Walcott is the future

Arsenal have had a tumultuos season so far. The race for trophies had its twists and turns, and left us dumped on our arses after months of hard work. We have been unlucky to lose out.

The team has been amazing, and the way we play is of course fantastic.

What we see is a future with great players, such as Theo Walcott and Cesc Fabregas. If you look at the squad they are very young, and bursting with talent.

Despite what you might think if you read the backpages, Arsenal are not doomed.

Theo showed with his goal on Sunday that there is so much more to come from him. He is a very young, pacy striker who can play on the wing.

Players like him are our future. He has come on this season, scoring more and more often, and getting more and more starts in the team.

Our squad needs strengthening, but I think with the right additions, Gooners should be very excited about next season!

End of season. Highlights: Sunderland 0 Arsenal 1. Walcott!

So a 1-0 win at the Stadium of Light saw us hit 83 points, after a 24th minute goal from Theo, from great pass by Gilberto! Randall came on at the end as did Traore and they did well.

Highlights here.

We had a pretty young team out, and we should see more of these guys next season:


Song Senderos Djourou Clichy

Eboue (Randall 81) Denilson Silva Walcott

Adebayor Bendtner (Traore 81)

Wenger said:

“My message to Alex Ferguson is just congratulations for the achievement and get ready for the fight next year,”

“When I look back on the season I feel disappointment but to earn 83 points with such a young side gives you a lot of hope and that’s a respectable total because I’ve won titles with less. They made a big improvement when you consider last season when we earned 68 points.”

“There was a conjunction of bad luck and it was the first time this young team had to deal with big pressure so a combination of the two cost us the title,”

“Quality-wise we have been remarkable all season but we lost a 100 metres by a fraction of a second. We were on the same line but someone pushed their chest out in front of ours just at the end but that doesn’t mean we didn’t make a great 100 metres.”

We have made a huge improvement this year and I am sure we will be challenging for the title next season.

I couldn’t watch the game, I saw Wigan – Man Utd, which was boring as hell, and Man Utd ended up lifting the title, after they won 2-0 and Chelsea drew 1-1 with Bolton.

I think we deserved to win the title this year, but if not us then Man U deserve to win it more than Chelsea. But really I hate them both.

Some crazy results yesterday, Middlesbrough 8-1 Man City! Reading and Birmingham both scored 4 goals in their games, but still went down after Fulham won 1-0 at Portsmouth.

Anyway, another Premiership season comes to a close, and we have a big summer coming up. If Wenger gets the right people in and youngsters like Theo Walcott come through and play to their full potential then next season will be fantastic.

If players leave and we don’t replace then we will be in trouble.

Anyway, thanks Arsenal for a great season, we have little to show for it, but we all can remember. It has to be one of the closest seasons in the history of the Premier League, and it was pretty exciting.

Arsenal’s Season: The highs and lows

I’ve pulled an all nighter writing a huge report thats due a few hours from now, so I won’t be posting toady just sleeping!

I thought I’d leave you this video to enjoy, a few highlights and a few lowlights of the season, just remember, theres always next year! Remember Cesc in Milan, Walcott at Anfield? Here you go!

Speak soon Gooners!

Arsenal’s Youngsters For Next Season

Whatever happens now we will finish in third place this year (click here for league table), and trophyless again.

Not all is bad though, our squad has matured and we have seen a vast improvement in the quality of football and the results. 3rd place is one up from last season, and the QF of the Champions League is one stage further. Had luck been on our side we would have gone further.

Now Flamini has become the first departure of the summer we wait and see who else will come and go. I’m not sure who Wenger will sign, I am pretty sure that we have seen the last of Lehmann and possilbly Gilberto.

At this stage the future of the club is in the balance. Lose players like Hleb, and the squad will be greatly weakened and unsettled. Keep the majority of the players and sign a few more gems and we could be very successful next year.

A few players who I expect to come through more next year are:

Nicklas Bendtner

A very good player, good passing and can run at defenders as well at being great in the air. He has scored 9 this season, and although not a perfect partner for Adebayor, he will start more next season.

Theo Walcott

One of the top young players in the Premiership. His style and pace are fantastic. He has started more and more this season and proved himself, i.e. at Anfield. Expect him to start on the right wing, and more up front next year. Maybe some more goals too.

Alex Song

Badmouthed by some fans, he has proven his quality in the new year, first at the ANC, and then with some good performances in defence. A possible replacement for Flamini, or maybe a new centre back

Armand Traore

Looks like he may get a chance on the left wing after his conversion from left back. He looked good coming on against Everton, and provided the cross for the goal. Him and Clichy would be a menacing duo on the left flank, pace, power, and passing in attack and defence.

Carlos Vela

Another much talked about player. He has done well on loan at Osasuna, and Wenger will recall him next season possibly for a starting line up. Don’t know loads about him. Let me know your impressions in the comments.

Just a quick summary, if you think of any more then feel free to add them in the comments section.

Also congratulations to Arsenal Ladies, double winners, the most successful women’s team in the land.

Arsenal Players Look to The Future As Theo’s Girl Slags Off WAGs

Cesc rues the dropping of points here

“For us, it is already next season now”

He said we would come back stronger:

“because we are young, because we want to play, because we are hungry for titles”.

I can see where he’s coming from, you can see in the desire we showed the season that next year we will be raring to go, I am sure the team will want to put this disappointment out of their minds.

Adebayor echoes his sentiments here:

“What was also important is that we sent out a message to our rivals that despite all the disappointments we have had in the past couple of months we are sticking together and showing that we are getting better and better.

“This season we may end up with nothing – but it will not look the same this time next year.”

Meanwhile Wenger believes we were “one game away” from being champions this year:

“I feel we were one game away in this championship. If we win at Old Trafford, we are champions. It’s just one game, and in that game we were 1-0 up and we had two or three chances to score the second goal, so you cannot say we had a bad season. We have 77 points and we have won championships with 78.”

This is so true, we are only 4 points off the leaders, and if we had won at Old Trafford then that would put us on 80 and Man U on 78. Anyway, no point thinking of missed chances, just take the desire into next season and unleash our amazing football on the Premiership!

Wenger was pleased with Adebayor’s performance against Derby, and had this to say on his 30 goal man:

“There is more in the locker than what he is doing at the moment, but how much I don’t know. If he repeats that year in, year out, that’s a mark of class.”

Adebayor deserves the praise a top class striker, he is young and in his first big season he has been excellent. If you agree then say so, because Ade gets a bit of stick on the web!

He had a less positive comment about the Flamster, who is probably going,

“I’m waiting for him to come back to me and tell me whether he’s going”

In other news, Theo Walcott’s bird, Melanie Slade, has criticised the so-called WAGs:

“I hate the stereotype – the shopping all day long, the short dresses and massive sunglasses.

“The wannabes who are so desperate to sleep with a footballer have no respect for themselves, no ambition, nothing.”

Apparently Theo calls her “waggy” when he wants to insult her! Haha, very good, nice to see some sensible comments about people like Cheryl Cole…

Thats all from me!

Let me know what you think about Adebayor and his 30 goals!

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Derby Highlights: Six Goals and Third Place is Ours

An easy win at Pride Park saw Adebayor grab a second half hattrick, taking him to 30 goals this season, to secure at least a third place finish for the Arse.

Derby 2-6
(HT 1-2)
McEveley 31
Earnshaw 77
Bendtner 25
Van Persie 39
Adebayor 59
Walcott 78
Adebayor 81
Adebayor 90

The game was enjoyable, unless you were a Derby fan, we played well without ever really moving out of second gear.

For highlights click here.

Derby came at us in the first half but the game didn’t start at a great pace, neither side had much to play for. We rested players, Denilson starting in midfield, and Walcott on the left, with Bendtner and RVP upfront.

Went 1-0 up through a defensive mistake allowed RVP to set up Bendtner, but Derby equalised soon after through a knock down from a free kick crossed into the box.

Another defensive error from Derby, saw Van Persie leave his marker, and chest down a lovely ball from Toure in the penalty area and place the ball in the top right at close range.

Van Persie strained his thigh, so was taken off for Adebayor at half time.

Van Persie just keeps struggling to recover. He has been out for most of this season. He is an amazing player, just never seems fit for us.. I hope he can get over it for next year, because with him in the side we are much much more dangerous in attack.

Ade scored his first after half time, only for Derby to sneak one back through Rob Earnshaw. We immediately stepped up the gears and scored 2 more, a lovely goal from Walcott, and Ade’s second. We were just toying with Derby creating numerous chances and passing excellently.

Adebayor got his hattrick in extra time after a defence splitting pass from Fabregas allowed him to take it past Carroll and put it in the net.

Wenger had this to say:

“This team has a great future, I believe we were really unlucky not to win something this year.

“It is always a problem not to win trophies but I love this team, love the way they behave and the way they play.

“This was a typical Arsenal display, we were always dangerous and were good technically. They all impressed me.”

Here’s to the future..

It’s All About Hleb

According to the Telegraph he was caught on camera ‘slapping’ Reading’s Graeme Murty in the second half. It seems to be bery little in it, but he could get a 3 match ban. The FA are going to review the video evidence.

If he is banned he will miss the last 3 games, and we will lose a key player who could help us get to second place.

After the ‘ice-cream’ story it turns out he can leave the club under the ‘webster clause’ this summer. When a player is under 28 it allows him to buy out his contract after 3 years, and this applies to Hleb, whose contact was for 5 years, signed in 2005. It is very possible that he could go to Milan!

Wenger is pretty worried about it, and certainly needs to try and keep this squad together if he wants to push for honours. He has warned Alex that moving clubs doesn’t always bring success!

“I believe Alex will stay but you cannot stop the rumours when players are in this type of situation,”

“But I want Hleb to stay like everybody else.”You can go to Real Madrid and Barcelona, but you have no more guarantees to win trophies. And from this season we should get the belief we can win trophies and come back to win the title.”

Ade is linked with AC, and of course Flamini still hasn’t signed. I don’t expect many key players to leave. Realistically I hope only Lehmann and maybe Gilberto will go. Gilberto says he needs to talk to the Boss about his future. Click here.

Gilberto has been a true professional this season, even thoiugh he lost his place he has kept going with little fuss, and the veteran scored on Saturday, a reward for his hard work in the last 2 games. I don’t think he will stay, but he is good cover if he does.

SkySports have picked up on the Theo interview in the Reading Programme. Theo has said that he will miss his target for this season in terms of games and goals:

“At the start of this season I wanted to make 20 to 25 starts and score five goals,”

“At the moment I’m on 17 starts and five goals, so it looks like I will fall short of that.”

On the subject of Theo, the Boss says here that the Reading match was his ‘most complete game’ yet, and his physical side of the game has improved:

“Theo is not a monster, but he has great body power. When he starts on the first five yards, it is like you throw him away. You do not see him, he is gone. That is more important than just more power. But the way we play, we can take advantage of his qualities.

“Before he was always a bit out of the physical contact side of the game, now he looks for it. I told him he had to be more aggressive and determined. He is that now.
“I feel next season began on Saturday for him. I don’t know yet if I will start with him for the rest of the season, but there is a good chance yes.

“It is down to him now, how much he wants it. But I hope he continues to produce this type of performance and on his account are 10 or 15 goals, because that is what you should aim for.”

Gallas has also urged all our players to stay at the club, to challenge for honours next season:

“For next season we want all the players to stay here,”

“It would be good if we can keep this group together because we know each other very well and we know what we can do.

“We came very close to winning something this year, but you get nothing for being close.

“We want to get second place and to finish the season strongly, by winning every game.”

Gallas is spot on here. If players like Flamini and Hleb leave we will struggle to replace their quality. It is so vital that the squad sticks together, because we really are good enough to be a very successful team.

We should try to finish second this year, and aim to start srtongly next season, with more maturity and experience from this campaign!

Arsenal 2-0 Reading Highlights And Walcott

Sorry for the lateness of the post.

Yesterday we beat Reading very comfortably, 2-0 at the Grove. It was our first victory at home since the 11th of February, when we beat Blackburn 2-0.

Highlights here.

Arsenal 2-0
(HT 2-0)
Adebayor 30
Silva 38
Kitson 28
Bikey 58
Sonko 71

The match itself was the most one sided I have seen this season. Reading had few chances and didn’t play well going forward.

We should have scored several more than we did. Theo had a shot which hit the bar, and a Van Persie free kick richocehted off the underneath of the bar and out!

It was pretty frustatring in that respect, we completely out played Reading with some good passing moves, but we didn’t score more. I thought RVP played very well as did Fabregas who had a stormer in central midfield.

Meanwhile Man Utd almost lost at Blackburn, an 88th minute Tevez equaliser gained them a point. It jsut shows how close we would have been had we picked up a few more points.

Wenger said this here:

In this match we showed what quality we do have and that the team is strong.”

“We are still ambitious – we have 74 points and want to finish with 83 points which is a decent total. We want to finish off as close as we can to the winners of the league.”

“We showed pride and responded after the disappointment of last week. We have to bounce back because the strong always come back stronger.”

“We have a very young team with a great future.”

This is true and there’s not much more you can say really. We want to finish as high as possible and get 3 wins from our remaining 3 games!

Theo wants his chance upfront next season here.

Fabregas confirmed his future lies with Arsenal. Click Here.

Busy day ahead so just a quick one, got to go!!

Flamini Contract And Reading Preview

Reading, Saturday 19th April, 1245 KO. Ashburton Grove

I’ll be at this game. Click here for BBC preview.

Line Up


Toure Gallas Song Clichy

Walcott Gilberto Fabregas Hleb

Adebayor Van Persie

There’s a good chance Theo Walcott will get a start today, he has impressed going forward, and now that some of the pressure is lifted maybe Arsene will be thinking a bit more attack minded.

Song will probably start again, unless Wenger has a reshuffle and puts Toure at centre back and Eboue on the right. Senderos probably won’t be back. I think Le Boss wants Song to get some games under his belt to step up for next season. He performed well at the African Cup of Nations so it will be good to see how he does.

Of course Mad Jens is in there as well! Apart from that unchanged.

Coppell commented earlier in the week about changing the Reading line up after their defeat at Craven Cottage, which has been hyped up a lot. Reading have a poor away record, but in the Premiership everyone is good enough to beat anyone on their day, and Reading are scrapping at the bottom of the table. We still have to see this season out so a good performance and plenty of concentration will do fine for me!
We are still linked to loads of players, none of whom we will sign.

Also Wenger had this to say about Flamini’s contract situation:

“We are getting close to ‘yes’ or -no’”

He wants to stay and I believe him. But as long as he has not signed, he is free to sign where he wants. We have set ourselves a target at the end of April to finalise the situation, one way or the other.

“April is an absolute deadline because, afterwards, we have to make decisions in the transfer market. My first target is to keep the team together, but we want to continue to respect our wage structure. That is very important. Flamini has to fit in that.”

This is all good stuff, and I think there’s a good chance he might stay. I know thats what we need.

Here Wenger agress with my opinion that defensive errors have been our problem this season.

Arsene looks ahead to the Reading game:

“Now is a good opportunity for us to show mental strength and to finish as well as we can, as high as we can because second place is still possible.”

This is so true for us, we have to play for our pride and for second spot, if Avram and Chelski beat us to it I won’t be happy.

Anyway, I feel sick, so I’m off. Plus I have a game to get to!

Arsenal Title Hopes Over Manchester United 2 – 1 Arsenal

First off,

We didn’t deserve to lose yesterday.

Highlights here.

Man Utd

Ronaldo 54 (pen)
Hargreaves 72


Adebayor 48

Even Fergie was a little gracious:

“Arsenal had some great moments, they were brilliant at times. They bossed the first half.

We played some of the best football we have this season.

It was a great game to watch, but to be honest after I saw us concede another lead through silly mistakes I felt a bit sick.

Don Howe approved of the decision to include Song, I did too. He has some good tactical analysis here.

All the idiots who are going blame Wenger and the players etc. etc. etc. can shut up. We are an amazing team and if it wasn’t for injuries such as Eduardo, Rosicky, RVP and bad luck then we could have had success this season.

Ade had some great chances to put us in front in the first half, and we had some great passing moves.

Hleb was menacing in the hole, RVP was contributing from the wing, as was Clichy and Fabregas was pulling the strings in midfield.

Gilberto had a shot blocked by Song in the area after a corner and we looked dominant.

I thought we should have been in the lead and we were playing well, Eboue was even making some good runs and passes.

We came out in the second half and scored, RVP put in an excellent cross and Adebayor had a header which came off his arm. I thought it was a deserved goal and a decision going in our favour for once after all the hard luck we’ve had!!

But within minutes that horrible feeling was back, another penalty conceded, this time for a Gallas handball in our box, where there really was no need for it to happen. We just can’t hold on to leads at the moment, and it seems to have defined the last third of the season. Many of the goals we concede are not actually in open play, but dead ball situations.

Anyway Ronaldo put the ball away after having to retake the penalty for encroachment in the area by Park. he slotted iot away in the same position, bottom left, just out of Lehmann’s reach.

Their second goal came after Evra was tripped needlessly right in front of our box. Hargreaves went for it and Lehmann was too far over, it went in the empty right hand side of the goal. lehmann didn’t even move, he knew it was too far for him to reach.

We put on Walcott, and then nearer the end Bendtner, both did well. Bendtner had several headers saved by Van Der Sar and created chances. Walcott had a few good runs and played well generally.

We looked like we might actually get another goal, bombarding their defence, we were playing for our season and our pride.

After a superhuman effort on our part, the final whistle went and we lost.

Thats all you can say. We now want Man U to beat Chelsea because I really want second place.

Wenger said here: and here

“This team is amazing, They keep going and I am so proud of all of them.

“I feel we were very unlucky not to win the game, but we have to accept what happened.

“In the last two months we have had a blip, but we have not had much luck either and you could see that again today.

“I believe this team is good enough to win things and our biggest target now is to keep the group together.”

“we don’t feel there’s a different technical quality between us and Chelsea and Manchester United,”

“I’m not an idealist [and] I feel we must win trophies. We lacked a bit of maturity in some games but trophies will come.”

“The winner is praised beyond reason, the guy who does not is slaughtered,”

This is all so true, and I feel that although the result was painful, I feel good in a wierd way, about next season, the players we have and the style of football is amazing and we have a great future.

Wenger knows the squad needs adding to, and he knows they need to mature, but I hope we keep it together because we do have something amazing.

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