Hull submit their Spit-gate accounts – what will come of it?

Phil Brown and his chums at Hull have finally submitted their accounts of the alledged Cesc Fabregas spitting incident after being given an extension for submission by the FA. This follows the disapperance abroad of all witnesses – just the one – Brian Horton.

Phil Brown was decidedly shifty when interviewed the morning after the game (read here), and didn’t seem to clearly remember all of his accusations – many of which seemed to stem from a blinding case of bitterness at Hull’s season collapsing in front of his eyes.

Since the original allegations it has become clear that Brown suffers from some sort of memory loss applying to handshakes, and post-match comments, but is a good northern lad, who calls all women ‘darling’ and has very strict dress codes.

Cesc Fabregas has vehemently denied all allegations, and has never spat at anyone in his career, contrary to claims that he spat at Michael Ballack in 2005, which was ruled by UEFA as untrue.

The ‘fake tan man’, as he is known in Hull, has commented:

“We really just want the truth to come out. If the truth comes out then we’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Good for you Phil – you don’t need to worry about any of the disrepute you have brought upon Hull City – a team who before this were high in most Arsenal fans’ estimations.

I can’t see that much will come of this, but if the FA do rule that there was no spitting incident then Hull will be left very red-faced indeed.

66 thoughts on “Hull submit their Spit-gate accounts – what will come of it?

  1. Chrissie Greeno

    Hmmm, so it’s a hanging offence to spit on the floor but it’s OK for the Hull bench to hurl 4 letter expletives at our bench for the whole match ? I just don’t get it……

  2. Chrissie Greeno

    Oh hang on… it’s OK to hurl expletives in front of kids at the Arsenal bench coz that’s traditional in England and allowed….

  3. Exactly – the media love this – but there is no evidence for it happening.

    Hull staff, including Horton were giving abuse constantly during the game and then claim that Wenger was abusing the ref to get their players booked!

    1. The referee never mentioned Fabregas spitting at Ballack there – a very grainy youtube video is not better evidence than the eyewitness account of the UEFA ref..

    2. Chrissie Greeno

      Strange, coz Bayern Munich have stated that it never happenned. Another twat who believe the hype. You’d have been a defo Nazi in the 1940s if you were German – believe everthing you see on telly do you ?

    3. Piss Off, Missing Link

      go away, twat. Peddle your ‘evidence’ on the Daily Sport website, it should s(h)it nicely beside the old ‘Bus found on the moon’ headline.

  4. Chrissie Greeno

    If Cesc spat at the floor (in the tunnel) in response to the constanct verbal abuse then I don’t see the problem. The Hull bench were using foul language in front of kids for the whole game. They are the ones who should be providing the answers. Why aren’t the press investigating this ? Why ? Coz we live in a rascist country that thinks it’s so “not rascist”. The press are more to blame that anyone, you’re right.

  5. man u gaz

    i hope cesc gets f*cked for it the dirty tw*at.
    anyone who spits at someone is a low life.
    And stop crying you tits who wrote the comments
    wenger was giving the hull staff tons of abuse, but you dont like to admit that. so go on thinking that your your club is perfect and your frog of a manager is the best thing ever because you wont win anything ( fact ).
    Hull are a way better team.
    They deserve to be playing chelsea at wembley, not you.

    1. nickynicknick

      Yeah and you have never spat on the floor either? None of your Mancs scum spit do they? You are obviously crapping yourself at the thought of the Gunners nicking the trophies you think youve already won. Get back to your own boards and have a little jerk over a Rooney centrefold.

      1. man u gaz

        No we Mancs never spit. The day i start crapping myself thinking of the gunners nicking trophies is the day hell freezes over. so its a safe bet to say you wont be nicking trophies.
        and iv already had a jerk over rooney, it was good.

      2. nickynicknick

        You never spit??????? AAAAAAHHAAAAAHHAAAAAAHAA
        You must be blinded from Rooneys spunk in your eyes. If youre just comin on here for an argument at least keep it real.
        How comes any team from t’north can abuse and intinmidate, but when they get it back they go crying to the FA. Fergie cant handle the stress any more so he dont talk to anyone. Just as well cos you cant understand the Scottish twat.

      3. man u gaz

        You just cant seem to understand that your so called club captain spat at the hull number 2. Who has no reason to make it up and has been in football in over 40 years and has a goo reputation.
        and i dont think its teams form t’north can abuse and intinmidate, they just give it back when you crying little girls of a team start giving it.

      4. Piss Off, Missing Link

        you saw that did you? You saw what none of the 30-odd Setanta cameras were able to film, bloody hell, Trafford peasant, thy’ve got good eyes. Go and wank all over Fergie’s mottled red face, you prick. What are you talking about ‘nicking’, you surely can’t mean the FA Cup when you played us off the park, but obviously not enough to not need to lose to us on penalties?

  6. nickynicknick

    In the land of the blind……….youtube grainy video is evidence, better than the ref, Ballack and about 5 players, all of who say it wasnt spitting.
    I dont think for a minute that Fab will have a problem but the witch hunt around this is unbelieveable. You would think he shot Horton, ripped off his head and shagged his bloody neck hole.

  7. man u gaz

    Chrissie Greeno – WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ”we live in a rascist country that things it’s so “not rascist”.

    Comment Moderated

  8. Chrissie Greeno

    I hope that one day we will have a player as upstanding, honest, sporting and clean playing as Christiano Ronaldo…….

    1. man u gaz

      I dont think so. Arsnel have been going on for ages about this, at first they said they outplayed hull in the FA cup when in fact hull were the better team and conceded a goal when it was offside.
      And everyone thinks the sun shines out of cesc’s arse and that he could do no wrong.
      Im up for sticking up for the smaller teams like hull who have no reason to make up a story about spitting, because they have nothing to gain from it.
      And in imo phill brown is a good manager who gave wenger abit of what he was giving hull.

      1. Monkey and Tripitaka

        how do you feel about Fulham? You should be wanting to ‘stick up’ for a small club like Fulham; more like you want to expunge the memory of Fulham sticking its dick up your team’s arse the other week, plastic Manc from Preston.

      2. man u gaz

        Fullham were a better team im the first one to admit that, they outplayed us in every part of the field, i was there.
        First how can i be a plastic manc when im from manchester ermmmm.

      3. nickynicknick

        No reason to make it up other than to take their minds off their impending relegation and the disappearing vision of Wembley.

      4. shooy

        Thank God you’re not a judge with reasoning like that. You’re not verry bright are you? Or is it just your Arsenal hatred that clouds your judgement?

  9. Chrissie Greeno

    It’s OK, just winding him up. I’d use a steak on a fishing line if I was up there. Same result….

  10. nickynicknick

    So Skanky Manky, Horton is completely above reproach, after 40 years in the game as a hard man, knowing all the tricks and how to wind up opponents. Of course he doesnt even know how to lie.
    Fab on the other hand is a career criminal, plays football rather well, wears jeans on his day off, and……….??? ….of course he’s a jonny foreigner. It must have been him then.

    1. man u gaz

      im going to love and leave you all its been a pleasure im sure.
      Dont get your hopes up about getting any trophies this year or next (or any other year)

  11. Tiger Tiger

    As a hull fan for over 24 years i am kinda embarresed that this spitting thing has gone on for so long. I want it laid to bed so we can concentrate on premier leauge. Im sure both clubs would like to hear the end of it.

      1. Tiger Tiger

        Just taken my laptop off my younger half brother, it looks like things where getting abit out of control, he is a litte sh*t sometimes.

      1. Tiger Tiger

        I think you are abit confused mate, my half brother is from manchester he is my step dads son my mother who is from hull and so am i hence why im called tiger tiger. im in portsmouth because im in the navy and my family are visiting.
        sorry to bore you with this lol

      2. Tambour

        You have bored us too much with your boring family histories – ip address means where you access the net..

  12. James

    On your bike Brown, Horton and the rest of the Hull team – who the hell are Hull anyway – a bunch of bad loosers soon to be relegated.

  13. Zievad

    You can take the monkey out of the north but you can never … mmm, or something? If anyone still believes a word that these lying, cheating northern twats are saying then more fool them.

    I’ve heard a few tall atles in my life and none taller than Ms. Brown’s. The more he talks, the deeper the hole gets.

    Nothing to fear Ms. Brown, nothing indeed. Why should you have anything to fear if you were spat at? Strange choice of words.

  14. James

    Hull to be done by the FA for the barrage of abuse at Cesc and the Arsena players after the game as are such bad loosers.

    Can’t wait or Hull to be done for liable.

  15. John Thomas

    Take a look at the aggression shown by Fabregas hmmm looks like he is over the moon that Arsenal got through to the next round, then take a look at the aggression shown on the face of the 3rd Hull witness (he must have crawled out of the woodwork) and the story changes by the day, firstly spat on the pitch, then in the tunnel and there were only the three of us Brown, Horton and Fabregas, so where did Sean shit for brains (I will do & say anything to save my job)Rush come from to see the incident?.
    Tell me who is showing the aggression???.
    See picture on the Daily Mail (AKA Daily Shite) dated today at 22.11.

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