Adebayor is staying at Arsenal – Don’t listen to agents!

Emmanuel Adebayor has yet again denied the rumours that he is leaving Arsenal.

Speaking in Vienna he told the press:

“I am an Arsenal player and have three years left on my contract. “The most important thing for me is to keep on enjoying my football. I’m staying at Arsenal.

This is the second, or third time that he has denied the rumours surrounding him. Morabito is a moron for saying that Ade would be leaving.

It seems obvious to me that Ade wants to stay, and that Wenger wants him to stay.

Milan have said he is their main target for the summer, which is odd, but it is probably just to put pressure on the player and the club, and unsettle.

Also I reckon Hleb will stay too, the transfer rumours which were abounding last month seem to have died down, and realistically it looks like he will be playing for us next season – who wants him? Barcelona?? They say they’re getting Arshavin, so they won’t want Hleb. No-one else is seriously interested.

4 thoughts on “Adebayor is staying at Arsenal – Don’t listen to agents!

  1. Lozy

    I agree with you in thinking that both Ade and Hleb will stay. They were both excellent players for us last season, and if they both stay we should be able to pick up at least one majour trophy.

  2. diceman1984

    I dont know anymore if he will go or stay. He kept saying he will stay but everyone else are so sure he’s going.

    I happened to think that why would he go play in uefa cup? Milan is a big club but does that mean arsenal is not good enough? It was good enough for Henry when he was the best in the world so why would it not be for Ade? Money? Probably especially when his agent will be millions pound richer if he leaves. Like Flamini, I really liked him but 1 great season under Wenger doesn’t mean you will be again for other teams(look at ex players who left for money!)

    He’s great but if he does leave in the end it’s ok, we’ll not be worse off that’s for sure.

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