Maybe I was wrong on Adebayor. Use the money and buy someone better

In the last few days I have been blogging about the Adebayor rumours. I was thinking that he would stay and that he was dedicated to Arsenal, but his most recent comments show he is an idiot, if he said them.

I am getting sick of all the transfer talk, I think that Ade wants to leave.

You will have all read the comments:

“Milan are a big club but the fact they are not playing in the Champions League next season is less of a challenge. Barcelona have made a good financial offer and there is also the chance to play alongside great players.

“Yes, I am still under contract to Arsenal but it’s up to the directors to satisfy my demands or I’ll leave. If my good form of last season has increased my value, my employers have to take account of that.

“I have to prepare for my retirement. Even if you are not scoring fine goals and you have money, you can enjoy a happy retirement. The time for preparing for that moment is now.”

“People ask if I am asking for the same salary as Henry. That is not necessarily the question. But I am being considered a worthy replacement for Henry while not deserving his salary. The question lies on this level.”

What an idiot – money-grabbing is all I can say. I am sure there has been some funny business – probably involving Ade’s agent – Stephane Courbis. Only a few days ago he was saying, he would stay. Now we hear all this about negotiations and money and being valued etc etc etc.

He isn’t Henry – his head sounds like it’s getting way too big..

I don’t want to talk about it really. If he wants to leave then let him. I can’t be bothered with him. I think he is a great player, but you can’t have someone in the squad who will affect morale.

This puts Wenger’s comments into context – he isn’t worried – but it doesn’t mean Ade will stay – because he will use the money to buy another striker.

Anyway, I hope the whole mess can sort itself out. If Ade does leave then we need a top class replacement with the money we will get.

Wenger says Adebayor will be at Arsenal next season

Arsene Wenger agrees with me!

UPDATE 29/06: Maybe he doesn’t! I’m getting a bit worried that Ade will leave now to be honest.

He thinks that Adebayor will be an Arsenal player next season too.

“He’s under contract and that’s quite simple. I can tell you as manager of Arsenal football club I’m not worried.

“Of course I expect him to be at Arsenal next season – he’s under contract.”

When Wenger was asked if he would be meeting the player next week as Ade said yesterday, Wenger responded;

“No – I’ve already met him.”

I still can’t believe that Arsenal would let him go to Milan or Barcelona. The fact that Ade hinted he would be sitting down with his agent Stephane Courbis to discuss this shows that it may be an agent driven move.

Ade has a contract, he said that, Wenger isn’t worried and has met him, and Ade has said he loves the club and wants to stay.

I’m not naiive. I know players will move to where the money is, and I have seen the Anelka saga unfold etc. I also know that even if players say they will stay they don’t neccesarily, but still, I think that it would be so crazy for us to let this guy go.

It can’t happen.

But maybe it will!

Adebayor is staying at Arsenal – Don’t listen to agents!

Emmanuel Adebayor has yet again denied the rumours that he is leaving Arsenal.

Speaking in Vienna he told the press:

“I am an Arsenal player and have three years left on my contract. “The most important thing for me is to keep on enjoying my football. I’m staying at Arsenal.

This is the second, or third time that he has denied the rumours surrounding him. Morabito is a moron for saying that Ade would be leaving.

It seems obvious to me that Ade wants to stay, and that Wenger wants him to stay.

Milan have said he is their main target for the summer, which is odd, but it is probably just to put pressure on the player and the club, and unsettle.

Also I reckon Hleb will stay too, the transfer rumours which were abounding last month seem to have died down, and realistically it looks like he will be playing for us next season – who wants him? Barcelona?? They say they’re getting Arshavin, so they won’t want Hleb. No-one else is seriously interested.

Cesc is in a Final – Euro 2008

After coming off the bench again last night against Russia, Fabregas showed what a quality player he is.

Spain beat Russia 3-0 and now face Germany in the Final.

Cesc came on as a substitute for the injured David Villa on 34 minutes.

In the 50th minute Xavi put away Iniesta’s cross, the second came from a superb Fabregas pass from which substitute Daniel Guiza converted on 73 and then Fabregas played in Silva for a the last goal on 82 minutes.

Arshavin was poor, as were the rest of the Russians, Spain sparkled.

But Fabregas is the player everyone is talking about. He is such a great player and now he is proving on the international stage. Barca must be kicking themselves even harder than they have for the last few years over losing this guy.

Some of the players in the current Arsenal squad are fantastic talents and Fabregas is the jewel in the crown.

Anyway I’m just happy that he played so well, now they just have to beat Germany in the Final and everthing will be great!

Barca bid for Adebayor and Hleb? Are Arsenal a selling club?

The news is rife with stories concerning Adebayor and Hleb and whether they will leave.

On Thursday we heard that AC Milan’s sole transfer target this summer is now Adebayor. Barcelona are also chasing his signature. AC Milan scout Ernesto Bronzetti says Milan still have a chance, but that Barca already have a deal:

“Let’s say we have a 50 per cent chance, a lot will depend on the wishes of the player in the end. Arsenal want to sell him to Barcelona, for their own motives. Barcelona tell me they already have an agreement with the player. I only know that the Barcelona president, Laporta, after having been doubted, now wants to shut everyone up by buying a big-name forward.”

“I do know they won’t have the economic means to buy him until they sell Eto’o or Ronaldinho, so I’d advise Milan not to buy either of them or they’ll finance the operation of taking Adebayor to Barcelona.

“(Saying the players weren’t needed) was a massive strategic error. Now anyone who wants to buy those players is maybe going to wait until August 29.”

Ade has come forward to say that he won’t comment, although he has said he will stay before, this media frenzy does worry me:

“Now I do not want to comment on anything relating to FC Barcelona, perhaps later it may be necessary but not now,”

“It is better to wait.”

Barcelona are also interested in Hleb and have reportedly offered about 50 million Euros for the pair. I’m not sure if they will leave, Goodplaya says that we will sell Adebayor if the money is right and replace him with Santa Cruz. I don’t like the idea of that happening, not at all. I think Ade is vital to the team and we need to keep it together – but Santa Cruz would be a quality replacement if he did leave.

Hleb, is a controversial issue these days, Wrighty7 doesn’t want to see him in an Arsenal shirt again after all theat has happened in the last few months. I would love to see him stay, but I would be much less worried about him leaving than Adebayor – simply because in Adebayor we have found a top stirker just at the right time, whereas Hleb is replacable.

If either do leave I will be worried about our ambition to be honest, if that did happen it would seem like we have become a selling club, and that isn’t how you become a successful club. I jus hope Arsenal find the right direction.

Talking of Adebayor there’s a great article on the BBC about his life and growing up in Togo, he seems like a genuinely nice chap.

Anyway, enjoy your Saturday/Sunday, I’m off!

Barca negotiate for Hleb and Adebayor, but will either go?

Barcelona have been involved in transfer negotiations for Alex Hleb for some time now. They are also apparently looking to pick up Adebayor on the way as well.

Hleb seemed more likely to leave than Adebayor. Wenger recently faxed AC Milan to tell them Adebayor ‘is not for sale — not for money or gold’.” and I can’t see that his attitude to Barcelona will be any different over Ade.

According to Barcelona they might not sign Hleb either. Barca vice-President Marc Ingla:

“The negotiation with Hleb is still in progress and despite him being a player with special qualities, if his club are not ready [to sell him], we have other options in mind,”

A lot of the rumours seem to have been started by papers with nothing better to write and fuelled by statements from agents. Players words can also be twisted to misprepresent them as well.

Adebayor has spoken this summer already about his desire to stay as an Arsenal player, and that is the only outcome I can see. Hleb has not been so forthcoming, and his agent said he wanted to leave, but as time passes it looks less likely.

The whole situation will be done and dusted come the end of the transfer window, so wait and see, but don’t be suprised if both of these players are wearing Arsenal shirts next season.

Van Persie linked with Inter + Transfer talk: Ade + Hleb

It has been suggested that Jose Mourinho is looking to sign RVP from us for his new club, Inter Milan.

I wouldn’t be suprised if top clubs are interested, but as you know, here at ArseSpeak we’re cynical and we know that the media aren’t trustworthy. Yes, clubs may want him, but will he actually leave? It is doubtful.

The same can be said of Adebayor, our 30-goal a season striker who has been linked to the other Milan club: AC. Now the president Silvio Berlusconi has said that Ade is too expensive for them.

Silvio Berlusconi:


“He costs a lot.”

Adebayor is also now in contract talks with Arsenal, so much for that one!

Another bit of news is that Aleksandr Hleb may not be leaving Arsenal after all.

Inter, the original ice cream bandits, who tapped him up in February now have a new manager, and don’t want him. Barca have spent so long bumbling about I don’t know whether it will happen and Real and Bayern were always dubious links. I reckon that there’s a 50% we might see Hleb staying, watch this space!

All in all I don’t think we will lose many more players this summer (maybe Hleb), I hope we don’t. Just be a little critical of some stories you read Gooners.

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Fabregas hopes Hleb stays

Cesc Fabregas, representing his contry at Euro 2008 is keeping up to date with what’s going on at Arsenal, he wants Hleb to stay and play with him.

“I have always said that Hleb is an incredible footballer and what he has done is underrated, well, everything that he does, because he is still an Arsenal player,”

“That kind of footballer deserves more credit. But I tell it to you, he is an incredible footballer. I hope we’ll carry on playing together for years.”

This mentions nothing about whether Hleb is actually leaving and I think he needs to make his mind up. It’s very nice that Fabregas wants to play with him, but the transfer saga surrounding him is growing to crazy levels.

His transfer options have been reduvced since Mourinho doesn’t want him at Inter. It looks like Barca might come in for him but nothing is very clear right now.

Arsenal Transfer News Latest

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Adebayor says he will be at Arsenal next season after reports in Spanish newspapers aboput interest from Barcelona.

Many teams have been linked with him, and he has done well this season, proving his scoring potential is almost on a par with Henry!

He said that he will be staying though!

“I don’t know why people want to put words in my mouth. As I said on Friday, I love Arsenal and I will be here next season.”I am off to Togo tomorrow but will return to Arsenal for pre-season training in July.”

We have been strongly linked with Yaya Toure, to come and replace Flamini, he had this to say:

“I can’t say anything for the moment, but it’s true that it would be great to play for a big club with my brother.

Well that is very promising, it looks quite possible that he may come over. The only thing which makes this one a doubt is that he hasn’t been at Barca very long. You never know though!

I’m a little more sceptical of this one. Apparently Wenger is interested in Mauro Zarate, who was on loan at Birmingham from Al Saad Sports Club of Qatar. He looked fast, but not really an Arsenal style player. I don’t think he’s good enough for the Arse to be honest.

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