Rosicky off the crutches has some good news regarding Rosicky’s recovery:

“To lose the crutches has been a great relief. For six weeks after the surgery I was strictly ordered not to make a single movement without the crutches. Now that is over, but I will not remember it kindly”

“Wednesday was the first time I walked without any support. It is nothing great, but at least I can walk. I am stumbling and getting used to it. After a long time without proper movements, my knee is stiff. It just needs time.”

“In a few days I am flying to England. In London there is a more sophisticated rehabilitation schedule waiting for me. I don’t know what it will be like, but at least I will be doing something at last. I am sure the Arsenal specialists have thought it through well.”

This is great news, what we need next season is a Tomas Rosicky who is incredibly fit, consistent, not injured and scores goals from midfield!

8 thoughts on “Rosicky off the crutches

  1. Ali Ratcliffe

    I absolutely love Tommy. A fully fit season for him would basically be a new signing for us.

    His lack of presence is one of the main reasons we didn’t hold onto the league, no doubt.

  2. Ali, you’re naive to think that he’ll be back in form as soon as he put on Arsenal jersey. Did you see how out of shape van Persie was against Derby? He missed a couple of sitters- those were the things you could swear he would’nt do.

    Rossicky will take at least 6 months to get in shape and a couple months more to get used to the team rythm. By which time the season would be ending. Injury kills a lot of things.

  3. diceman1984

    Fully FIT Rosicky and fully FIT Van Persie will be like 2 new signings. Remember how well Robin started last season? Too bad ’cause if we have these two for the end of last season then I’m sure we have way better chance of winning trophies.

  4. Gunner Danladi

    Coming back of Rocicky is not a big deal, the only way out is 2 get enough substitute on the bench otherwise is going 2 be the same all story.

  5. When Pires came back from a serious injury it took him a little while to grow accustomed to things, but he did. Hopefully the same will apply to Rosicky – he’s a class player whom we are yet to see the very best of. With a bit of luck we’ll see that next season.

    As diceman1984 said; Rosicky and RvP fully fit would be as good as two new signings – perhaps better in some respects as they’ll both already be familiar with the club and the pace of the Premiership.

  6. Yeah, they are both excellent players – and we missed them last season.

    It’s so shit that they are out injured all the time because they contribute a great deal to the team.

    You can see Wenger has thought through about how to create a team – but when two players you think will be an integral part of your first team are always out, it puts a spanner in the works.

    A fit Rosicky and RVP will bring us trophies.

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