The goal that won Arsenal the Premiership – Wiltord at Old Trafford – Video Post

This is a classic Arsenal moment. The goal that won us the title in 2001 – 2002 at Old Trafford. Wiltord scored, after Ljungberg’s shot was saved. The win gave us the Double that season, after we won the FA Cup too!

Ljungberg was a crucial player in the run in, scoring many goals with his famous runs into the box. That season was arguably the height of Ljungberg’s Arsenal career.

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A fantastic moment, hopefully we will have some more of these this season.

Analysis of another Old Trafford Arsenal scorer – Adebayor.

Arsenal’s finances – an analysis

I came across this link earlier which I think is worth sharing with you.

It goes over Arsenal’s revenue streams, looking at why foreign investors might want to buy Arsenal out. There is also analysis of shareholders.

Click to read the article.

Check the link here at Arsenal Column. Or click the picture above.

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What does Silvestre mean for Arsenal

Mikael Silvestre signed for Arsenal from Man Utd in the shock signing of the season yesterday. Reportedly the fee was around GBP 750 000, which I think is worthwhile for an experienced defender.

Silvestre is 31, he plays at left back and in central defence, and he is a good addition to the squad.

I still think that the one midfielder Wenger wanted is on his way, Silvestre was just a good bit of buisness he spotted.

It is worrying that Man Utd sold him to us, as maybe that means they don’t see us a title rivals, but if it turns out that he provides good cover, or even breaks into the first team and plays alongside Gallas, it will be a shrewd bit of business on Wenger’s part.

Last season we bemoaned the lack of experience and strength in depth, especially in defence and if Silvestre can clear that up then I will be very happy.

We shouldn’t have any animosity towards him, he may have played 9 years for the Mancs but he is an Arsenal player now. I hope that he provides a new aspect to our game.

Vieira, just how we remember him!

Remember those glory days, when we battled it out with Man Utd evey season for the title and Vieira graced our midfield? Remember the antics of our players, Vieira in the tunnel with Keane, the brawls, Keown on Van Nistelrooy, the pizza incident?

Well it seems the rivalry is for life, as during France – Holland, Vieira, ex-Arsenal, and Van Nistelrooy, ex-ManUre, had an argument in the tunneland ‘traded insults’. Vieira was also spat at by a Dutch fan.

Van Nistelrooy purposely waited for Vieira after the 4-1 defeat to the Dutch in Berne last Friday. There is a video, which I am looking for showing Vieira in the tunnel apparently being pulled away from arguing with Evra, and apparently Van Nistelrooy was waiting afterwards.

Anyone got a link to the video? It would be interesting to see!


Thanks to Dariano we now have a video, this footage only shows a clash with Evra, before the problems with Van Nistelrooy.

Ramsey signs on for the Arsenal

Aaron Ramsey, the 17 year old ex-Cardiff player has signed up with us, ahead of Man Utd! Cardiff Chaorman Peter Risdale had this to say:

“Arsenal’s bid is a very straightforward, no-strings-attached, £5 million cash offer – simple. The only deal with a loan-back option was with Manchester United, but, ultimately, it’s up to the player to decide.”

“On a straight cash basis Arsenal’s offer was the best bid on the table…When you get a player like Aaron it was very difficult to not give him the opportunity to go to one of the top Premier League clubs.”

Ramsey himself commented:

“It is an honour to be wanted by massive clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United and Everton. In the end I had to make the decision I felt was right for my future.”

John Hartson, former Wales and Arsenal striker said:

“I think he’s made a brave decision really because he’s so young but it’s probably the right decision because he’s got a great opportunity going to Arsenal, a wonderful club, working with the likes of Arsene Wenger and Pat Rice and he’ll blossom. I feel he’ll go from strength to strength.

“He’ll be feeling a lot of nerves, a lot of excitement and anticipation. But at that age nerves don’t play a huge factor because you feel you can handle anything. He has the potential to hit all sorts of heights. I’m pleased for Aaron Ramsey because he has worked hard and now got his chance. I hope he’s not feeling the pressure too much. He’s got to go out and enjoy his football because he’s obviously a very talented lad.”

This is a big signing for us, and snatched from under United’s noses! Ha ha! Apparently one of the reasons he decided to join us is because Wenger met him personally while Fergie stayed on holiday in the South of France. Also Arsenal are known for developing youth players and giving them a chance in the first team.

I don’t think  he will be a regular for next season, but he is a good young player.

This versatile player, normally plays as an attacking midfielder or player and hes a pretty exciting prospect, hopefully he can go far for the Gunners!

Ramsey is meeting Wenger, that’s all folks

Hello, I hope you are all enjoying the spectacular Euro 2008. It’s so much more fun when England aren’t in it!!

The news today is that Ramsey has flown out to Switzerland to meet Arsene Wenger.

Ridsdale, the Cardiff chairman:

“I spoke to Aaron on Friday night.

“He told me he’d had a great day at United and was on his way to see Arsene. After that, the final decision is up to the boy.

“Aaron spoke to Sir Alex Ferguson before visiting United. He’s a sensible lad and will listen to what Arsene has to say.”

I still think this guy will go to Man Utd, he seems the sort of player who they would sign, and Man Utd say they will loan him back to Cardiff if he signs, which may sway the player.

It will be interesting to see what his decision really is. A young prospect is never a bad thing to have at your club I suppose!

Hopefully Wenger’s intellectual charms can win the boy over after Alex “Rudolf” Ferguson had his way with him.

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Are Arsenal in for Ramsey?

Man Utd have had a bid accepted for Aaron Ramsey of Cardiff. The 17 year old is highly rated and Man Utd are leading the race for his signature. Are Arsenal also in the running?

Another top Premiership club has had a bid accepted by Cardiff, they stated:

“We can confirm that on 3 June the club has received formal bids from three top Premier League teams for Aaron Ramsey… Aaron has been given permission to speak to two of these teams.

The BBC says it’s Arsenal. I can believe that, but I think this guy is Man Utd bound.

Arsenal Injury Injury, now on to Old Trafford

So, Man Utd at Old Trafford tomorrow, 5.15pm.

It looks like we have quite a big list of injuries to contend with, Kerrea Gilbert was on the bench against Blackburn, that shows how little coverage we have at the moment. Traore may start tomorrow, against Ronaldo, which doesn’t bode well.

In the end it is not the first priority, and I would rather have the Premiership than the FA Cup, As much I’d like to win everything the league is 38 games of consistent form and the cup is one off ties, so anything could happen tomorrow, whether we have a stronger team or not. As long as we keep winning I don’t mind!!

Adebayor is cool, so is Willy Gallas, against Blackburn it was so satisfying to see Adebayor get the goal he deserves and for him and Gallas to celebrate together.

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David Beckham at Arsenal? Ade gets the 1,000th

ArseSpeak, my first blog launches today with this first post!

So, a quick overview of the news from the 14th of November before I go to bed..

There are reports that David Beckham may train with Arsenal for the Christmas period to keep his fitness up as the MLS season has now finished. Arsenal are one of a number of clubs rumoured to be allowing Beckham to train with them, we shall see what happens.

After Monday night’s 3-1 win at Reading we are sitting nicely at the top of the table going into the international break. I didn’t see the whole game, due to annoying problems with my computer while I was streaming it. It looked like we were playing good football, Adebayor’s disallowed goal definitely was not offside. in any case he scored our 1, 000th Premiership goal, his first for 8 games which he admits was starting to worry him. Wenger says on the victory showed we had the patience to keep going while Reading shut up shop. A little disappointing to concede the goal at the end but top of the league with a game in hand; I’m not complaining!

Stupid comments by Coppell about limiting foreign players playing in the Premiership. These just keep on coming.. Mourinho has also targeted Arsenal about this with some totally unfounded claims about Wenger’s transfer policy. Platini has also been sticking his nose in recently (nice to see his proposal for more cup winners in the CL getting kicked off the park by UEFA the other day). These people need to understand that limiting foreign players won’t make English players play better it will only lower the standard of the league. Wenger points out that between 1966 and 1996 there weren’t many foreigners and our national team performed worse than it has done since 1996.

On the upside Kitson speaks nicely about Arsenal, saying that we play excellent football and deserve a reward for it. Its nice to hear some praise for a team playing brilliant football instead of all the crap about foreigners.

The Ferguson abuse saga continues..Wenger has spoken out, saying that he could make some dossier on the crap that he gets at Old Trafford. Really this is one of the most stupid cases I have heard of. There is abuse at every football match directed at players/ staff, and I’m sure that Man City give just as much to Fergie and Man Yoo as he got at Arsenal.

So probably a quiet few days till Wigan at home, on the 24th. Hopefully this pesky international break won’t disrupt the side too much and I will be praying for no more injuries like Van Persie’s.

That’s all people, thanks for reading, see you tomorrow

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