Phil Brown is talking rubbish – listen to his radio interview today

The BBC interviewed Phil Brown today, and he sounded rather sheepish about the furore Hull have caused. Click here to listen to the interview. There are no witnesses to the alledged Fabregas spitting incident. He is now bringing up superfluous facts about Fabregas wearing inappropriate clothing. He can’t even remember what he said last night, he sounds very uncomfortable during the interview.

Another one of his claims, that Wenger has never shaken his hand after games this season is also clearly untrue. See the photos below for proof of Wenger shaking his hand after the 2-1 defeat in the league in September. Also click here for the Eurosport photo.

He is quoted:

“He wouldn’t shake my hand when we beat them fairly 2-1 at the Emirates, he wouldn’t shake my hand when they beat us, fairly, 3-1 at the KC Stadium.” have posted Wenger’s reaction here, you can listen to his response on the BBC today. Wenger has a perfectly reasonable explanation for not shaking hands, and the spitting allegations seem to be out of the blue totally. Fabregas vehemently denies them.

This is Brown’s post match press conference:

One word is going through my head – bull***t. This is another Sam Allardyce in the making. Phil obviously learned a lot during his time with ‘Big Sam’.

The FA have now written to Hull to ask them what exactly is going on. This all seems very strange. To be honest Phil Brown sounds like he is suffering from the pressure he is under at the moment.

I think we need to know the truth, these allegations are just Hull’s bitterness towards us for winning. Look at the evidence Phil, it just isn’t there, and you sound like a very, very sore loser.

19 thoughts on “Phil Brown is talking rubbish – listen to his radio interview today

  1. RedCurrant

    I’m not disagreeing with you, but are you sure that photo – despite what the subtitle says – wasn’t taken *before* the game in September? Emirates is usually half empty by the final whistle. . .

  2. The other link shows the same handshake from a different angle and that says this:
    “Hull City’s manager Phil Brown shakes hands with Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger (r) after the final whistle. – Saturday September 27”
    I think that is conclusive enough.

  3. Liar Liar

    The orange man is lying through his teeth that is plain to see in the interview. Forget what is coming out of his mouth and look at his body language when he lies about the spitting. He does not look the reporter in the eye (in the other questions he looks directly at the questioner). Also notice how is eyes look to the right when he claims Cesc spat at Horton ( a sure sign from the body that it is lying).


  4. SGunner

    I googled “phil brown body language” the moment I saw the interview to see if anyone else noticed it. Seems to be the case. The guy is LYING!

    1. Very interesting, it was the first thing i noticed on watching the video. Touching his face and shifting around so much when his claims were put under scrutiny, and then avoiding the question.

  5. Pablo

    Yeah, he has all the body language attributes of a liar, but what’s worse is to persist in the fiction that Wenger never shook his hand undermines any piece of credibility that he might have had. On seeing the after match interview, I was stunned and amazed (and did not believe it at all), as well as the stupid and ill-considered questions and comments by the Setanta crew (except to a degree, John Hartson).
    I am not aware Brown has committed any criminal act in lying, but if I were Cesc, I would bring counter charges against him, or at the very least the FA should fine him, as it is an outrageous libelous accusation, sure to heap calumny his reputation.
    The other thing is, even if the referee did make a mistake, there is not one clear shot of the punching/ heading that is conclusive. Perhaps the referee could have given Hull the benefit of he doubt. But he didn’t, and that’s the end of it. Call me biased, but it did look like it came off the goalkeeper.

  6. Martin Johnson

    Its just unbelievable how pathetic Brown is. Not only is it clearly obvious that he’s lying about cesc spitting at the assistant, but the whole handshake thing is ridiculous. Not only is there evidence to show that they shaked hands when hull beat us at the emirates, but i just saw a clip of him and wenger shaking hands at the KC when we beat them, the link is:

  7. whether a mistake was made or not, phil browns comments aren’t justified by that decision. i also can’t believe he still says wenger did not shake his hand when hull beat us. I agree sam allardyce taught him well. karma can be a bitch so we’ll see what happens…

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  9. JW-A_Gooner

    Martin Johnson (March 20th) provides the link to video of the handshake at the KC. What you’ll notice is a load of other clips at the bottom featuring Cesc – including him spitting in the face of Michael Ballack.

    I’m a lifelong gooner, but I thought Cesc’s defence was that he’d never spat at another player in his career…….?

    The fact is, spitting goes on all the time and needs to be stopped, and it could be if the FA wanted to – it’s not that we’re short of video evidence. But I’m not sure the FA are capable of bringing “Respect” into the game given their lack of consistency.

    Whether Faregas did or didn’t spit is irrelevant – this whole Hull thing is nuts. A poor refereeing decision (like that never happens), Arsenal won. Hull – move on!

    I had admired Hull this season – now they’re self destructing. It’s just as well we haven’t got to play them at the KC – they might refuse to play with the big boys and take the ball home!

      1. No problem – the whole Ballack thing was based on an awful quality youtube video. The referee was right there and didn’t note Fabregas spitting – just gave him a yellow for shouting at Ballack

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