obeah on us.

    WTF is going on mon ?!?!?!?!?

  6. William McDonald

    It has been obvious to all that sooner or later Eboue will get into trouble when he plays. I see no reason why AW doesn’t get rid of him.
    Btw Arsenal have been undefeated in eleven matches but seven have been drawn. You can draw you own conclusions.
    AW is one manager who will never admit he is wrong with his management when it’s obvious to all he has lost the plot.
    He has been able to carry on because of the enormous respect the board has for his achivements but every manager has his day
    and don’t be surprised he calls it a day if Arsenal fail to cl soocer next season.

  7. That’s what separates a good side from an average one, how a team can fill out the positions left blank by injured players. Also that’s where the quality of a manager is really easy to recognize.

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