Can Arsenal win the Premier League with the current squad?

Arsenal will go into next season believing they can win the Premier League. This has to be the case. They are a huge club who have won the title before, so why shouldn’t they aim for the highest prize possible in English football?

The reality though, is that no trophy has been won in four years. With this in mind, have Arsene Wenger’s current squad got a Premier League title in them? Can they overcome the power of Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea and win the league?

Before we answer this ourselves, it is worth highlighting the views of Manuel Almunia. This is because the Arsenal keeper has revealed that ‘youth doesn’t give you titles’, suggesting that Arsenal’s youngsters cannot win the league this year.

The Spaniard then went on to say that in order to go ‘a step further’ and win the Premier League, the squad needs to be ‘braver in big games’ and that the club needs to ‘make extra effort’ to make the team more competitive. Basically, he thinks that youth on its own isn’t quite the answer.

To be honest, I can see what Almunia is saying here. He believes that Arsenal can’t keep using the youth tag as an excuse for failing to achieve major honours. Yes, Wenger has a young squad, but they need to stand up and be counted. They need to show that they are wise beyond their years.

Cesc Fabregas is a classic example of what young players at Arsenal should aim for. At just 22-years-old, he has become one of the main leaders of this Arsenal team and acts like one of the most experienced members of the squad.

He thrives on responsibility and he loves to lead by example. For someone of his age, this is quite extraordinary and extremely valuable to the Gunners. What Wenger needs next season though is for more players to take on this role.

Theo Walcott, Denilson, Alex Song, Nicklas Bendtner and Gael Clichy are all young players, but they need to start maturing beyond their years if Arsenal are to win the Premier League. They need to realise that they are not only at Arsenal to develop as a footballer, but to win trophies for the club.

As for the answer to the initial question – Can Arsenal win the Premier League with the current squad? – it is yes. As long as a couple of key individuals raise their game and take on that extra piece of responsibility, there is no reason why Arsenal can’t go on a good run and conquer all.

What are your thoughts on this and Almunia’s comments? Can Arsenal’s youngsters win the league next year or is it going to be another season of development?

By Thomas Rooney

12 thoughts on “Can Arsenal win the Premier League with the current squad?

  1. Brad


    Have you not listened to anyone…AW included… They have ALL agreed they need “experience”!!!

  2. Phil


    I believe in this squad and feel we can win the title, FA Cup and Champions league.

    Keep the faith.

  3. omar

    if we dont get as many injuries as the last few seasons why not? take 5 or 6 key players out of any side and they will struggle. last year for example we had fabregas,walcott, rosicky,eduardo,adebayor,gallas,clichy all out for a long time.

  4. Gooner4life

    y not? they have a great squad just time but i reckon that this is the season the youth become world class

  5. Bodad

    In case, is Almunia himself a title-winning GK?

    Ronaldo beat him with 41 yarder shot and Bentley beat him with a cheap shot. He’s one of the reasons the team is not winning.

    Almunia should go back to Spain because he’s crap.

  6. GunnersForever

    Things were looking good when Melo and a striker were expecred after Vermaelen. But now I don’t think we will be even able to get close on any title this year too
    Chamakh would just make another Bendtner(he’s the worst signing by Wenger for me). Fabregas shouldn’t be allowed to leave atleast for a year. And a central midfielder must be signed. Matuidi isn’t very good but we desperately need to strengthen the central midfeld personnel and also the defence if Clichy or Gallas leaves.

  7. Casicky

    Yes we can hahaha

    I believe we can,sometimes i think its all in the mind,psychologically our team desnt seem in it most times.
    If i took a look Diaby for instance he doesnt seem to try hard enough or even try to learn from bis mistakes so quite frankly he aint advancing the way he should.
    Beginning of the season i would say the same bout Song but close to the end of last season it seemd to click in his mind that there is a position up for grabs and he could take it he became the second name ont he team sheet for me after Arshaz ofcourse.
    I think its the mentalitiy that lest this side down sometimes,right at kick off of the season if they were all to tell each other right from the off lets do this no lazying about,then i think we would see a bit more emotion on the pitch like frustration when someone looks not to be holding their own like for instance Diaby holding on to a ball he could have passed sometime back before he lost possession
    i might have eared off topic but mainly um saying YES WE CAN

  8. Sola gooners

    Yes, we can, but Wenger have to be very careful with his selections this time around, Sometimes He is to be blame for all the stupid mistakes.

    Also, i believe if our players stay fit, without any injury, Yes we can. But, i want to say that we are un- luck club, we had a very bad record on injuries, and yet this does not panic our boards on there decisions over arsenal transfer policy. God help us, if care is not taken, we might not finish sixth, because of type of players we’ve got. If you want to be a better player, you have to improve every season, but this is not the case for our players, like Diaby, Denilson and bendtner, these three players are not suppose to be in arsenal, they can’t stand the task, if these are the players we still depend on this season, God help us again. Wenger please use Ade’s money to buy one good striker and defending midfielder, strong and creative player please, and sell sylvestre, i don’t want to see his face in arsenal again, he is poppycock,Wenger wake up, there will be no any excuses end of next season, you can still do something positive now, before is too late. ” To beat the best, you have to be at your best and be the best” Good luck, hope to here a good news in few days regarding transfers in our club.

  9. Hanson

    Yes we can! But b4 then we shd realize dat we have a problem, which is a defensive midfielder. Wenger shd go for an experienced DM bcos dat is a very vital position as far as football is concern. Also we need a sharp finisher to replace ade rather dan Chamakh. Then we shd pray 4 less injuries. Wen all these are done, I’m sure we can win TRIO.

  10. JoJo

    when did almunia ever say that? can you state the source of this quote?

    and didn’t alan hansen say something similar a decade ago? I remember him emphatically being wrong.

    We must believe for the best in every situation.

  11. They’ve got a good squad, but it isn’t good enough to win the league.

    Even if they do have a good run, it is difficult to replicate that over a full season, and that too with the pressures of the domestic Cups and Champions League included.

    The Premier League is very competitive, and you’ve got to be really, really good to win it.

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