ArseSpeak is changing!

Running ArseSpeak has become a big job, the site has expanded and more and more of you readers are using the site and communicating.

As part of the expansion of ArseSpeak we have now moved to our own domain -at

This has been a few months in the making, but I decided that now is the time to make the change!

The old address will redirect you, but if you want to update your bookmarks then feel free!

The feeds should all work, as should links, but please let me know if there are any problems – email arsespeak{at}

A big thank you to everyone who has been involved in the making of this site, and all the people who have read our articles on the way.

You can get our news feed here

16 thoughts on “ArseSpeak is changing!

  1. Not at all man…I’m just curious…I take into thoughts every word someone says.

    I just didn’t understand your short notes.


    but still, what do you mean by I “talk funny” honestly?

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