Manchester City are in town again, this time after Kolo Toure

Fresh from signing Emmanuel Adebayor from Arsenal, Mark Hughes and Manchester City are apparently sniffing around another one of Arsene Wenger’s first-team regulars. Several reports are suggesting that they are set to step up their interest in Kolo Toure after missing out on John Terry.

The defender only has one-year remaining on his contract at Arsenal and this means that an offer of around £15m could be enough to tempt Wenger to sell. Considering that he would be offered around £120,000 per week at Eastlands, it seems likely that Toure would agree to the move.

In fact, you get the feeling that that Toure would jump at the chance to join Adebayor at Manchester City. Not only would he be doubling his Arsenal salary, but it would represent a new challenge for him.

Toure requested to be placed on the transfer list back in January after a fall-out with team-mate William Gallas, after all. This request was rejected by the club, but it did indicate that Toure was open to the idea of leaving Arsenal.

For Arsenal fans, this is a slightly worrying trend. Players seem to be considering moves away from the club far more often than they should be. The Gunners are in danger of turning into a selling club with the likes of Hleb, Flamini, Henry and Adebayor moving on in recent times.

What do we think about the future of Toure though? Is he integral to Arsenal’s future or should he be allowed to talk to Manchester City if these reports turn out to be true? Personally, I think it all depends on the feelings of the player.

If Toure has put aside his differences with Gallas and is keen to start the season as an Arsenal player, any Manchester City offer should be rejected without a second thought. Toure is a major part of the Arsenal first-team and Wenger could do without another player to replace.

If the Ivory Coast international is unhappy at the club though, then perhaps Wenger should listen to what Manchester City have to say. Nobody wants players who are not committed to the cause. Hopefully Toure is, but after his request in January who knows what his feelings are?

The final question I want to put out there is – are you worried by the players being sold by Arsenal? Big names at the Emirates are constantly linked with moves away with world-class players rarely being linked with a move to Arsenal. Is this a concern?

By Thomas Rooney

26 thoughts on “Manchester City are in town again, this time after Kolo Toure

  1. jsp

    It’s about time Arsenal told the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and now tin pot Man City to F**K Off!!!

  2. Talljonny

    “Tinpot City”. Ha ha, not so bullish as you were with Adebayor now are you?

    Second rank selling team Arsenal.

  3. Matt

    talljony – I assume you’re a City fan – can I just ask what City’s UEFA ranking is?

    Oh hold on, found it, 62nd…..

    Your the 62nd best team in Europe…. Well done….

    Only 61 better teams to worry about.

    1. Woodsy

      hahahahahaha. Matt you’re a muppet my friend. We may be ranked 62nd in europe and being as we don’t play in europe at the minute thats understandable. But at least we are a club that are on the up and not on the decline like Arsenal. You’ve sold your top scorer from the past two seasons (to us I might add). Your about to sell your best centre half (erm…… us…….again…..I believe). You’re not likely to buy people of the same standard being as you are now slowly turning in to a selling club. Its funny how when a club is about to lose a great player their fans all come out from the rock they were under to comment on how this player isn’t the force he once was, or how they are glad he is going. Its all bullsh*t! Best of luck next season you muppet, you’re going to need it. Come back in May and tell us some more of your pointless stats. I’m sure things will look differently then. Oh, and I don’t think its a coincidence that when City are being backed to break in to the top 4, it is widely suggested that this will be at the expense of Arsenal!! Get a grip and wake up to the fact that you are a spent force. Even Taggart at Old Trafford doesn’t mention you as one of their threats now. He does however seem to be talking about us an awful lot more now. Bring on the August 15th!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    nobody can question toure’s commitment… he is an arsenal legend and must not be sold!! he is a fans favourite and always gives 100%!! granted he might not even start next season but we need to stop this trend of selling players… fingers crossed wenger buys a couple of holding midfielders and we might have half a chance next season. KING KOLO

  5. Prof Peters

    The question Toure needs to ask himself is, does he want one last season in the CL now or move to the side that will replace Arsenal and win the league within 3 seasons and double he’s wages aswell???

  6. Ted Knott, Droylsden

    I’m a City fan, but think that £15m represents good value for Arsenal for a player with a year left on his deal. There’s no doubt that both clubs probably need to improve at the back, us more than you, and Toure’s looked like he might need a fresh start.

    I wish fans of both clubs could stop the petty swipes and just admit that it’s a sensible move all round. Arsenal get a good fee for a player they could lose next summer for nothing, City get a very good, proven Premier League centre-half, and the player gets a new start and a contract that will probably see him through until he retires from playing. Simple as that.

  7. bigyin


    Better keep an eye on those rankings as you will soon be dropping down them! Run and hide because you know it’s coming

  8. goon

    We are really going to suffer next year.

    If Van Persie or Cesc get injured, we could finish 6th or 7th.

  9. Renan

    He’s by far our best defender at this club even better than Gallas. Even last season was not his best I still rate him very high. He’s our longest serving player and has played over 300 games for us,, Wenger should do anything to keep him. At 28,, King Kolo still got 2 years left in his tank.

    He’s very committed to Arsenal over the past few seasons,, he did not follow the likes of Henry, Pires, Ljungberg, Campbell, Lehmann, Lauren, Kanu, and Gilberto who have left the club. I hope he doesn’t disappoint us by following that Greedybyewhoreee to Manchester City this summer.

    Our back 4 next season will be : Sagna, Toure, Vermaelen, Clichy. Better than any other back four in the Premier League !

  10. LimparAssist

    Ted Knott, Droylsden,

    Agreed. Kolo is a legend and not many would begrudge him that sort of money. He will remain a hero and always be welcome to come back and coach.

    He’s lost all sorts of pace which was one his main attributes, esp playing as high a line as Arsenal do, he’s also never really been as dominating since he got malaria.

    15 mil is good money. Vermaelen and Gallas will be the starters next season anyhow.

    I’d rather him stay though ultimately, cos he’s all Arsenal and thoroughly lovely chap to boot.

  11. Talljonny

    Well you live and learn. Didn’t even know there was a UEFA ranking. Now I know I’ve checked and found we are only 57th (not 62nd). A blessing for us this year is we only have the league to play in, and in years to come that ranking is going to improve. The insults we are getting satisfies me that the likes of Arsenal are worried about where we’re going.

  12. Dave

    Sell him and buy decent centre back. And sell Diaby and Denilson and Djorou for £100 million to city then watch them fail.

  13. Arsenal can only buy by selling, we all know that. 2 quality signings in the right positions could project Arsenal into a side that could seriously challenge for the title. So just maybe City are funding Wenger to buy those 2 quality players but, if he just banks it then we’re f###ked. Ade and Toure will also go missing for 2 months anyway come the new year.

  14. Swiss

    I come in peace

    Whats this Vermaelen like? is he much cop?

    As a City fan, Toure would be a great signing for us – though we’d lose him for the ACN.

    There’s lots of talk that he didn’t have a very good season last year and that he’s lost his pace and since he’s had malaria etc etc.

    How much of his and the other poor performers form last season do you think is down to the squad split?
    Also do you think that Toure was less efective because you lacked a good defensive midfielder shielding the back four?

    Do you expect Wenger to dip into the transfer market? will he wait until the last week of the woindow to get players in cheaper?
    How do you think the finances at your club are and do you want that Russian to inject more cash?
    If he does, do you think Wenger will still be thrifty and buy young players from the french nations or will he start to buy big?

  15. Ian

    Sell him to us (City), please.

    I think Arsenal will be the surprise package this season. All of your players are a year closer to adulthood!

    Chelsea, Liverpool and Man U haven’t pocketed a penny of city’s cash this summer (Tevez was on loan at Man U), whilst Arsenal are cashing in.
    Kerching! Cash on the nail, not in installments. You know Arsene will spend it wisely.

    The other big 4 managers are too proud to sell to Man City. Arsene knows a good deal when it’s on the table. He gets a big transfer kitty, and clears out two players who have had rows at the club. I also like it that the deals have been almost complete before the press got wind of them. No fuss, shake hands, thank you very much Arsenal.

    I would happily include Micah Richards in a deal, but I don’t think he would compliment Arsenal’s silky passing football. He can bomb forward, but his skills are a bit raw. Maybe Arsene can improve him. It would be good for the England squad if Richards’ final ball improved a la Walcott.

  16. Talljonny

    You can have Micah, something is not right in his head. He should be a great player, but is very easily distracted which is a shame. Hope I’m proved wrong.

    Not only are we helping Arsenal, just think how much tax we’re bringing in to the country with these salaries. You should all love us for it!!!

  17. king gooner

    re tall johhny & all you “proper”mancs-don’t give a monkeys who you buy.why?cos it scares the crap out of the “lucky devils”(their proper nickname)& it winds up old red nose& stick on hairy chest,gigzy..&that my friends is good enough for a MANURE hating gooner!!!

  18. Kermit49

    Toure can go, but we must replace these players we are selling. We are in danger of finishing outside the top 4 more than ever before. I am sure that Wenger will spend and we will be in a good position when the season starts. Good luck to ManC I say, the mancs from old trashyard must be worried. If they take our CL place we will have to look for investors….I think we will be ok for 4th at least

  19. Talljonny

    I do care who we buy, but if we can p*ss off the Trafford lot at the same well why not, but I’d rather build a squad than just throw money about, which we look like we’re doing. I didn’t want Terry and am glad that’s fallen through, I didn’t want Adebayor, but fingers crossed Hughes knows what he’s doing. Barry, Tevez, Santa Cruz, should be good signings. If we can get some defence cover we should move up the league. How far we don’t know, but higher than a tin-pot club in my opinion.

    1. ted

      Toe New Mills —- just came across your vitriolic reply to what most decent footy fans thought was decent and knowledgeable comments — please try and be less fickle and respect other opinions especially those that make sense unlike yours —GROW UP

      REF: 27/07/2009

  20. CraigMc

    Ummmm I see the Man Pity deluded are migrating to the Arsenal blogs now. They think Adeby-LIAR was your best striker for last 2 seasons, but what they FAIL to admit, is that if Eduardo (fantastic player), or Van Persie (another fantastic player) had have remained fit, Adeby-LIAR wouldn’t have got a look in your line up. Man City haven’t got anybody as good as Arshavin, Eduardo, Van Persie or Cesc in their team, so don’t be phased by their false fucking bravado, they will not push you out of the top 4. It is just all talk! Just kick their arses when they visit the Emirates, you have the history, and they have fuck all but hot air at the moment. Can’t wait for next season, because City have made themselves so hated now, that every team will be out to kick their arses – BIG TIME. Yes, City fans, can’t wait for the new season to begin.

  21. Talljonny

    Adebayor may well be third choice at City as well. Tevez, Robinho, Santa Cruz all looking for a game as well…..and nobody as good as Arshavin, Eduardo, Van Persie or Cesc? How many of those 4 got into most journalists team of the season last year? I’d say Ireland (who did) for Arshavin, Shaun Wright Phillips for Eduardo, Tevez for Van Persie, Robinho (on his day admittedly)…

    I’ll give you Cesc is truly a great player, but we’ve got some good ones too.

    Who do you support Mr bitter Craig?

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