The big question – will Arsenal miss Adebayor?

Whether you are happy with it or not, there is no getting away from the fact that Emmanuel Adebayor’s transfer to Manchester City is the main talking point as far as Arsenal news goes right now.

The Togo striker completed his £25m switch to Eastlands over the weekend to leave some Arsenal fans wondering why Arsene Wenger has chosen to sell one of his top players under a month from the start of the season.

What is the general consensus though? What do Arsenal fans think about the sale of Adebayor? How will Arsenal respond to his absence? Will Wenger look to bring in a replacement?

Basically, there are two sides of the fence to sit on. First up, you can argue that Adebayor was far from his best last season, meaning that his transfer is no great loss at all. During the 2008/2009 campaign, Adeabyor’s commitment was questioned and he only managed 16 goals in all competitions.

Nevertheless, these are 16 goals that Arsenal will have to find elsewhere in the coming months and this will form the basis of the ‘What is Wenger doing?’ argument. Regardless of commitment issues, Adebayor was still one of Arsenal’s biggest players who – on his day – could win a game for the Gunners.

Therefore, the fact that he has joined fellow influential players Alexander Hleb and Mathieu Flamini – who left the Emirates last summer – out of the club could potentially be seen as a bad move. Arsenal missed the presence of these two last season and they it is entirely possible that they will miss Adebayor this season.

What side of the fence are you on? Personally, I think that it could end up being a good thing for Arsenal. The fact that he agreed to move to Manchester City suggests that he wasn’t 100% loyal to Arsenal and if this was the case, then the squad is better without him.

Nobody wants a player that doesn’t want to play for the club as it can be extremely disruptive. Perhaps Wenger agreed with this and made a decision some time ago that Adebayor would leave. Then, to get £25m to make this happen, makes the deal even more sensible.

The only issue is whether Arsenal will replace him and if so – who with? Arshavin, van Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner and Walcott provide Wenger with plenty of attacking options, but perhaps something extra is needed.

What do we think Arsenal fans? Can Arsenal benefit form Adebayor’s sale?

13 thoughts on “The big question – will Arsenal miss Adebayor?

  1. Mark

    Good Lord. Of course we will miss his goals. None of the attackers you mention did anything when Adebayor was out. We had four 0-0 draws that cost us any challenge for the title.

    You are too slow. Marca are reporting that we are negotiating for Huntelaar.

  2. old gunner

    po qfarte more kuj me i mungu ky thiii haehueauheauhea ska shanc hiq bre hahahaha o wenger qka je ka pret more kape bleje naj sulmus a naj mbrojtes a hueuhaehuaehuae

  3. Reny

    ADE could and can be great if he stops being clumsy and waistful, Has anyone counted how many sure and almost sure chances he missed and how many times he brought a promising attack to nothing simply because he was slow in getting back in front of the opponents defence or simple becasue he either over or under cooked a simple pass? Arsenal’s weakness is not attack(without ADE Arsenal has still enough fire power) its weakness is in defence and in midfield. Nothwithstanding the new aquisition we still need an other Gilberto. The mistake was when Gilberto was sold. He is still good for Brazil why was he not good for us? Buy a player like Gilberto and forget about a new striker and Arsenal can challange for any cup.

  4. Nudge

    Im glad he has gone because to be fair we could all see his heart wasnt in it, but the big question is who replaces him internal or external?? if you list are attacking players Arshavin, van Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner, Walcott and Vela you would think it looks pretty healthy, but will RVP have another injury free season? is Eduardo going to be back to his best and stay injury free? will the boss play arshavin in a more advanced central role? will theo have the BIG season he needs? are Bendtner and Vela even good enough do it, week in week out in the prem??

  5. Gooner

    Any arsenal support who thinks Ade will not be a loss is kidding themselves

    He scored 16 goals and 9 assists in a poor, injury riddled season. He offers an Avenue B to goal with hios heading and chesting ability and has been vitally important to Arsenal’s success of the last two years.

  6. JoJo

    “he only managed 16 goals in all competitions”…forgetting the fact that he was injured for a couple of months. Whoops..

    honestly mate, do your research.

  7. Zane

    Greetings fellow gooners!

    We dont need him! Greedybayor earned a lot of pounds an scored one goal more than bendtner who earned half of what greedybayor did! 25£ that was jackpot! Thank U mark hughes an the sheik! Arsenal was not in his heart! cash is in is heart! But we need a new striker and a defensive mid back! Veira was hot gilberto was hot now we need a new one! walcott an vela will not dissapoint, arshavin will do so insane damage, to see rosicky back made me smile! Eduardo will be great! Bendtner is getting there we cant give up on him! but we cant try to win the premiership, FA, Champions League without two new signings!
    I got all the respect for Wenger but the last seasons he havent given us those trophies and while shittypool is upgrading, cheezy upgrading and u kno that team I dont want to mention who sold that crybaby will upgrade as well! But very happy that crybaby is gone from the premiership!

    – In Arsene We Trust

  8. Cornelius M

    NO doubt ADE will be be missed. If you check all the listed attackers except for Arshavin have funny injury issues that take them out for at least one month(that is four premier games one/two CL game and one FA/ League cup games). Ade offered dimension. Even when he did NOT score as many goals he contributed otherwise.
    Did he need to go? YES because you could tell by his interviews that he was NOT there for Arsenals this last season. 25million is also another good reason to release a player like him-hoping he is in his depreciating spell-as long as he does not score or win a game against Arsenal.
    NOW we need to replace him and get a DM- If you bring in Huntelar then which striker drops to the bench? If you bring in Chamak yo have a good chance of uisng other current strikers 1st 11. we definitely need a matured DM like Alonso, Makoun, Diara or Yaya T.

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