Was Man City Adebayor’s first choice? Loyalties exposed by Sir Alex

Player loyalty is a quality which is not always apparent in football today. The case of Emmanuel Adebayor, one good season, hold the club to ransom, and then leave whilst blaming the manager and fans is a brilliant example of what fans don’t want to see.

According to Fergie who has been sniping at City for the last few weeks, Adebayor stooped even lower while in negotiations with Man City; trying to get offers from Man Utd and Chelsea.

“At the last minute, from what I can gather, either Emmanuel Adebayor or his agent phoned us after they had agreed a deal with City and then did the same with Chelsea. He was desperate to get to either Chelsea or us.”

“When someone offers you that kind of money, it’s a big attraction to people nowadays. That is the reason they have gone there.”

If this is true it shows you the lack of loyalty Ade has for any club. Man City offered a lot of cash so he went, no more reason than that. I’m sure he would have much rather joined a club which will be playing European football next season. Personally I think £25 million is a great price for him, as long as the money is reinvested in the team.

The fact is that we have several very good forwards at Arsenal, the best of which is Robin Van Persie, if he can stay fit, then he has plenty of options to partner him, Bendtner, Arshavin, Eduardo being first in line. Adebayor wasn’t our best striker, his departure should benefit the club. Ferguson’s comments have only exposed him for what he is.

14 thoughts on “Was Man City Adebayor’s first choice? Loyalties exposed by Sir Alex

  1. Ajibo

    that is all true which has been wrote on the bourd… any way he ain’t help that much to Arsenal the thing that i really hate about Players is that is if One club just offer them a much money they went…..that seems like the players are not thinking about their job that much…. they are so addicted one moneyyyyy

  2. bluesboy

    Loyalty is as you say becoming rarer in professional sport. I don’t think Ade would have touted himself to Manure but, agents are a greedy animal and would not put something as seedy as that past any of them. Fergscum is just trying to taint any deal we do because he lost out on the Tevez affair.You have many fine players at Arsenal and in my opinion your team plays the most attractive football in the Prem. Perhaps Ade was not the most favoured striker in your team as you have an embarrassment of riches there. However, when Ade wears our shirt, he will have the full support of all the fans up at City and nothing that Fergscum says will change that. I wish Arsenal well for the coming season and look forward to you visit to CoMS. I have enjoyed all the games against you in the past (well maybe not the one at Maine Rd when ou crushed us 5:1…Henry was magnifique that day).Bye

  3. city boy

    Bluesboy shut up you creep,There is no loyalty in football at all look at this terry nonsence in the last hour he come up a statement that he never wanted to leave but no mention of the 35 grand a week it took for him to say it.I will give arsenal some credit that when players try this with wenger they usually go through the revolving door.the only bitterness is from the fans like this article because Adebayor would of been your first choice striker this season hes suddenly useless just like tevez santacruz barry etc reguarding the fergie rant sour sour grapes

  4. CraigMc

    I see that the deluded Man Pity fans are everywhere. Obviously they have not been listening to Wenger and the Arsenal fans for most of last season, where Adebeyor was pilloried for laziness and very poor attitude and even poorer play. His goal return was poor. He would not be Arsenals 1st choice player as you say, if Eduardo and Van Persie were fit to play every week. Nevertheless, Man Pity will continue to remain bitter, complaining that all the world is against them. Like being against them has nothing to do with their own ridiculous, absurd comments on most other football blogs. They have to pretend that the players they managed to get are with them for only one reason – MONEY! Adebayor loyal – hahahahahahaha, you just keep believing that you City wasteland numptees!

    Arsenal you have far better strikers on you books than Adebeyor, so you will remain top 4 – no problem!

  5. huges

    I think Adebayor has the potential to be a legend, if he keeps his workrate high, and keeps on improving then Arsene is right to believe in him.who wrote that ,oh it was on this blog oh dear

  6. Malayarsenal

    Man Pity not go anywhere… Small club less history… Money cannot do everything… You are a middle class club in EPL history NOT more than that… You only can talk about money tevez, money barry, money ade… Look and see… Man pity will be more desperate and depression this season bcoz abandon of players LOVE Money than play football.

    Thanks to Man Pity brought Money Adebayor… He Useless and poor attitudes!!!

  7. Malayarsenal

    NEXT Season BPL Table Prediction

    1-4 – Either Arsenal, Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea (Definitely!!!)
    6-Aston Villa
    8- Manchester PITY (CITY)..Sorry….

  8. Cornelius M

    Let Ade GO! He did his best for da Gunners BUT he became big headed such that he thought he had become TH14 coz he scored 30 nets in the 08-09 season. That I will personally never 4give him. Its tyme he went. But how on earth so you dump CL football and go for Domestic games only-ONLY MONEY can do that.

  9. ArsenalFan86

    Even though I am an arsenal fan and can agree that yes he got lazy last season with us, in no way is he a bad player or waste of money. And watching the Man City game on the weekend the move seems to have reinvigorated him, his work rate was a lot higher. Also while I don’t believe that man city aren’t going to take our spot in the top four this season, you can’t honestly be naive enough as a football fan to say that money is not enough to make you a successful club. Two clubs spring to mind Real Madrid and Chelsea (although they seem have kept their core players since getting “rich”) anyway Hate them or Love them, they are successful because of money. All I’m saying is Man City will be in the top 4 soon just maybe not this season and get off Ade’s back not everyone that’s good at their ‘Job’ has to love their workplace although it did hurt seeing him score for another team though :-p.

    1. ArsenalFan86

      *Correction) “Also while I don’t believe that man city aren’t going to take our spot in the top four this season” —– I don’t believe they will take our spot.

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